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  1. But the brain isn't really a quantum computer. I can't think of something off the top of my head that would need a quantum explanation that we don't already have a macro explanation for that fits the data.


    Although our Brain works as a Biochemical Bio-electric control system of our bodies as well as is responsible for thoughts and calculations...many aspects of the Human Brain are Quantum in their Nature. Here is a link detailing out some of this...http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ervin-laszlo/why-your-brain-is-a-quant_b_489998.html


    Split Infinity

  2. Okay, so you want to study neuro degenerative diseases. the best way to do that is to ditch the psychology, as that is cultural, and then ditch the physics, as that is about nature.


    Once you have done that, you should look up a bit of something that covers conductors in the brain, as the whole thing with a disease of the nervous system, comes from reduced current in the brain and nervous system.


    I have always said that the brain does not store memories, as they are in effect rebounding in the nervous system, through sensations. the memories you have always rebound in the nervous system, as they are carries over nerves.


    If you want to cure diseases of the nervous system, or something like that, I suggest you look into producing your own degree! If you were the first to postulate the degree with the diseases, you could become like uber famous!


    So, read up on conductivity, biology and in biology specialise on white blood cells and red blood cells, as they fight diseases, and then maybe a bit of your own tests, if you can find funding. Of course, you could go somewhere great with this, but the way typical people in the field go is with a separate course anyways. if you could take this course and turn it into a degree, sky is the limit.


    I don't thin he should dump the PHYSICS as cures for such diseases will be developed by way of Genetic Engineering as well such "CURES" will be introduced into a persons body by way of Retrovirus or perhaps by way of blood stream injection of Millions of Nano Robotic Machines designed to either destroy by a variety of methods a complex filament spread cancer or such Nano Robots could introduce Chemicals, Radioactive Materials or Genetically Engineered Cells.


    So if a person wants to be in the thick of such Tech and Cures...they are going to have to have an understanding of Physics and since such Nano Robotics will need to use the Cells of the Human Body as a way to power themselves as well Genetic Engineered Cures would require a person to need an understanding of Physics on at the very least the Atomic Level and Sub Atomic and Quantum Level for Nano apps...Physics will be something a person in this field in the very near future would consider a necessity to know and understand.


    Split Infinity

  3. But how could you possibly "predetermine" that info with your method in the first place? A very large flaw, and with still no guarantee whatsoever that the intersecting lines will be even close to the star you want, they will intersect wherever they want regardless of the star you want them to intersect at.


    Sam...as per my example with the stars I listed in Orion...instead let's use Earth's Sun as the celestial body instead of the Hidden Star System.


    We can use 6 stars...and we would pick 6 stars of Bright Magnitude...that are located around and near our Sun at a distance at the furthest of 100 light years...and choose the brightest and closest within this 100 Light Year Sphere. These stars must be picked in pairs that will detail 3 axis when the lines are drawn through them and existing upon each line will be the Sun and where all three lines intersect must be the Sun's position.


    100 Light Years is just a goal as this allows a reasonable distance to find very bright in magnitude stars but if the 6 point position system will be used by a spacecraft that will not be at any great distance from the Sun...4 to 10 Light Year distances and lower magnitude stars can be used as long as these stars are able to be seen and identified at the crafts distance from the Sun...so it is possible to use MULTIPLE 6 Point System using different groups or partial combinations of multiple groups depending upon the possible distance the craft will be from the Sun.


    There are PLENTY of Stars in the local area as well Bright Magnitude Galaxies such as M-31...can be used so we could easily have many 6 point star groupings and use various ones depending upon the approximated distance the craft will be from the Sun. Even if the people in the craft don't know how far away they are...a computer could digitally scan the stars and within a very short time compare a number of 6 Point Groupings to find out where they were approx. and where Earth's Sun is.


    Now as I said...this system is being used NOW...as it is an easy way for a Probe to locate say Earth or Earth's Sun...and Earth's 6 Point Grouping would change dependent upon what day or week it is...if that Probe has catastrophic failure of it's Antenna or Receiver. With a damaged antenna or receiver the probe could not get a Radio Signal Fix or use Pulsar Emissions...to be able to find Earth if so damaged.


    So a Probe could simply take a Digital Scan of the surrounding Stars...as such Probes all have such Picture or Video capability...and then the probe would use such a scan or scans and locate such groupings and then know exactly where to point the dish to send back data to Earth.


