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OT from how to turn a believer

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On 16.09.2017 at 7:12 PM, mikeco said:

I see it a bit differently. Knowing something does not necessarily mean that it can be proven beyond doubt but that it has been proven beyond doubt. And to me, the existence of Jesus Christ has been proven beyond a doubt.

Do I have such proof? It certainly is proof enough for me, for Christ makes himself known to people in different ways. But the question for you would seem to be, do you want proof and are you willing to follow Christ if he provides it? Most people just want the proof, but God only provides it to those who will follow him.

For example, there is a question that the world has wondered about for ages. As a follower of God, I knew that he was the only one who had the answer. So I decided to ask him, not for proof that he existed, because I already knew that, but because I wanted to know the answer to the question. But I didn't hear a thing. I kept praying 2 times a day for months, and still no answer. I finally decided that I would keep praying until one of two things happened; either God would tell me the answer or I died, whichever came first. After about two and a half years of praying twice a day about this particular thing, God gave me the answer. He does not give up his secrets easily but his secrets are amazing.

So if proof from God is what you want, then you must ask and not give up.

If you want to talk to God, better learn Quantum Physics. Because God loves Quantum Physicians (and is one of them)... You should know that already.. ;)

If you cannot say to what muons, pions, kaons, rho, phi etc. etc. unstable mesons, unstable baryons, will decay.. what energy each of them will release etc. etc.

you are simply not ready enough..


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On 19/09/2017 at 7:54 PM, jfoldbar said:

and we know there are perfectly logical explanations for the things that people claim are proof of god. that doesnt stop people ignoring those and still choosing the god.

just like i can ignore that the most likely explanation for getting easter eggs was my parents when i wasnt looking, and choose to believe that it was a mythical easter bunny. cause that makes me feel good.


as drp just said. a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart doesnt constitute proof that what you believe happened, actually did happen. and you are lying to yourself if you try to make it so.

The thread of yours to which I was replying appeared, in isolation, to be supporting Mikeco's views on proof and belief. I have revisted your earlier posts in the light of the one quoted above and realise you do not hold the views that seem to emerge from the single post I responded to.

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