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  1. Not in cyberspace, the action of opening the box can trigger the creation of the gift.
  2. But were the items placed in the box when presented or when opened? Not really a question, just an observation of how things work in cyberspace v the physical universe. I thought it an interesting diddy.
  3. And only God knows if the cat is dead or alive. Truth be known, the fate of the entire universe is predetermined, the coding of physics.
  4. The diagram is misleading as a 20° angle is not greater than a 40° angle... just saying.
  5. The answer is not 25% or 50% so one might mistakenly assume that b is the correct choice, however... b is self referencing, in the negative. If you choose b it will be wrong, so the answer is 0%. We were not asked which is correct, just the odds of randomly selecting the correct answer.
  6. You are playing a video game, you have received a "gift" box, it could contain one of many items... has the box contents been determined as it was presented or will the contents be determined as you open it? Is the box empty or does it already contain a gift?
  7. Alone, it cannot have spin, it has no dimension.
  8. Perhaps the entity is not a member of the standard model. Alone this point source, spinless, dimensionless, massless etc. entity is nothing, but it resides on the edge of existence… with the addition of another such entity, we have dimension, spin, polarity. With the addition of an infinitum of such we have mass, as an extrinsic property a result of the gravitational field. I have even found that configurations of these entities can produce electromagnetism, my apologies however… I am currently working on schematic demonstrations of this. I have developed a system of measurement units that can be used until a connection can be made between these configurations and the members of the standard model.
  9. A fine article… a particle with spin 0 is a different animal than a non-particle with no spin however.
  10. could the graviton be a primal entity? Every particle, field and force produced by graviton configurations? For example, could mass be an extrinsic property resulting from a universe of graviton influence... something of a cosmic gelatin? Could the photon be a very high frequency gravitational wave packet?
  11. What is real? Real is what we can detect and interpret with our 5 senses, tools and methods enhance the usefulness of our senses... is it real? Well are you able to interpret it?
  12. Could it be that it is a point source of gravitation, no spin, no dimension, no charge... etc.?
  13. You are over complicating, as the two approach each other or recede, the gravitational field, time and space is distorted accordingly, so a comoving observer would always observe the same distance separating the two. To restate, as the distance between the two diminshes, the gravitational force vector between them increases in amplitude and time/space undergoes distortion equivalent to the increase in gravitational field strength.
  14. I never said the black holes were waves. I do see where you are misled, when I state “wave A” I am referring to the wave constituent produced by black hole “A”, I apologise.
  15. Yes of course inspiral. Thank you, a very good article.. I am foolishly investigating if photons could be very short wavelength gravitational waves.
  16. Indeed! I was mistaken, they do cancel regardless a difference in mass… a shift in phase however would produce a wave. If I read correctly angle theta is the incline of the orbital plane relative to the observer? I will need to peruse further after some rest. In my humble opinion no energy would be lost via gravitational wave as the two integrate, rather the new entity would achieve greater or perhaps lose spin… comment? Also in my opinion, you are very astute and have a fine abstract mind. My own weakness is expressing myself mathematically, although I can envision the physical from the math. Thank you for your interest.
  17. https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https%3A%2F%2Fmedia-cldnry.s-nbcnews.com%2Fimage%2Fupload%2Ft_fit-760w%2Cf_auto%2Cq_auto%3Abest%2FMSNBC%2FComponents%2FPhoto%2F_new%2F120816-Waves1Photo-hmed-0815a_files.jpg&tbnid=t6MdMgD6Hcq2oM&vet=12ahUKEwj-5q6tsrqBAxUhIGIAHTzSCckQMygtegUIARCzAg..i&imgrefurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.nbcnews.com%2Fid%2Fwbna48689955&docid=YtHnZa0nUPZ5ZM&w=760&h=760&q=spiral of orbiting black holes&hl=en-US&ved=2ahUKEwj-5q6tsrqBAxUhIGIAHTzSCckQMygtegUIARCzAg The origin is from NASA, a government agency
  18. There are two entities whose interaction produces the resultant gravitational wave. As they approach one another they will spiral in until integrated. The phase relationship of the gravitational shift resulting from the two black holes is 180 degrees out of phase as one approaches an outside observer the other recedes.
  19. Actually at the proximity described the orbits would be nearly if not perfectly circular. The distortion of the event horizons does bear consideration… The time/space internal to the system would present a perfectly circular orbit to the comoving observer regardless the eccentricity expressed to a distant observer.
  20. This discussion is about the gravity wave created by the integration of two black holes There is only one gravitational wave field in the universe… There are two entities contributing to the resultant wave “C” these two entities are exclusive to their local time/space. The observer of the resultant gravitational wave is distant, so GR linearity has nothing to do with the subject of the resultant gravitational wave. Good stuff, however it does not consider phase relationship for the resultant. I do not believe it would add to the mass, rather the rotation of the system, when the integration is complete a single rotating mass would not create a wave and only the gravitational wave created by shifting position of the two before integration would be in evidence. If the two were equal in mass, the receding influence of one would be exactly mirrored by the other and the resulting cg would not change, hence no resultant wave, however if the masses were different, the shift of the cg would be indicative of the difference.
  21. Quickly indicating a velocity greater than c? Not contesting your answer, who knows what goes on inside the event horizon… but how would this manifest to an outside observer?
  22. What of the special circumstance of the schwarzilde radius?
  23. Wave A with energy x combined with wave B with energy x’ (equal energy, 180 degrees phase difference) would produce a resultant wave C with 0 energy. If A and B had different energies, wave C would represent the difference in energies, not the sum. Also the resultant C would not be a pure sine wave but rather constituted of components representing the frequencies: Af, Bf, Af - Bf and Af + Bf.
  24. I see it stated repeatedly that the integration of two black holes would generate a huge gravitational wave, however since the falling spiral of the two would be 180 degrees out of phase, would not the resulting gravitational wave represent only the difference in mass of the two?
  25. Can two black holes of equal mass have stable orbits at their respective schwarzild radii?
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