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Cancer disease in advanced stage.

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As per my knowledge, cancer disease is not curable in advanced stage. But it is curable if detected in first or preliminary stage.

Treatments like chemotherapy, stem cells transplant can help in this regard.

Do you feel or are you optimistic that there will be cure for cancer disease even in advanced stage?

Thanks & Regards,

Prashant S Akerkar


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What is the most important in cancer is whether cell became "immortal".. "immortal cells" don't act like regular cells, which die after too many divisions..



3 hours ago, prashantakerkar said:

Do you feel or are you optimistic that there will be cure for cancer disease even in advanced stage?

Cancer is no disease as other, so there can't exist universal cure, which will work for everybody.. It's not bacteria, nor virus... To cure normal disease there is needed medicament which will attach to bacteria cell or virus, outer molecule, and this way they will be identified by immunology system cells.

Cancer is random mutation of random cell DNA, giving random cancer cell. By immunology system it's treated as regular body cell. Each cancer is unique (unless somebody had transplantation of organ from ill person). "Breast cancer" of one woman is not the same as "breast cancer" of other woman. The only the same is placement of cancer.

If cancer cell will be taken from body, and immunology system cells will be learned, that they should fight with it, they will do it. But it'll have to be repeated for every single ill person.



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Immortalized cells can flow with blood and spread on entire body.

7 minutes ago, prashantakerkar said:

1 Will there be no cure for cancer in the advanced stage?

I didn't say there will be no cure. I said there is no uniform medicament for everybody. Cure must be unique to person/cancer they have.

It's better to prevent cancer, than having to cure it when it appeared..



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4 hours ago, Stephbaker said:

I think we’ll be closer to finding what causes cancer with the types of technology we are developing. To be specific, I work in a company that uses sequencing data analysis software to analyse DNA or RNA sequence generated through a technique called Next Generation Sequencing. Then a report of the analysis is created to understand the data. This report can be used to look at the various aspects of diseases and mutations. Research can lead to finding out which mutations cause normal cells to transform into cancer cells. We could also look at the gene expression of various gene that could change due to different proteins being produced in response to the spliced mRNA. I am not sure if I am getting too technical but to sum it up, we might be able to find why and what causes cancer cells using NGS technology. 

That has been done quite a bit, even around or slightly before the wave of NGS (which is funny as they are around for so long and are still called that). In 2006 work started on the Canceer Genome Atlas, which has documented millions of cancer-related mutations. And it really has not given us a wealth of new therapeutic targets. As mapping mutations is at best a first step. Many of the most interesting targets were already known for some time, and there is a glut of them in regulatory areas which can complicate simple functional analyses. So that is not the new great hope . What has created a bit of a buzz is the attempt to do personalized analytics, i.e. to use it in a diagnostic context to match therapies (under the umbrella of precision medicine). But in the end, only a tiny fraction has resulted in beneficial results.


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Just my 2 Cents.....:huh:

I DO Believe... They already have the cures to many many of the cancers!!! 

But what money is in it if they released the cure?   So much more $ in it... To keep people sick and dying!!  I know it's a horrible way to think... But after so many years of being "God's guinea pig".  Dealing with so many odd, strange things happening to me over the last 35 years.. I've kept many doctors guessing. And still do!! 

(Though I've just recently told the universe to please allow someone else to take my guinea pig crown)

Infectious disease doctors from all over are still baffled over me!!   Big Pharma and so many corporations have made so much just off me... Instead of simply fixing me with the information and medication that my doctor's still can't get!! Especially with the antibiotics that cost over $1k a pill... When your allergic to penicillins and are antibiotic resistant!  They definitely are not out to make me better!! 




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