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Question: How do photons experience time?


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13 minutes ago, At_He_Na said:

If it were possible to ride a photon, what would our perception of time be like? 

A photon does not experience time nor distance. It can traverse the universe in an instant from its frame of reference.While that may sound on face value illogical, the secret lies in the notion that time and space are linked, and "c" is invariable or constant. Albert and SR tell us that The closer you get to "c" the less time passes for you  and distances get shorter. At "c" both time and distance reach zero.


One of our physicists maybe able to explain further.

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15 minutes ago, bangstrom said:

For light, emission and adsorption are simultaneous events.

I think you mean absorption. Light doesn't adsorb to anything.

And we really can't say this for sure, because we don't have the equations that say what happens. It seems to be what the solution is converging to in the limit of v approaching c, but those equations apply to massive particles.

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