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  1. Hypervalent threatened to ban me after I posted this in Cornel's "Can science prove God" (Can science prove God or Afterlife.) To me her act is a display of intense personal hatred. Down in the thread, responding to a request for a definition of 'love' I presented: I don't know if bible verses will be allowed here, but probably everyone will have seen posters and greeting cards reading, "Love is kind, patient ..." I'll try this instead: 'Love is that which leads to life.' Then we must define life .. biologists will have an opinion on that, and there will be many different opinions, because there will be staunch atheist biologists who believe we return only to dust, and those who believe in the eternal life with God after death hoped for by Jews, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, and many others. Does the science of Biology itself have anything to say about life after death? Yes. There is significant and unexplainable biological life after death according to Alexander Pozhitkov who was a postdoctoral researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology in Germany. Is there any practical value to believing in life after death aside from comfort of heaven? Yes. "... transplant researchers are exploring whether to keep organs warm on life support instead of chilled in coolers to improve transplant outcomes. It’s not clear the extent to which RNA transcription explains any of the benefits of warm transplants." Does biology proving life does not end with death prove God's existence? That is another question .. but for sure Google knows how to enlarge on a topic. For posting that I got a severe warning from Hypervalent that I was preaching and would be banned it I kept it up. Now, Moderators, if you can tell me where I was preaching in that post please do, although I almost certainly won't be able to read your response because Valent is about to ban me. I've tried very hard to follow rules here, and not to bring God into topics where he is not part of the subject, but to stick to the topic, which you can clearly see I was doing here. However, Valent seems to want one thing for me only, and that is out. I have never insulted or threatened her or any mod here, or any member. I have never used profanity or lewdness. I'm very, very sorry that Valent has a need to slash out in anger at the mention of God. I seem unable to reach the other Administrators for help with this problem as the format on the home page no longer carries 'staff' when displayed to me. This then is almost certainly Goodbye. I wish you all well, I'm glad to have been here.
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    Vector theory of Gravity

    The author: The theory: Submitted 2015, revised 2017.
  3. While looking through maps of the universe I found this image. Compare the image to the first letter in Hebrew YHVH יְהוָֹה
  4. This could be fun .. hard to see how we can go off topic .. a lot less work for the recently overworked moderators if we remember to be polite and pleasant homo sapiens. Albert Einstein is one of the greatest and certainly best known physicists. If you ask anyone to name a physicist the most common answer you will receive is “Einstein”. Einstein is also famous for his quotations. Among the many Einstein’s quotations one is particularly popular among the general public: “God does not play dice”. But what did Einstein mean by this? "Not only does God play dice but... he sometimes throws them where they cannot be seen." Hawking. The scientific version of the debate concerns how much we can know about the state of the universe: whether we can measure, at least in principle, all that there is out there to be measured. In other words, can we ever know everything? Or will there always be surprises? Einstein thought that we could, famously asserting that “God does not play dice.” Today’s most celebrated scientist, Stephen Hawking, co-author of the recent The Grand Design, has determined that not only was Einstein wrong, but that there’s even more uncertainty than previously thought. Getting this started is giving me a hard time. I can't seem to find the submit reply icon
  5. Perhaps off topic, but oxygen isn't need for animal life. I believe Mars has lots of life, including animals, oxygen using or not. I believe that I saw in one of the first photos of the first Martian landers, perhaps the first lander, a pair of animals like Armadillos, and their eyes were on the lander's camera as it moved. I can't find the photo online though.
