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Computer science is not a science!


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I think so computer science, is science on it's own.

It has not encountered in mathematics things, like loops, infinite loops, recursion, infinite recursion, overflow, stacks, arrays, dynamic arrays, sorting of arrays, IEEE floating points (and optimizations basing on it), compilation, linking, pre-processing, virtualization, OOP classes, virtual and non-virtual methods and functions, returning objects (with "infinite" dimensions), taking "infinite" amount of parameters, and so on, so on.

Some of these things were researched by mathematicians, just because it was needed for computers.


Old computers, just computed, get input data, processed them, returned final result. One and not variable.

Modern computers don't work the same way (or rarely work this way).

They receive inputs all the time from human, sensors, detectors, cameras, from internet, and so on, so on.

Before they manage to process old data, there is even more new data to process. It can/is infinite.

Bots scanning Internet can go on, and on, and on. Never finding the end of their program.

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