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  1. http://education.guardian.co.uk/universitiesincrisis/story/0,12028,1357013,00.html It's because it doesn't make enough money basically, that story is a bit wrong... Computer Science is losing about 1/4 of it's staff and is being told that it has to help other departments with their "technology needs" :s
  2. My university (I'm from the UK) has just announced it is closing several departments including Chemistry, this does not effect me (Physics is a seperate school) but what do you think of universities which do this?
  3. Any point in space is constantly having pairs of particles create and self anihilate each other. I think the proof of this is using the uncertainty priciple of (D is delta) DEDt~h/4pi (Delta Energy * Delta Time aproximately = Planks Contant divided by 4 pi (h bar/2)) Then for a small enough amount of time any point in space can and will have Energy "borowed" from the universe to the amount of h/4pDt, which as E=mc^2 then creates a particle and anti particle (Mass-Energy), these then imediately self anihilate so preserving conservation of Energy. But it has happened and happens again and again meaning that vacuumes are VERY active indeed. The second part of your post, I was thinking the other day that if we wish to time travel the secret is not moving us from here to there, but moving someone from the future or past to now, in an attempt to preserve energy (and mass as mass is a form of energy), we would have to push energy into the original time...
  4. This happened on IRC: [19:11] <Jordan14> i posted in on the forum but is there a temperture in a vacuum [19:11] <RICHARDBATTY> should be near absolute zero [19:12] *** Jordan14 Quit (Quit: Jordan14) [19:12] <Klaynos> dedends, yes there is, but only because we can't create a proper vacuum, if we could create a proper vacumm, ignoring the uncertainty principle, there could be no atoms, therefore no kinetic energy/internal energy, therefore no temperature [19:12] <Tesseract> no [19:13] <RICHARDBATTY> no energy or method of condution in a perfect vacum [19:13] <Klaynos> no such thing as a perfect vacuum that we can create though :s [19:13] <RICHARDBATTY> true [19:13] <Klaynos> and even in vacumm there is constant creation and descrtuction of subatomic particles :S [19:13] <RICHARDBATTY> quantum yes [19:14] <RICHARDBATTY> agreed:)
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