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  1. i understand this is about microorganisms, but this below is interesting for something to not exist, the government sure was/is interested in ESP/telepathy History of Artificial Telepathy, 1950 - Present http://artificialtelepathy.blogspot.com/2006/06/history-of-artificial-telepathy-1950.html A short list of US mind control projects http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread9381/pg
  2. did you know you can get an astronomy degree in six months online ? was it also known that fred hoyle coining the phrase 'Big Bang' all in all, interesting papers this guy has.
  3. i just want to apologize. my attitude has been out of line here recently. i will adjust this so this does not continue.
  4. i understand the topic fine, and lol i'm very qualified, how many PhD's do you have ? but you need to know all aspects of it in order to understand this little piece. simple. those two sources i provided,talks about this topic, it's a matter of understanding the sources. did you even read and understand them ?, i have to say no. like i said, i'm not going to sit here and argue with you, all i can say is learn about antimatter.
  5. well i have to say, it's not being understood. but try this one then, http://www.mcclatchydc.com/2009/03/11/63771/scientists-harness-anti-matter.html#.UfVJ-NLqmJR there's a lot of data on this, you just have to look.
  6. majority of staff on this site is immature in knowledge. recheck that post of mine, because i made an edit for your " That's a brilliant strategy. If you can't support what you say, "..
  7. i'm not going to sit here and argue with you, all i can say is learn about antimatter. edit- here read and understand this, http://van.physics.illinois.edu/qa/listing.php?id=1152 i went through it, everything you need is there, just make sure you understand it.
  8. i have no clue what you mean by follows, but antimatter is unstable. do you even know what it takes to store/contain it ? edit- it's so unstable, antimatter has to be stored in a vacuum and kept away from a container's walls by powerful magnets.
  9. do you know what happens when antimatter comes in the vicinity of matter ? i have to say obviously not. antimatter is unstable.
  10. i'm curious as to what gave the right to the reporter to name it to begin with, higgs thought it existed decades ago, he should be the one to officially name it.
  11. are you , Seriousquestions2013 ?
  12. clarity only comes to those who accept it. if your mind set is in a humanity as one, and not individualized, it would lead to and also help with clarity and also, cherry picking scenarios or issues does not help with clarity.
  13. a thesis are for masters, try a dissertation.
  14. i'm discussing how this is a wasted space on here, i have contributed on many forums, i'm sick of repeating to some one who will just say " no, that is not correct " (just like you are doing now with others) not only that , but, what ever i type on these forums is irrelevant to what i do and my reputation, it will not prove anything to any one, because there's no relevancy to anything on them, they are insignificant to anything, one question, why are you on these forums and not in the trenches, or at lease finding an endorser to submit your " theory", the fact you came to a forum to do so says a lot. you think you are the first to say relativity or einstein is wrong ? hilarious if you do.
  15. lol that whole video is nothing more than , " how my actions were wrong but not. " it's just a fancy lawyer talk basically saying you do not have to be responsible for your law breaking actions, and this video never states a witness went to jail, just for being a witness. hilarious. if you notice the key words on this video are, " clients " " confessions " " lies " jury found " guilty " ect. " this is the way the human mind works " start at 18:00 nice attempt tho. all in all, all this video basically says is, if your an idiot, then do not talk to police. all you are doing is just saying do not talk to police, and trying to find a justified reason for why an individuals action that was wrong is not wrong. funny this has been stated for decades. again, nothing new, ever hear of a saying it's your own mouth that got you in trouble ? clarity only comes to those who accept it.
  16. lol yes i have broke the law, and received my punishment for it, but the difference is, i accepted it, not whined or complain how my actions were wrong but not. lol at that witness gibberish. simple. clarity only comes to those who accept it.
  17. well the problem here, is maybe you should have followed the law and not speed, and why would you be involved in a case ? unless once again you were not following law. simple.
  18. hilarious. this site is so obvious. ahh, i now understand, the majority of users here on this site, are nothing more than 20 year olds, with a kid mentalities. no wonder why they have no clue about anything. now it makes sense. hilarious.
  19. http://www.quantumlevitation.com/ there's more info here.
  20. you say something like this because there's information that exist that is not obvious. and not obvious to you. like i said in previous post, there are two different kinds of worlds here. public eye and behind the scenes. nothing anyone can do about it. just accept it and move on. there's things going on in this world that no one has a clue about for the greater good. everything always leads to a bigger picture. the subjects out come is based on human mentality and human behavior in a majority with out subject to change. there's at lease 10% truth to everything, More than likely 90% of it is bull shit. nothing more. humanity flows in it's path as it does, and as of this moment in humanity, what is value to it, is what is value to it. nothing more. we as humans decide what is valuable by a majority. nothing more. in the end,there's only 3 thing for human existence that is tangibly or realistically valuable, and those 3 things are, Life,intelligence and language everything else is just bullshit to keep a majority content. humanity has already failed. " A statement uttered only by fools " " the most unintelligent things ", hilarious. another thing, mr smart guy, government has been spying on the public since satellites were in orbit. nothing new,get over it. ohh wait, it appears it is to you.
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