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  1. Nothing but words '''is not a logical and mathematical explanation to real reasoning :
  2. How? can there be more than ''One Sun'' in the Universe and pretend ''' the exitance of Galaxies with one Sun in each of those :
  3. I like that!, about the elastic band__ wounded spring, NO ! __it can only be used to store a force as a single component to be transferred to an other component or used as an oscillator. remember gravity as a field potential in straight line that why it can be synthesized; there is more to it, if i am aloud to comment ??
  4. I agree when you state a falling body gain no mass ;VS'_ in, and accelerated frame its ''mass-forces'' increase
  5. i agree!_ roger4464 ''Time'' needs to be considered, here !_ ''in this statement''_ if phonons are in prosesse, compacting , than they are exited and creating light to forme photons wich will string back to the same path, that is ,the incomming string particles= propagation of light throughout the same medium formed by it's same .
  6. in you mind ! what is the model of the Universe ? CAN YOU ESCAPE FROM IT? and if you can! please discribe what you see? is the same area ( spot) loking at you ? are you loking at all it's side... thank. .roger 4464
  7. Si vous etes un sientifique/? vous devriez comprendre ,qu'eclairer le cerveau de ceux qui vous lisent ne fait qu'augmenter votre cotes__ prestige.
  8. Magnet can be a substitute, to 'gravitational field', with the use of matter _''TO CREATE A FORCE'' and converted to kinetic energy _ continuous motion, ''in a circle path''_( important) !! ...... ''possible only in a closed system'' :
  9. it is conservative, so, it is a potential energy that FIRST must be transformed to a ''force'' with the use of'matter''_ and this FORCE transformed to kinetic energy by mean of motion in a circle ''SPACE MOTION'' than it can be transformed again to electricity and again to heat and to steam: WHAT I HAVE POSTED WILL HELP ''people''TO OPEN THEIR MIND__that is good !!
  10. why ? don't we have a physical model to explained the veracity of the words said._ Are we trying to hide knowledge ?
  11. Before; one can think of using Gravitational field as a source of energy potential and transform it to Motion_ knowledge in ( classical mechanics) (classical physics) (space time phenomena_ ''dilatation'' and ''contraction'')........ Roger D......M...../ .
  12. I believe Space is four dimensional , if brought to it smaller dimensions its shape will not change a cube ;now imagine the eight corners of the world at the center of the world to form the smallest particle existing ....particle with name ''Nothing''.......''The Cube'';.... the smallest particle existing..................roger 4464.
  13. The will of motion is the result of a body in disequilibrium, acted on ...perhaps..( the gravitational field ) or other physical means..............................................Roger Dynamic Motion , on Google The force of Gravity does not exist without a body.+ the body must be free to move to react. or to be ''recorded''( with a spring)
  14. If you want to make experiments in a laboratory ;i'll be happy to read you ............''Roger Dynamic Motion''
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