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Poor Agricultural Choices in Drought Regions

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Lol. I always laugh when this thread pops back up. For context, there’s a pinned thread in the Suggestions forum for folks asking “Why is there no forum for X?” Usually X constitutes some specialty or sub domain which is interesting to the person, but likely wouldn’t drive enough activity to warrant its own folder… plus, some of us hate trying to navigate folder structures created by others. 

Anyway, one time a person asked for some archaic sub forum to be created and I was feeling a bit snarky so replied something like “at this point, we may as well have a forum for sculptures made of almonds… where will it end!!” And one of our more clever site admins within minutes created said forum. Well, we couldn’t leave it empty and alone so within a few minutes of that I created this thread and here we are…

Bye - Black walnuts have a weird flavor, cause your skin to react, and make it hard to extract the nutmeat. Usually better to stick with English walnuts. 


Oops… I already explained that a year and a half ago. Bugger 

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Thanks,  iNow.   I like the "meta" joke in having such a thread.   And I suppose the topic can help more reticent members come out of their shell.   Some topics,  however,  are only of interest in (m)academia.  

I will recommend Christopher Guest's nuts monologue,  in the film "Best in Show. "   

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Is it okay to confess to the forbidden love between a man and chocolate-coated cashews in an almond forum?  

The spouse recently brought home a bag of them, and I was forcibly struck by two things:

One, they were salted, underneath the dark chocolate coating, giving a simultaneous jolt of sweetness and saltiness that propagated through my body in what I can only describe as a mouthgasm.  (perhaps some are wondering, was that really my only choice of nomenclature?  I can only say, sometimes language must evolve and grow...)

I have forgotten what the second thing was.  Just as well, maybe.  Here is a sculpture of Greg Almond.  Or not precisely sculpture, but certainly within the boundaries of almond-based art...


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29 minutes ago, Phi for All said:

It's probably off-topic in this thread, but what are we going to do with all the sculptures if this anti-almond trend continues? 

We could act like the US milk industry and try getting congress to pass a bill disallowing macadamias from being labeled as “nuts.”

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I am sorry to report a brief period of backsliding.  A canister of honey coated almonds.  Our eyes met across a crowded room, at the home of Sam and Janet Evening, and I felt a sick rush of almond lust that I had assumed was long ago consigned to my distant youth.  I stumbled across the room, my mouth filled with saliva, and began to pack my cheeks like a squirrel at the peak of acorn season.  Fermentable oligosaccharides!  I moaned.  Not the easiest phrase to moan with a full and avidly chewing mouth.  California aquifers be damned! (also a challenging word string to enunciate while masticating)  A beautiful woman who bore an eerie resemblance to the Santitas Corn Chip lady walked past, and I took advantage of the distraction, the substitution of one sensual delight for another, handed her the canister and said please keep these away from me!  

Pobrecita!  she said, with a silken yet husky voice only a corn chip lady could possibly manage.

Later I walked home, my feet pounding the hard macadam, back to the macadamia nuts to whom I had pledged my life and my sacred honor.  One of the hardest journeys of my life.  

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