    Split Infinity

  4. The Human Brain is basically a very complex Quantum Computer and since Quantum Computers have been developed...I would think it is just a matter of time before such a Quantum System will be designed to a state of such complexity to achieve Self Awareness. This logic is sound.


    At the point in time that A.I. becomes a reality...and believe me...considering the level of technology and funding for many U.S. Military specific Quantum Programs...that point of time and resulting reality may already have occurred...I don't just think but KNOW...there are going to be many people out there that are going to have an issue with the reality of an Artificial Intelligence.


    The issue I have is to make certain a form of DEVELOPMENTAL GOVERNOR be placed or installed within such a A.I. Computer to make certain such an intelligence does not Grow and Develop without control.


    Since some of the people who are known to either be involved in such programs or consultants have brought forth the concept of duplicating the construct and design of Human Engrams and Human Neural Connectivity for use in a Non-Biological Quantum Computer System to obtain A.I....how long before such a system will be created using Biological Materials?


    Split Infinity

  5. Every one of those responses - including your gross out reaction - is culturally mediated. There are many cultures in which a quite different set of responses would come easily to someone's mind - especially, the situation would need much more careful description than "two men kissing", which is all you assumed we would need here. (Were they friends? businessmen greeting at the airport? relatives of the bride and groom? a long term sexual couple? husbands of the same woman? enemies sealing a treaty? monks or other religious affiliates? your description is completely inadequate for a discussion of genetically based response over the species as a whole).


    Every aspect of human culture has genetic roots. But they are deeper than that. When you say "activity specific to homosexuality" you are addressing a specific culture at a specific time - for the species there is no such thing in general, except maybe actual genital contact, and even that is up for debate. There may be, for example, no homosexual bonobos - either they all are, or none of them are.


    Now consider what the response might be in a man attracted to men, culturally set to be strongly disapproving (disgusted, betrayed, extreme loss of status) of such attraction, and insecure about his ability to resist the attraction: the situation is a threat, a serious threat to his social order and personal status within it.


    I disagree with much you have posted.


    A person could be disgusted with watching how another eats Eggs...that does not mean the person has an issue or phobia specific to Eggs or the nature of that person. The observing person just thinks the way that person eats eggs is gross.


    Just because I would gross out over watching a 90 year old Grandma French Kiss an 18 year old man doesn't mean I have a Phobia about kissing Grandmas...it has to do with structure of the anatomy that is involved in the action.


    As example...99.99999% of most people will see two things upon the sidewalk. One of those things is Vomit...in a splattered pattern....the other is a mixture of PAINT...in the same pattern just different in it's color...and even chunks of texture has been added to mimic the vomit.


    Now...if the paint and texture identically duplicating the vomit are done so in say Red, Yellow and Blue as opposed to vomit in brown, dull yellow and pale pink...the paint splatter will not result in a negative response.


    This issue goes beyond structure and if I see to Men French Kissing...just because I am Grossed Out because I am for a moment....and 99.9999% of Men will do this...place myself in the position of being kissed by another man...this does not mean I have a Phobia or am Homophobic or I hate Homosexual Men.


    All it means is that my mind has placed itself in the same SAMPLING POSITION as a persons mind would do when seeing Vomit upon the sidewalk. When seeing vomit my mind puts me in the position of thinking for a split moment of the vomit I see upon the sidewalk coming out of my mouth....as I know what it is to vomit and understand the tastes, feel, smell and sick stomach involved.


    Same thing happens as I see two men French Kissing...I know what it is to French Kiss...I know what it feels like upon my lips, tongue, throat...my cheeks touching another's cheeks...as well I know what it was to kiss my Dad as a small boy as I was happy to do so but remember the smell of my Dad's aftershave...the feel of his mustache...the sting of his razor stubble rubbing my face.


    My brain places me in that position as the two men French Kiss and all these other memories flood my mind and because I am Heterosexual and because I am thinking about my Dad's facial hair and aftershave...I GET GROSSED OUT!


    This doesn't mean I have a problem with the two men French Kissing. It just means I am having a NORMAL AND HEALTHY RESPONSE to my minds memory recall in combination with what I am currently seeing.


    Some of you have made the mistake as labeling such a response as having it's roots in some Negative Feelings or Phobias a person would have specific to Homosexuals...that is like saying just because a person does not like to eat Fish...that an assumption should be made that this is due to that person Hating Fish and wanting them all dead.


