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  1. Holy shit. I've never been more scared ... ROFL. That was awesome. I can't believe how scared I got.
  2. If you have a job/school and like having enough energy to get up in the morning I wouldn't recommend messing the body clock up. Makes life easier to stay on a pattern. But some people can wake up at odd moments everyday. Depends on the person, the health, and the lifestyle.
  3. 1) 2 teachers... 13 kids 2) pay 400 bucks a month to go to this school 3) all schoolwork is on a homeschooling computer program 4) only allowed to do school 4 hours a day, rest is drug counceling/chapel/gym/12 step program/life steps 5) drugs float around this school like it's a market 6) it's 40 minutes from where I live 7) the title is "Teen Challenge Christian Academy" 8) kids leave and come every few weeks from prison This is a school I got sent to after skipping school and other such garbage a rebellious teenager does... So I'm pretty screwed over. I don't belong here... even my councelor thinks so.
  4. Electric guitar. It collected dust for about a year even if my dad was really trying to get me into it... Then he went on to acoustic guitar and I decided to pick up lessons, now I'm practicing a Smoke on the Water solo. =P
  5. The mysteries of drugs is further aided by the propaganda and floppy research of this last century. Research all over the internet isn't solid and reliable, many different mind sets and points of view. For personal experience none of the drugs are good. Foreign material being put into your body isn't natural and safe. Even if its just a four hour mind warp. I'll look around for some real brain interaction articles affilliated with drugs but I'm not sure if theres much out there.
  6. Well its only natural human instinc to be able to read each other. Lying is just something that came with the Bible or human language, either one.
  7. Gib, you are basically asking for herbal hallucinogens. Psilocybin mushrooms have an effect on the brain by blocking the act of serotonin (indole amine transmitter of nerve impulses) in brain tissue. Good article on the shroom to brain connection is: http://www.shroomery.org/index/par/25115 Marijuana has a chemical called THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is already in the brain as a THC receptor for THC and other related chemicals. If you want an indepth research on THC here is a good website: http://www.druglibrary.org/schaffer/hemp/BRAIN.HTM I'd type it out for you but I'd like to give credit where credit is due and just simply let you read the original articles I've found. Cheers.
  8. If anyone wants a certain type of brain damage case by drugs then ask, I got a lot of information but won't hand it out randomly.
  9. Negative effects on a would-be productive life. If you don't have plans or appointments then it won't hurt your body. The only thing I am against about staying up late then sleeping in is it messes up my body clock. I like being able to get up early when I need to.
  10. Ever since I dove into drugs I'll get tricked when I'm dreaming that I'm high. Plus I can sense times when I feel weird and compare it to when I'm really actually 'weird'. I dont know, I have a better but too insightful way on the world now. I'm no longer a virgin to the way the world works. I understand it better sometimes. But it doesn't last forever.
  11. I think lie detectors are a way to cover up the weak observation skills of the interviewer. We need to read people better. Communication is key. Just because the interviewer is filing divorce because he can't read his wife's emotional problems doesn't mean he can't do his job. I think it's plain enough to be able to just judge the characteristics of the inmate when he lies and says the plain truth. Plus the old saying goes... Not quoting but meaning, once someone has committed a crime they are liable to commit another one.
  12. I'm a 16 year old chick interested in science, I really don't know what as I haven't really explored chemistry or physics yet.... Finishing up Bio II right now. Reading this book called Great Ideas in Physics by Alan Lightman. I got alot of family in science... grandparents were a pharmacist and neurologist, my grandma's brother is a medical professor at Harvard, then their kids... I got an uncle whos a orthepedic surgeon and his wife, whos a nurse anesthetist, another uncle in computer science and a married into the family uncle who's an engineer. Fun stuff. My dad used to volunteer in the operating room until he decided to go into business. I hope to become some sort of physician with a healthy blend of science and math credentials to enjoy learning. Other things I enjoy doing are electric guitar and working out. Don't really have any friends since I screwed my life up with skipping school and drugs... so I go to school in a city about 40 minutes from home. But it's cool, I'm doing better with myself. If you want to look into the daily mess of my life go into my profile and read my blog. I use it for daily thoughts and I look back at it sometimes to really see how I've been improving and maturing.
  13. Lack of sleep recently is also linked to how easily one gains or loses wait. The less you sleep the higher the chance of weight gain is. I'm a teenager still... and can say that lack of sleep leaves me stressed, unmotivated, and more prone to fights. Then too much sleep leaves me in pajamas, laziness, and tired all day. Plus I get mad of the hours I wasted sleeping and could of been doing something else. For some reason, if I sleep about 7 hours I get a spurt of energy for the day but I'm not too grumpy or tired. Whatever works. Being a teenager is very complicated.
  14. 5 feet, 8 or 9 inches. Depends on the heel of the shoe and the measurement used.
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