  6. In which we propose the Quantum Fluctuation as proposed by Pascual Jordan seeded the universe with stars, all else arising from those; and Anti-Gravity Anti-Matter Void Expansion powers the expansion and increasing rate of expansion of the universe. anti gravity voids ( -- When scientists discovered in 1998 that the Universe is expanding at an accelerating rate, the possibility that dark energy could explain the observation was intriguing. But because there has been little progress in figuring out exactly what dark energy is, the idea has since become more of a problem than a solution for some scientists. One physicist, Massimo Villata of the National Institute for Astrophysics (INAF) in Pino Torinese, Italy, describes dark energy as “embarrassing,” saying that the concept is an ad hoc element to standard cosmology and is devoid of any physical meaning. Villata is one of many scientists who are looking for new explanations of the Universe’s accelerating expansion that involve some form of repulsive gravity. In this case, the repulsive gravity could stem from antimatter hiding in voids. “Cosmic voids (and in particular the nearby Local Void) are observationally very well known and constitute the largest structures of which our Universe is composed,” Villata told “The problem is whether they are really empty or contain the repulsive antimatter.” In Villata’s paper, which will soon be published in Astrophysics and Space Science, he suggests that antimatter could be hiding in these large voids, separated from matter by mutual gravitational repulsion. As he explained previously, the gravitational repulsion between matter and antimatter is a prediction of general relativity. In this scenario, matter has a positive gravitational charge while antimatter has a (hypothetical) negative gravitational charge. As a result, both matter and antimatter are gravitationally self-attractive, yet mutually repulsive. The gravitational repulsion between matter and antimatter could be so powerful, in fact, that Villata has calculated that it could be responsible for the accelerated expansion of the Universe, eliminating the need for dark energy and possibly dark matter. [snipped by mod, owing to copyright rules] “Some people may think that my analysis of general relativity predicting antigravity is not correct or appropriate,” he added. “In this case, a further, definitive test is mentioned in my last paper: the antigravitational lensing effect. In principle, if we had a good 3D map of galaxy clusters lying beyond the voids, it would be relatively easy to analyze whether some of them have shapes squeezed around the line of sight, which would mean that they are aligned with large concentrations of antimatter in the intervening void. But the problem is that there is another concurrent effect, which strongly distorts the distribution of galaxies in the radial direction, due to the peculiar motions affecting the redshift measurements: the finger-of-god effect, which stretches the shape of clusters along the line of sight. It is thus very difficult to distinguish whether a cluster already severely stretched by this effect is further thinned by antigravitational lensing.” Pascual Jordan Biography A star may be made from nothing: “If a star's negative gravitational energy balances its positive rest mass energy.” That Jordan never won a Nobel Prize in physics is a puzzle. Some blame his inability to give elegant lectures because of a stutter; some blame his pro-Nazi politics or his support, after World War II, for a German nuclear weapons program; some blame the fact that Born misplaced Jordan's 1925 manuscript in which Fermi-Dirac statistics were first presented, thus depriving the modest Jordan of his rightful claim to priority over Pauli. But the fact remains that his contributions to the development of modern quantum theory were as fundamental and far-reaching as those of many whose achievements were recognized with a Nobel Prize. It was Jordan, more than anyone else, who developed a mathematically elegant formulation of matrix mechanics. It was Jordan who went on to consolidate matrix mechanics with Dirac's alternative operator calculus and Erwin Schrödinger's wave-mechanical formulation in the comprehensive formalism known as statistical transformation theory. It was Jordan who did more than anyone other than Dirac to inaugurate the program of quantum field theory, in ways such as developing the second quantization approach and being the first to discover the problem of divergences in quantum field theory. And it was Jordan who, along with von Neumann and Eugene Wigner, was developing more abstract algebraic frameworks for quantum mechanics. Not without reason has Jordan been described as "the unsung hero among the creators of quantum mechanics". Massimo Villata .. anti-gravity voids Void pushing Milky Way Now, using the Cosmicflows-2 catalog of galaxies, Yehuda Hoffman (Hebrew University, Jerusalem) and colleagues have mapped out the movements of more than 8,000 galaxies and confirmed that, yes, the two titans that determine how local galaxies flow through the cosmic web are Shapley and this single, as-yet unmapped void. Voids are structures with a 'shell' and not simply empty space. Lambas and his colleagues compared a simulation of the cosmic web with 245 cosmic voids that they identified from data compiled by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, a large ground-based survey of the heavens. The team found that the voids move at 300–400 kilometres per second above and beyond their motion associated with the Universe’s expansion. cosmic voids offer a key advantage, says van de Weygaert. Because they contain so little matter, their physics is relatively simple and dominated by dark energy—the mysterious entity that is revving up the rate at which the Universe is expanding. "If a star's negative gravitational energy balances its positive rest mass energy" then a star will have arisen from nothing.
