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  1. Just my 2 Cents..... I DO Believe... They already have the cures to many many of the cancers!!! But what money is in it if they released the cure? So much more $ in it... To keep people sick and dying!! I know it's a horrible way to think... But after so many years of being "God's guinea pig". Dealing with so many odd, strange things happening to me over the last 35 years.. I've kept many doctors guessing. And still do!! (Though I've just recently told the universe to please allow someone else to take my guinea pig crown) Infectious disease doctors from all over are still baffled over me!! Big Pharma and so many corporations have made so much just off me... Instead of simply fixing me with the information and medication that my doctor's still can't get!! Especially with the antibiotics that cost over $1k a pill... When your allergic to penicillins and are antibiotic resistant! They definitely are not out to make me better!!
  2. Thank you all for the replies. I truly appreciate them!! I agree with getting these eyes checked soon by a professional. I Do get them checked every Sept. But I think I'll go in a bit early this year. Many times we can find.. "What ails us" on the internet.. If you do enough research and don't just grab the first thing you see. I'm a HUGE researcher on the internet. I can normally come up with anything... After a few hours. Or even days. But this one is a puzzle. Nothing "fits" it. So, I turn to forums for a little help, to see if anyone else has heard of this, had this, or any other advise. Most replies are heart felt and wonderful. Others you take with a grain of salt. But I appreciate them all!! To answer a bit, no I do not have sleep apnea. I did, but fixed it myself, (and my and CPAP didn't get along) by training myself to breath through my mouth once my uvula relaxed. Last sleep study was great!! ISP. I'm going to look into this a bit more!! It strikes my curiosity!! Ty! I do wonder how my eye Dr will test for this. Or if he will just know the answer. It will be a month or so before I can see him. (One thing at a time) but will let everyone know what the findings were... Just for your own curiosity too. In the meantime, I'll continue playing the "what is it" game in the mornings.. Until then. Thank you, Prometheus, for the good luck. I've been fat most of my life. Up and down stuff!! Now my 7 children are grown and out. My second hubby and I are more or less retired. I quit smoking cigs. It's time to take care of me and have some FUN!! My goal:. I'll be hiking the 1 mile trail and primitive camping by 01/20.!! A goal I'll keep!! God willing of course!! Smile
  3. This Freaky thing had been happening to me, everyday for a couple months now. It's just bothersome, not painful at all. When I open my eyes upon waking.. things are completely out of proportion! For example: My husband can be talking to me... He looks about 1 foot tall. My door to my room is huge, and the round clock on the wall next to the door.. Looks about the size of a compass. (I say this because I thought it was, once) I blink a couple times and I'm fine. I've gotten so use to this, so much, I'm now studying it!! I wake and keep my eyes open as long as I can, to view what I'm seeing. And play the game..."What is it"... It always takes a few seconds to figure out what I'm looking at, but it's always my surroundings.. Only out of shape. Yet at the same time. I worry about this!! I can't seem to find anything on Google about it. It's NOT the Alice in Wonderland thing. My normal vision is not great but ok. Maybe this forum can help!! My specs: I'm nearsighted, and wear glasses. I'm overweight, (with bariatric surgery scheduled July 3rd.) 55 yrs old, And I'm 6 ft tall.
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