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Million equivalent in different !base-10 system ?


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Human beings that I have grown up around like to round numbers up, and fixate on one hundred, or a million, and more more commonly a billion in financial terms. I've never heard anybody say that they want to be a £950,000 thousand-aire, but a millionaire perhaps, yes.

However, this is likely because we in the West use a base-10 system. But what of other base systems.. e.g. the "Yuki" language of California (USA) count the webbing between the digits on their hands and thus use base-8 (octal) system.

In such a system, what would be the equivalent of "I would like to be a millionaire" ?

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15 hours ago, Erina said:

Maybe it's a human thing, but on an base-5 system like the Romans used it could be 5000, which is V with a bar over the top of it ?

If it's a human thing, maybe it's based on the number of knuckles we have on one fingure, i.e. one, two, many. with a fist over the top...

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