  7. "Rebuke the unfruitful works of darkness."
  8. I think there was plenty of animosity in your "blatant liar." And if the negative gravity fluid is reality it was 'discovered' by me seven years ago while on a forum similar to this one, NASA APOD Asterix, where I was labelled lunatic for suggesting it. Unfortunately BeeCee, if you had been around in Aristarchus' day your definition of "reputable science agencies" would have almost certainly put you among those who had him exiled for declaring the earth went around the sun. I trust you have heard of Aristarchus? I don't understand why you aren't now on ignore, I thought it was done. But it gives me the opportunity to apologize for saying it was you who posted my message on the board when it was Zapatos, who said he is a sock puppet of iNow. No messages between you and I appear in my messages. But with Zapatos statement I really can't know who is who around here. And I am certain you jumped into the discussion between Zapatos and me, though I might be wrong about that. I was also suspended for 10 days, 7 of them for Zapatos action, and it's difficult under those circumstances to keep things straight. 4 hours ago, zapatos said: Nope, that was me, another one of iNow's sock puppets. Appearing on page 3 of On my way out the door.
  9. Okay .. I had taken you off ignore. I don't have time right now to look into your claim that we never messaged. But IF I was in error it's no reason to call me a blatant liar. So .. unfortunately .. I HAVE to put you back on ignore to avoid hard feelings that interfere with my relationship with others around me, as your comment is typical of your entire relationship with several others on this forum, seemingly all in fact but mods and admins. You may think my putting you on ignore is not compliant with my personal faith, but as you are not of that faith you don't know the intricacies. Push someone around? By convincing posts you mean? Dr.P if you want to start a topic about accuracy of the bible please start one, and I'll do my best to avoid using it as a source of proof IF you substantiate your claims. But know one thing, the bible has been translated by the best minds of today and yesterday. You might totally believe the 'truth' of what are said to be clay tablets from Babylon without ever having held one in your hand, without ever having known anyone personally who has held one in his hand, with no knowledge of the language inscribed on the tablet, with no way of knowing if the proposed tablet is genuine or fake. YOU are in the exact same position with your clay tablets as I am with the bible except for the reality of the Holy Ghost .. something you can't measure or know until he comes to you. So open your discussion and notify me .. we might have fun if we aren't told we're going OT with this OT with that and OT with the other thing. Also .. statements like I was 'pushing someone around' should be evidenced. I don't care if anyone negative reps me, I expect it, but accusations are unpleasant. I have to check to see if one of mine concerning BeeCee was in error. Okay .. I can find no BeeCee in my message box, Zapatos said it was him I was mistaking for BeeCee .. zapatos also said he is a sock puppet of iNow .. what's to be believed? 4 hours ago, zapatos said: Nope, that was me, another one of iNow's sock puppets. Just plain weird eh, zapatos saying he is an iNow sock puppet? What is he NOT saying. Do I owe BeeCee an apology. I really don't know at this point .. but the 'BeeCee' and I never messaged. There was such nastiness from him for so long I had to put him on ignore, took him off, put him back on for the same nastiness (blatant liar.) I was put on suspension for 10 days .. am I supposed to remember who's who around here under those circumstances? I hope we can do better.
  10. Thank you Strange, and I apologize if I went overboard in any way earlier. I have no objection to your move, and I had thought of doing what you did, but it was a slightly different scenario, though I haven't had time to look closely or investigate further, a friend sent it to me. The new theory appears to suggest that Galaxies etc actually float in this stuff, which is what I suggested to Mark and all on NASA APOD forum (Mark says seven years ago) .. of course I was declared a lunatic, and even Mark was incredulous that I could actually believe such a thing. The new theory actually upsets my anti-gravity bubbles Voids, because if the anti gravity is outside the voids, what's now inside? Aren't we in for a lot of new possibilities and surprises, with our new technologies? Scientists Say Dark Matter Is A Fluid Which Possesses Negative Gravity BeeCee I hope we can go forward with a lack of animosity. I hadn't had time to look into the theory/hypothesis, as I saw it in my Facebook just before I posted it, and I posted it quickly because I didn't know how long I'd be on the forum. I thought it was very important to get out though.
