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Vector theory of Gravity

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The Cooper pairing is a good analogy in this case, the solutions that led to the spin2 statistics of GR is directly related to the spacetime curvature aspects if I recall the proofs correctly. Its often difficult to find those proofs. The spin 2 ties with the stress tensor which is rank 2. This will correspond to the effective degrees of freedom which in the Feymann diagrams will be reflected in the vertices.

If I recall correctly under spin1 the longitudinal components can be eliminated through gauge transformations. However I will have to double check that.


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12 hours ago, Mordred said:

 Its easy to see that the challenges to a vector theory of gravity becoming fully validated as the more correct one will take a considerable amount of evidence. However be that as it may this is part of the scientific method to explore every possible method regardless of how remote until proven as not viable.

The use of GW data is still in its early stages, it will take a considerable amount of time to develop well studied and fine tuned datasets. By fine tuned I mean well understood in terms of calibration issues, white-noise, false signals etc. 

 The papers are all examining a limited dataset so there will be a period of contention as to how to account for all factors to get the most accurate readings.

Alternative models actually enhance the rate this will develop as it places those datasets under a multitude of different examinations.

 One of the advantages of exploring all possibilities.

 Anyways all of Svidzinsky's papers are nowhere near conclusive enough with the available data to overturn GR at this time nor is it likely to occur too soon.

The preponderance of proper examination process is lengthy, even with huge and long developed datasets, let alone a dataset with a limited duration such as GW measurement data.

A list of valid points from your post, that I believe no one can argue with, with any real sincerity.  And as it should be. Vinaka vakalevu again Mordred.

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