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  1. I think there was plenty of animosity in your "blatant liar." And if the negative gravity fluid is reality it was 'discovered' by me seven years ago while on a forum similar to this one, NASA APOD Asterix, where I was labelled lunatic for suggesting it. Unfortunately BeeCee, if you had been around in Aristarchus' day your definition of "reputable science agencies" would have almost certainly put you among those who had him exiled for declaring the earth went around the sun. I trust you have heard of Aristarchus? I don't understand why you aren't now on ignore, I thou
  2. Okay .. I had taken you off ignore. I don't have time right now to look into your claim that we never messaged. But IF I was in error it's no reason to call me a blatant liar. So .. unfortunately .. I HAVE to put you back on ignore to avoid hard feelings that interfere with my relationship with others around me, as your comment is typical of your entire relationship with several others on this forum, seemingly all in fact but mods and admins. You may think my putting you on ignore is not compliant with my personal faith, but as you are not of that faith you don't know the intricacies.
  3. Thank you Strange, and I apologize if I went overboard in any way earlier. I have no objection to your move, and I had thought of doing what you did, but it was a slightly different scenario, though I haven't had time to look closely or investigate further, a friend sent it to me. The new theory appears to suggest that Galaxies etc actually float in this stuff, which is what I suggested to Mark and all on NASA APOD forum (Mark says seven years ago) .. of course I was declared a lunatic, and even Mark was incredulous that I could actually believe such a thing. The new theory actuall
  4. https://www.disclose.tv/scientists-say-dark-matter-is-a-fluid-which-possesses-negative-gravity-354362?fbclid=IwAR2anTQXBSj2vkSFcMQUnDUeX0L0ERs7IavEM3DMBj9WNFJ1RP_2KJ3USPY "Recent scientific developments have perhaps revealed a unifying of dark energy and dark matter into a single and distinct phenomenon. This phenomenon is theorized to be a fluid which has negative mass. This negative mass would move towards you if pushed. This new theory is representative of Einstein’s predictions made roughly one hundred years ago. Current models of the universe reveal nothing regarding the physica
  5. mi·sog·y·ny /məˈsäjənē/ noun dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women. "she felt she was struggling against thinly disguised misogyny" So you're saying I have contempt and prejudice against all women, instead of simply knowing a fault common among SOME women? That's quite a stretch. But again .. if I mention God it's a crime .. if you mention God you
  6. I was responding to a specific comments (below,) Swan with a comment specifically relevant to that comment. If you can't see that YOU need some rest. You also need to ditch what appears to be hatred towards the Word as well as your love for tyranny. I think it was only me that said you (and the other guy) were deluded for believing the bible in light of the world of evidence against it.... It wasn't the mods. It wasn't meant as an insult, I was in the same boat myself for many years. Even when ALL the evidence pointed against what I believed - I still CHOSE to believe it.... I was de
  7. Yup I've seen examples of BeeCee luring people into discussion (including myself) then when the discussion doesn't go his way he reports to the mods so that the other person gets severe warnings and he gets off almost with a 'thanks for tipping us about this person BeeCee.' Two other participants have messaged me about BeeCee, and I think it was the day I joined here I get a message about how biased the moderation is. Just because other people try to be forgiving (as I'm told I should be by a mod) and not report BeeCee is that a reason the mods simply take his word for what's going on
  8. Sadism is even worse, Phi. Sadism inflicts pain. Misogyny is just an attitude. Funny that my three daughters and three granddaughters haven't recognized my hatred for all women everywhere, Phi, even with their educations. Negative behaviour? Einstein said Jesus was 'luminous .. no one can read the gospels without feeling his presence.' I posted that with the url, somewhere. Maybe that's when the bad stuff hit the fan last night. EINSTEIN HIMSELF saying that about a man who was crucified. Was it his negative behaviour that was a magnet for his crucifixion? And no, I don't have a
  9. I don't mind the word 'deluded' P. The bible uses it to describe what can happen to those who turn away from God's direction. 2 Timothy 2:11 "God shall send them strong delusions." A very interesting scripture. One of those delusions is that of ten thousand and one books in a bookstore 10,000 are correct but the one bible is wrong.
  10. Stop what? Responding to the same accusations and abuse? Why not stop the accusations and abuse instead? Luke? If your Luke was the gospel writer you'd be far less combative, but you worship the violence of Star Wars rather than desire the peace of the bright and morning star. Well, you have your violence on earth, and if you read the Revelation you'll see a lot more coming from the Euphrates River, Syria, Iran, Iraq, crude oil, fire, smoke, brimstone "HAHAHAHAHA Where could the Brimstone come from?" people laughed before the nuclear bomb? "HAHAHAHAHA One third of earth's population
  11. I never insulted Iodine I explained a reason for her behaviour, and it's very common, and accounts for bad behaviour among many women who have the least authority over men. Everyone on earth IS flawed. I never said Iodine deals most correction (punishment is your word but indicates an wrong direction recognized even by most penal institutions) I said Swanson deals 45% of suspensions/bans out among 8 mods. With BeeCee complaining about every post I make it's no wonder there are so many reports. You mods had been typical internet forum monsters (poor reasoning associated with my thr
  12. Here it is morning, and nothing changes .. BeeCee's faults are my fixation even though I've had him on ignore to ignore him .. it's not Mods fault .. it's not Iodine's fault .. everyone is faultless on the 'we have the button' side .. everyone is faulted on the non button side. In the present condition this forum is a typical internet forum with a facade of open mindedness because there is a facade of talking about God, but only under the dictates of the button. Who IS BeeCee and what is his relationship to Iodine or mods? Can we have an answer to tha Why does he get away with lewdn
  13. Absolutely .. I need to rest .. to go to sleep. But why is Dr. P's post out of line? That's another clear example of why the forum needs better moderation .. 'it is out of line because ...' 'This is what you said that was against the rules ...." 'This is how you went OT .....' Nothing like that though .. just SLAM down the hammer and discourage the discussion. Topics on God you see as proselytizing instead of asking for discussion. I open a topic on the Bible Revelation and how science today proves it .. it gets closed. If someone opened a topic on how science proves a grapefruit ha
  14. Sil .. I've been the enemy here since I said I have doubts about BB .. that made me retarded in some minds here, then when I said I believe the bible that sealed the retarded label. Why am I preaching here? Because it appears my time is done on the forum even though I tried to obey the rules .. but I also asked for improvement in moderation because one member especially was running amok like a loose canon .. a relative of someone it seems .. lewd, obnoxious, insulting, obscene .. but scot free to do whatever BeeCee wants BeeCee gets. So .. I was being shown the door .. I'll go out preaching
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