  11. "Recent scientific developments have perhaps revealed a unifying of dark energy and dark matter into a single and distinct phenomenon. This phenomenon is theorized to be a fluid which has negative mass. This negative mass would move towards you if pushed. This new theory is representative of Einstein’s predictions made roughly one hundred years ago. Current models of the universe reveal nothing regarding the physical nature of dark matter and dark energy. Dark matter and dark energy are only known in regard to the gravitational effects they have on other matter. This new theory states that dark matter and dark energy contain negative gravity, which consists of repelling all other material around it." Mucker Mark who may even be on this forum for all I know in another guise tells me I predicted this seven years ago.
  12. mi·sog·y·ny /məˈsäjənē/ noun dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women. "she felt she was struggling against thinly disguised misogyny" So you're saying I have contempt and prejudice against all women, instead of simply knowing a fault common among SOME women? That's quite a stretch. But again .. if I mention God it's a crime .. if you mention God you're a hero. You're "repeatedly dragging threads off topic" is an accusation which you repeat and repeat and repeat .. with no examples. But you don't need examples Strange because you have the button. It's unfortunate you mods have got carried away as a pack of pirrhana in this .. you were all making such great progress. Good. You deserve that the mods know about it too. And yes, it was personal .. and suits you completely. But attack? Did it hurt? Do you carry a bruise? Are you bleeding? Poor, poor baby.
  13. I was responding to a specific comments (below,) Swan with a comment specifically relevant to that comment. If you can't see that YOU need some rest. You also need to ditch what appears to be hatred towards the Word as well as your love for tyranny. I think it was only me that said you (and the other guy) were deluded for believing the bible in light of the world of evidence against it.... It wasn't the mods. It wasn't meant as an insult, I was in the same boat myself for many years. Even when ALL the evidence pointed against what I believed - I still CHOSE to believe it.... I was deluded. It is just a word that defines such a state of mind. No - MOST of them are fiction (depends on the bookshop) - no-one is saying that because the bible is fiction then all other books are or are not fiction.... each gets it's own assessment individually. BeeCee was involved. Why would you act in such a devious, dirty way that lacked morals or ethics?
  14. Yup I've seen examples of BeeCee luring people into discussion (including myself) then when the discussion doesn't go his way he reports to the mods so that the other person gets severe warnings and he gets off almost with a 'thanks for tipping us about this person BeeCee.' Two other participants have messaged me about BeeCee, and I think it was the day I joined here I get a message about how biased the moderation is. Just because other people try to be forgiving (as I'm told I should be by a mod) and not report BeeCee is that a reason the mods simply take his word for what's going on and not read the discussion to establish what is going on? Here's what earned my 7 day suspension .. BeeCee initiated a talk about God and religion, I reminded him it was against the rules, we exchanged messages, he took one of my messages and posted it and reported it. I get the suspension for keeping the discussion off the pages. BeeCee earns the respect of the mods and Iodine. Nice. Very, very nice. Who wouldn't think he's a child relative of the Admin? He's a wayward spoiled rotten lewd and thoughtless child, regardless of his age. Why should members NOT be able to exchange messages, that's what the message function is there for. Just another example of tyranny. But .. let's all read the Revelation. We're all on the same sinking planet. We all need to reach up and grab ahold before it sinks.
  15. Sadism is even worse, Phi. Sadism inflicts pain. Misogyny is just an attitude. Funny that my three daughters and three granddaughters haven't recognized my hatred for all women everywhere, Phi, even with their educations. Negative behaviour? Einstein said Jesus was 'luminous .. no one can read the gospels without feeling his presence.' I posted that with the url, somewhere. Maybe that's when the bad stuff hit the fan last night. EINSTEIN HIMSELF saying that about a man who was crucified. Was it his negative behaviour that was a magnet for his crucifixion? And no, I don't have a Messiah complex, I can hear that one grinding rustily away in a few brains. Rustilly .. not rustically. Forgiveness? Let's not forget, "Rebuke the unfruitful works of darkness." That's in there too. If free discussion were allowed on religion and the bible .. ah .. what a Christmas gift that would be. Thanks for the Merry Christmas. Same to you and yours. You're good at what you do, I'll give you that. If free discussion were allowed on the site you could present your evidence of the bible's error and I could correct your errors. You still CHOOSE to believe something that all the evidence points against? That's cause to re-examine what you think is evidence against it. Didn't I identify those 10,000 books as non-fiction. I apologize. The novels and comic books are down the street. But even there you'll find comic books about Jesus.
