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Iv been reading Thoth and Enoch a lot and what I have noticed is that his creation story sounds like the basis to most religions and I know ppl say Egypt’s gods are Thoths religious views but it all seems like his teachings were corrupted by Egypt priests bcuz egypt was ‘We’re more of a 1 god view’not the many gods of Egypt. It seems like that his students were revered as gods and took advantage of this to rule and the idea of all Egypt gods were born out of this corruption

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I have locked the other one. It would be better to use the report function for things like that. 

2 hours ago, Paul Singh Jr said:

Iv been reading Thoth and Enoch a lot and what I have noticed is that his creation story sounds like the basis to most religions

I’m not sure quite what point you are trying to make in this rambling screed. But it is not surprising that many places have similar creation stories (many other places have completely different ones).

People were trading across large parts of the world. As well as goods, they would have shared stories. So ideas from Mesopotamia, Egypt, Europe, The Levant, India, China etc would have got mixed up. People would have picked different bits to add to their myths and religions. Gods invented in one place would have been adopted in another, with changes to fit local culture. 

As all these stories are human inventions, they would all have a common human substrate, anyway.

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Good question Paul,  answer is that many look at Thoth/Hermes and have done for millennia,  He's had many names in different areas - Thoth, Tioti, Tahuti,  Tuti etc etc,  ages ago I was reading online and saw a mention of an Uto-Aztecan word "Tuti",  which the author had said meant "Sandals",  I looked into Thoth myself and refer to Him as Tioti,  the way I'd translate Ti-O-Ti would be from Sumerian Cuneiform(Which was found at Armana),  from this Ti-O-Ti would mean Life-Ring-Life(Ti-Me = Life-Exists),  once I'd realised this it reminded I of the brilliant physicist Richard Feynman,  in particular His and Wheeler's Time-Symmetric Theory where Time(at the beginning) began to propagate in two opposite directions simultaneously from the same Centre.   Ti-Me meaning Life-Exists in regards to Ti-O-Ti, the 'Ti' in Tioti can mean time,  because without an Observer ie A Life how can Time exist?

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