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  1. A source I read compared it to electricity: "It's like electricity. You can't block an electron and keep it from being negative." Honestly, that's just for blocking it. I'm not well educated in this topic but I would love to also see some theories that could counter this statement. Source: https://www.quora.com/Is-there-any-way-to-block-the-pull-of-gravity-or-cause-a-condition-that-can-keep-gravity-from-touching-mass
  2. Considering how this magistrate had to spend thousands of dollars of his own money to get himself through college + law school I would hope he would be able to make that money back. After all, what's wrong with making good money if you worked hard for it?
  3. What's the point of having freedom of speech if you are too scared to say what you want? I would rather not disagree with the government online while they are watching me. If there's anyone you don't want to disagree with it's them.
  4. Best photo I could get. I can only think of one time I would have gotten a scar, but as you can see my fingers are covered in them. If these aren't scars then could one of you please tell me what they are?
  5. Hey, So in my forensics science course I'm taking at my school we were doing some activities which involved our fingerprints. Wasn't until now that I realized my fingers are scarred up. I compared with other students, and their fingers were more or less smooth. Looking up close I have them on every finger. Where did these come from, and why don't the other students have them (or at least the amount that I have)? Note: I can provide a picture if you need a better idea of what I am getting at.
  6. It can infringe your freedom of speech in many ways. For example, you are less likely to talk smack about the government online if you know they are standing over your shoulder. And I understand the whole, "I don't care since I am not doing anything illegal", stance. The problem is it's disturbing to have some random government agent listening in on a conversation, seeing what you are shopping for online, or even know your sexual interests for example.
  7. You also need to consider if the alien life is advanced enough to pick up on this. We commonly think of alien life as being an advanced race, but for all we know they could be at a point in there civilizations which could be likened to our Stone Age.
  8. Stephen Hawkings theory around black holes has him saying that black holes would produce and discharge electromagnetic radiation which would cause it to shrink over time (that is, if I'm correct with quoting him somewhat). So if the universe is expanding, yet the black hole is shrinking, is where I'm getting confused. Clear this up for me if you can.
  9. It's to my understanding that the belt holds high-powered protons and such. So how were they able safely get through it for the moon landing? - Tried to find this on Google but mainly got moon landing hoax topics
  10. Question #1 can be solved if you think of yourself throwing the ball. Throwing the ball itself creates energy, so when it hits the ground it will lose ____? (HINT: Although energy can create heat, you have to consider that the ball did not create friction) Question #2 - Air tends to "reach out and grab surfaces" Question #3 - Grease acts as a lubricant I know this was already answered, but just in case you needed extra reasoning Correction on myself. Friction can generate* heat not create
  11. I was looking through post-secondary options I have when I graduate. My parents want to make sure I get a job which is in high demand, so that when I graduate I will for sure be put into that line of work. I'm under stress to pursue a career in construction, similar to the rest of my family, since its a job that is high demand. Is there science based jobs still in demand? If so, please let me know, I am having trouble finding any sources that can help me with this. I am from Canada as well if that helps.
  12. So, I have currently written out my equation for H2O, this being (determining molar mass): 2x(1.01)+1x(16.00) However the question also asks: "What is the mass, in grams, of 8.52 mol of the substance" How would I carry this out? Please keep in mind I'm new to all of this so please go easy on me. If you don't get what I'm asking I'm basically asking if I would add on the 8.52 or something else.
  13. Yeah, I've been highlighting a bit of my key points in my notes. Helps it not get so cluttered up.
  14. Thanks, that helped more then what my textbook can explain to me.
  15. I have a vague idea of what it is. I am new to the concept of molar mass and what not.
  16. The full question is: "What is the mass of 9.01 x 103 mole carbon tetrafluroide, CF4(g)?" Any help on explaining how to get the answer to this is much appreciated.
  17. Thanks for all the responses. I'll take them into practice!
  18. I have an upcoming test on Monday. Our teacher is notorious for giving big tests (note, I am in high school and the tests he gives have nearly a hundred questions!). My last two tests, all Chemistry based, I scored a 60% on one and a 65% on the other. This will be my last Chemistry test for this year and I want to make sure my percentage goes up. Any advice for creating better study habits? Whenever I actually get down to study I end up losing focus. Any and all help appreciated.
  19. This is what I mean by ionic compounds (the box) I managed to memorize a few, these being OH, NO3, PO4 and CH3COO. However is there any way to help remember more? Thanks.
  20. Hey, sorry that not enough info was provided. I'm currently a Canadian high school student (Grade 10) and in our Science class we get several choices next year. Our classes are split up in Science 14 (lowest class for science) and Science 10 (higher class for science). If you complete the Science 10 course then you get to choose between three classes for next year. Biology, Chemistry and Physics. I wish to take either Chemistry and Physics but I am unsure on which. To summarize this all up, next year I will either be taking a Grade 11 Physics course (Physics 20) or a Grade 11 Chemistry course (Chemistry 20). Any help on choosing one is much appreciated!
  21. Soon I'm going to have to choose between three courses - Bio, chem and phys. I have an interest in all fields however wish to challenge myself in high school so I do not want to pursue biology. What are the key things I will learn in chemistry and physics? Thanks
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