  16. I don't mind the word 'deluded' P. The bible uses it to describe what can happen to those who turn away from God's direction. 2 Timothy 2:11 "God shall send them strong delusions." A very interesting scripture. One of those delusions is that of ten thousand and one books in a bookstore 10,000 are correct but the one bible is wrong.
  17. Stop what? Responding to the same accusations and abuse? Why not stop the accusations and abuse instead? Luke? If your Luke was the gospel writer you'd be far less combative, but you worship the violence of Star Wars rather than desire the peace of the bright and morning star. Well, you have your violence on earth, and if you read the Revelation you'll see a lot more coming from the Euphrates River, Syria, Iran, Iraq, crude oil, fire, smoke, brimstone "HAHAHAHAHA Where could the Brimstone come from?" people laughed before the nuclear bomb? "HAHAHAHAHA One third of earth's population killed in one hour!" they laughed before the hydrogen bomb." Who's preaching now, Strange? If I had said at any time on this forum I'd get the severest criticism and ALL the mods and Iodine would agree that I was Off Topic Out of Place Out of my Mind and Deluded for believing in prayer and God. But it was nice to see.
  18. I never insulted Iodine I explained a reason for her behaviour, and it's very common, and accounts for bad behaviour among many women who have the least authority over men. Everyone on earth IS flawed. I never said Iodine deals most correction (punishment is your word but indicates an wrong direction recognized even by most penal institutions) I said Swanson deals 45% of suspensions/bans out among 8 mods. With BeeCee complaining about every post I make it's no wonder there are so many reports. You mods had been typical internet forum monsters (poor reasoning associated with my threads baloney that's a normal mod reaction to a difference of opinion on any subject) but you had begun to act much more fairly .. then Iodine stepped into the breach because, I think, she became aware that maybe she needed to change, especially with the BeeCee thing, but she wasn't willing to accept that because this is HER show and NO one's going to tell her how to run it. However, she opened herself to discussion rather than just permanently banning me, which I was surprised at. My reactions are a DIRECT result of what has been monstrous oppression on this site, and what prevents more participants from telling you mods about it is the power you have with the button, but I've heard from them. Talk about reputations.
  19. Here it is morning, and nothing changes .. BeeCee's faults are my fixation even though I've had him on ignore to ignore him .. it's not Mods fault .. it's not Iodine's fault .. everyone is faultless on the 'we have the button' side .. everyone is faulted on the non button side. In the present condition this forum is a typical internet forum with a facade of open mindedness because there is a facade of talking about God, but only under the dictates of the button. Who IS BeeCee and what is his relationship to Iodine or mods? Can we have an answer to tha Why does he get away with lewdness, insults, accusations, lies, luring. You say contributions to my reputation come from a wide variety of sources but you sure won't be able to show examples. Your whole post, Swan, is another example of why you have 45% of all suspensions/bans out of eight mods. Like Iodine, a personal playground for sadism. God is not doing the interpretation, mankind does that when the bible says it is NOT to be interpreted, but believed. We who know the KJV is true and accurate can only know that by the Holy Ghost, so we have more than the bible, we have the Spirit. God DID appear and let the world know the right way, but he was crucified and a murderer/insurrectionist was set free.
  20. coffeesippin

    I was just looking for trouble ... ethics?

    Yes. I posted part of a chapter of the bible book of Revelation. That's called looking for trouble. The Revelation contains all the troubles of the world right now, with more to come, all the poison lakes and rivers and oceans .. the scorching and firey deaths of Global Warming .. the coming nuclear war from the angels in the Euphrates River running through Syria, Iraq, Iran .. one third of men killed in one hour by fire and smoke and brimstone. It's there in the Revelation. But satan doesn't want it talked about because 'fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.' Someone might repent, get their soul saved, go to heaven when the missile fly and the bombs fall. Satan doesn't want us in heaven. Well, Jesus "died for the sins of the whole world, not just those who believe." So satan fails. We'll all be in heaven. That would sure take fear away, wouldn't it. Let the bombs fall .. I'm going to heaven because of Jesus Christ. (Though I won't be around this forum much longer if some people have their way, which they probably will.) See you here, there, or in the air. Behave yourself Strange. Nice to have known you Swan. Cheerio Phi. And to all the rest including HyperValent I say a Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.
