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Anharmonic Oscillator

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I imagine that such an article on this forum, surely has no value.


Nevertheless I wanted to make a connection between the cosmic microwave and the harmonic oscillator.

I wish to have your opinions.



PSI'm still working on PDE


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The gauge groups I mentioned are not specifically the harmonic oscillator. QFT accounts for the quantum harmonic oscillator in its gauge groups but that isn't the full story.  https://www.google.

Sigh no you have to recognize that harmonic, inharmonic and anharmonic are descriptives of the characteristics of the oscillator.  Here is how classical harmonic oscillator is described.  A

Be careful of such bold statements for example try to define that statement above to the Higgs coupling constants. First ask yourself the function of a coupling constant in regards to mass. (Hint

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According to the commentary of this article below, an association of Loop Quantum Gravity could be done using a harmonic oscillator.


Naively I conclude that the loop is an oscillator. I wish to have your opinions. Thank you


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