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  1. it's not so this thread is just a waste of space, if it was wrong, you would not have things that you use everyday in life.
  2. lol, good job on the grammar policing, you have received a gold star yay for you
  3. you can stick an ant in the micro wave for at lease 30 seconds and the ant will live reason for this is the ants size and how the micro wave uses point places of heat. the ant can move out of these areas and not become heated, and also ants can stand a lot of heat.
  4. I'm just curious, but what are some sizes, filters and such does everybody use, if so.
  5. http://faculty.etsu.edu/gardnerr/planetarium/relat/blackhl.htm i did not read all of it, but scroll down to, " light geodesics near the event horizon of a black hole " and also, " light cones near the event horizon ". not sure if this will help.
  6. Black Holes: Facts, Theory & Definition http://www.space.com/15421-black-holes-facts-formation-discovery-sdcmp.html watch from 1:03:00 -1:06:50 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-fe9TkeItc&list=FLfSW20kus6vS2HUzQ0rXhhA&index=1 Black Hole absorbs Star - Not even light can escape
  7. if you point a flash light at a black hole event horizon, the light will bend, and form a circle/halo around the event horizon. if you turn off the flash light pointing at it, it will hold that light in a circle/halo.
  8. lol typical...... for one, you have no clue who you are talking to. and what my job is. and second, get my science from comic books ?? i did not know, a interest is what makes your profession and your ability, strange. out of curiosity, how many PhD's do you have, mr. scientist, lol and also, you spew about out dated and such, well the problem here is you have no clue how far behind in science you and the public actually are. you are no where near a scientist and have not been in the trenches your whole life. again, lol you should try for an endorser, and try to submit your " theory " and see what happens then. the only science you know is only what has been allowed to filter down to the public, mr. " PureGenius ", which i'm still waiting for to see from you.
  9. lol you should try for an endorser, and try to submit your " theory " and see what happens then.
  10. unfortunately, you have no clue who i am or anything about me, but i am curious, what does my avatar tell you about me? oh and also, again, http://www.scienceforums.net/topic/68265-how-did-everything-really-begin/?p=755738 " How did everything really begin? ", inflation theory and vacuum energy seems to be popular with a hypothesis of from nothing or a tiny seed.
  11. well perception is a start. and as for your shot at me, ((" abusive ")which i doubt you will receive an warning for, but if i respond, i'm sure i will), hilarious. neuroscience helps, any knowledge in that ? mr. " expert ". lol.
  12. this is nothing more than my personal thought, but i think so, for me it appears the human brain is purposely restricted, but that leads to a bunch of typing. every thing is derived from the human brain. you have to start there. another thought is, looking into dr. manhattan, and this concept.
  13. because the human brain is restricted.
  14. there's also this one. alan, i want to refer you to your own signature, " "YOU MUST KNOW WHAT YOU DO NOT KNOW" "
  15. http://www.quantumlevitation.com/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnetic_levitation http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electrostatic_levitation
  16. you probably can go to radio shack and build your own but you need the schematics. i have no clue if it will be cheaper, but building components is fun.
  17. this is not exactly what the topic is about, but it can be relevant.
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