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Needing help finishing an equation


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So, I have currently written out my equation for H2O, this being (determining molar mass):


However the question also asks: "What is the mass, in grams, of 8.52 mol of the substance"

How would I carry this out? Please keep in mind I'm new to all of this so please go easy on me. If you don't get what I'm asking I'm basically asking if I would add on the 8.52 or something else.

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Hi Sensei, I can't understand from where you get protons. Please explain.

You said "1 mole of a substance weighs 1 gram molecular mass of that substance." which is true only exclusively for protons/antiprotons (as they have molar mass ~1.008 g/mol).


If you have water, molar mass 18.016 g/mol,

and you have 1 mole of water,

it has mass 18.016 grams.

For different molar mass and different moles, calculate by yourself.


BTW, protons are constituents of water. Two lonely protons (H), and 8 in Oxygen, but bound with usually 8 neutrons, in H2O.

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