  21. Absolutely .. I need to rest .. to go to sleep. But why is Dr. P's post out of line? That's another clear example of why the forum needs better moderation .. 'it is out of line because ...' 'This is what you said that was against the rules ...." 'This is how you went OT .....' Nothing like that though .. just SLAM down the hammer and discourage the discussion. Topics on God you see as proselytizing instead of asking for discussion. I open a topic on the Bible Revelation and how science today proves it .. it gets closed. If someone opened a topic on how science proves a grapefruit has vitamin C it would remain open. I gotta go. Believe in God. Time IS short. If I'm gone from here I'm gone. Will see you in heaven.
  22. coffeesippin

    I was just looking for trouble ... ethics?

    Sil .. I've been the enemy here since I said I have doubts about BB .. that made me retarded in some minds here, then when I said I believe the bible that sealed the retarded label. Why am I preaching here? Because it appears my time is done on the forum even though I tried to obey the rules .. but I also asked for improvement in moderation because one member especially was running amok like a loose canon .. a relative of someone it seems .. lewd, obnoxious, insulting, obscene .. but scot free to do whatever BeeCee wants BeeCee gets. So .. I was being shown the door .. I'll go out preaching thank you. Different faith? People who have faith in God don't mind preaching at all. Consensus scientists who believe it's their way or the high way are the ones who hate new ideas here.
  23. coffeesippin

    What scriptures?

    You go right ahead and believe all the book selling bookstores you want Eise, they make a LOT of money off you and others like you who reject the Holy Ghost. WHY do you think Peter could not read or write. Peter was a Jew, the BOOK was their LIFE. "Hear, O Israel, the Lord is One God." They learned to read and write as children. The sign above Jesus'head was in THREE languages. If you know many Europeans you know how many languages many European children can read and write, and Israel was the Europe of that day, a crossroads, a main highway liking Egypt and Rome, seaports. The Israel of King Solomon's day was the envy of the world, the Queen of Sheba came to see its glory. It wasn't some backwards little outpost. Do you think Peter couldn't read because he was a Fisherman? Do you know how many modern fishermen become multi-millionaires? Get your head out of those books, and into the bible.
  24. Deride my character? Is pointing out your faults as you so love to point out what you perceive are the faults of others deriding your character? Are you and your mods deriding characters when you enforce your rules that you adopt to situations suiting yourselves? I have no button to push on this side, Iodine, just words. "you certainly do bring up the fact that I am one a lot" Those are your words, Iodine. A GREAT exaggeration. "Your reaction is that of a bad mother who has been offended that another person has tried to correct her wayward son..." That identifies your gender I suppose. But so does, Empress of Everything .. plus Empress declares your attitude too, I AM THE BOSS and you bring down the hammer too on the innocent and let the guilty go free .. But 'don't you dare tell me how to moderate this forum.' OH the button of banishment .. that great authority of the tyrant. Iodine .. what preaching did you see in the biology post in the topic about God and the afterlife? I strongly suspected you saw the part about keeping transplant organs warm, and thought I was talking pro life or something. And no, I didn't deride women in any way. I didn't deride you. But I'm not going to allow you to enjoy a sadistic little entertainment either, POWER OVER OTHERS!!!! EMPRESS OF EVERYTHING!!!!!! Time is short, Empress, the kingdom of God is at hand.
  25. coffeesippin

    What scriptures?

    I was 30 years old when I became a believer Doctor P. You must be born again .. though you went to a denominational church .. you must be born again .. for flesh and blood cannot see the kingdom of heaven. If people were allowed to discuss the bible on this forum your questions might be answered. But were not. I'm being kicked out very soon, 99.9999% sure. But the Holy Ghost will lead you into all truth.