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Idea for a chemistry party game but needs some more ideas

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Hey all,


I have been wanting to come up with a chemistry-themed party-game and already have a general idea but there are still a few things it needs.


I was thinking of making a game based on ''[citation needed]'' from Tom Scott where people have to guess certain things about a wikipedia article. I think it could also be done with chemical substances. People could guess some of the properties, uses and history of a certain substance.


The thing is that I have not been able to find a proper way of randomly selecting a substance while retaining enough of the information in order to play the game. Does anyone know an app or website where I could do that?


Further ideas are also appreciated. Thanks in advance

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You could turn it into a drinking game with a table of elements with "open-able" 'door-like' things, such as on an advent calendar, with some chemistry question associated to the element on it; answer right and the others get to drink; andwer wrong and you get to drink.


Makes me think ... There are a lot of elements, so perhaps it wouldn't be wise to put alcohol in every drink associated to any element. (Or you could, but then you'd better play it with lots of people. Or Russians)

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That would certainly be funny. Not everyone who would play the game is over 18 and I don't drink myself so something with ethanol would quickly exclude people. Although it could be something with capsaicin in it...


I guess that would need some preparation every time. I would prefer to keep things simple. But I will remember it in case people would actually want try it.




The kind of thing I would need to make the original idea workable would be a kind of index of chemical substances from which I could randomly choose one and ask questions about chemical and physical properties, history, accidents that the compound has been involved with and lots of other trivia.

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Could you not just generate your own index? Theodore Grey's, 'The Elements,' has some great information about elements, but if you're wanting to expand on that with consistent categories and information available, then I would think that the easiest way is to compile it yourself.

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Well, actually I was not talking just about element I also meant other inorganic and organic compounds. (My apologies if I formulated that incorrectly.) But "The elements" is a good source to start with.

No I got that, which is why I suggested you start there and come up with your own index.

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