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Random choice question


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Every answer leads to a logical contradiction unless you change either A or D to another alternative (which is NOT 50). Then the remaining single 25% choice will become the only one that is logically consistent and ergo correct.  In its present form, the Star Trek team could have used it on Norman the android in the famous I, Mudd episode.  Not that I'm a fan or anything....

(other alternative answerable choices would be with two choices of 50, three choices of 75, or four choices of 100.  These, obviously, would violate the basic rule of multiple choice question formats where only one choice can be correct)

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OK, I'll be the gullible one!

If we can assume that one, and only one, of the boxes contain a correct answer then the percentages shown have nothing to do with the question.  If we had asked four people to choose the correct location of the answer to the next question and they each choose a different letter -A, B, C, or D then surely only one will be correct? Each individual will have had a one in four chance of getting it correct. 

What am I missing ?

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The answer is not 25% or 50% so one might mistakenly assume that b is the correct choice, however... b is self referencing, in the negative. If you choose b it will be wrong, so the answer is 0%. We were not asked which is correct, just the odds of randomly selecting the correct answer.

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