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  1. Well, actually I was not talking just about element I also meant other inorganic and organic compounds. (My apologies if I formulated that incorrectly.) But "The elements" is a good source to start with.
  2. That would certainly be funny. Not everyone who would play the game is over 18 and I don't drink myself so something with ethanol would quickly exclude people. Although it could be something with capsaicin in it... I guess that would need some preparation every time. I would prefer to keep things simple. But I will remember it in case people would actually want try it. --- The kind of thing I would need to make the original idea workable would be a kind of index of chemical substances from which I could randomly choose one and ask questions about chemical and physical properties, h
  3. Hey all, I have been wanting to come up with a chemistry-themed party-game and already have a general idea but there are still a few things it needs. I was thinking of making a game based on ''[citation needed]'' from Tom Scott where people have to guess certain things about a wikipedia article. I think it could also be done with chemical substances. People could guess some of the properties, uses and history of a certain substance. The thing is that I have not been able to find a proper way of randomly selecting a substance while retaining enough of the information in order to pl
  4. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Rv_a6rlRjZk This. It is one of my favourite songs at this moment.
  5. Hey all. I am a science enthusiast. I an currently studying analytical chemistry.In my free time I do some things related to fractals.
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