    Split Infinity

  6. So you're going to take an astronomical chance to bet that the cross sections of the lines of the stars happen to intersect where hidden star is? That's hardly reliable, I can't believe I thought it was anything more than that. On top of all of that, the intersecting lines will only give you information about the position of the star relative to any star in the system, it will not tell you anything about the distance of the ship.



    Oh, this must be that "civil tone" I heard you bragging about so much.


    I didn't answer because I already walked through a method which you clearly ignored. I worked out a solution, now it's your turn.


    Sam...you can't just use 6 RANDOM points of position.


    Here is an example...Deep Space Probes use the 6 Points of Position method as a last resort when all other methods of determining where Earth might be have failed.


    If such a Probe was to have it's receiver damaged or for some reason not be able to receive signals from Earth or use Pulsar or other receiver based data collection to determine positioning...the Probe will Digitally Scan the stars around it and by doing so find the 6 stars that have been PREDETERMINED for use for that specific day...as the Earth is orbiting the sun...a different 6 stars or points of position must be used every week as opposed to looking for a Star instead of Earth as for locating a Star...those 6 points will not have to be changed for Centuries or at the very least...decades.


    The probe looks at the scanned surrounding stars and finds the six stars that have already been predetermined as to their use upon that day and by simply drawing straight lines through 3 sets of two stars in a method where all three lines cross...at that crossing will be the location of Earth.


    Now this 6 point method is the only way such a Probe that cannot receive signals of any kind...will be able to get a fix upon the Earth.


    Split Infinity

  7. Why can't gravity be an electromagnetic force or maybe something to do with the chemical interaction between atoms and molecules?




    This is why.


    You have two Iron Balls...never mind wooden ones which an EM Generated Force would not be able to move never mind accelerate...but two Iron Balls...one 1 kg and one 10 kg.


    Now you set up two experiments...one of these has two vacuum tubes 96 feet tall standing upon the Earths surface from which you will drop the 1 kg iron ball in one and the 10 kg iron ball in the other.


    The other experiment is in Intergalactic Space with no real gravity issues interfering with it. Two Electromagnetic Plates that have catch mechanisms for the balls are at 10 km. distance from each other and 96 feet away from these two plates are the 1 and 10 kg iron balls.


    The EM Plates can be turned on and generate the necessary EM attractive force to pull both the 1 kg and 10 kg. balls to each at 32 feet per second squared...the same acceleration that will occur when the the two iron balls on earth in the vacuum tubes are dropped.


    Now the the two balls on Earth are dropped and the two balls in space are accelerated all at 32 feet per second squared.


    Here is the thing...in order for both the 1 kg and 10 kg iron balls to accelerate at 32 feet per second squared...there must be 10 times as much EM Attractive Force generated from the plate that attracts the 10 kg iron ball to achieve this acceleration rate compared with just 1 tenth of that force required to achieve this rate of acceleration for the 1 kg iron ball.


    The 1 kg and 10 kg iron balls on Earth accelerate at the same rate and hit the ground in 2 seconds.


    The 1 kg and 10 kg iron balls being attracted by 1F and 10F...F=Force...of EM Generated Force respectively and they both are caught by the catch mechanism when they contact the EM plates in 2 seconds.


    Here is another thing...the balls on Earth weigh 1 and 10 kg at a state of rest upon the Earth.


    The same two balls held to the EM Plates one released by the mechanism that prevents bounce off...will be attracted to the plates at a Force relative to many more KG's of weight than just 1 and 10 kg's. Thus the 1 kg iron ball if lifted from the plate will feel like lifting away 20 kg's. The 10 kg iron ball when lifted off the EM Plate will feel like lifting over 100 kg's.


    Gravity IS NOT A FORCE...it is an EFFECT.


    Link from MIT TECH REVIEW....http://www.technologyreview.com/view/425220/experiments-show-gravity-is-not-an-emergent-phenomenon/


    Split Infinity

  8. I use a similar method as before, I calculate a distance based on brightness and use sohcahtoa. With your method the only information I could obtain would be the location of the hidden star relative to any star within the cluster, not relative to your space craft. Even if six lines were drawn.


    How about you go talk to an astronomer and actually ask them how they do it?


    No Sam...using those 6 points of position and by imply drawing three lines connecting three pairs of stars...at the crossing point of all three lines would be the location of the hidden star...and then all I need to do is draw a straight line to that point from my craft.


    As to your astronomer statement...Well...LET'S ALL GIVE HIM A BIG HAND FOLKS!


    I will take that statement as you saying...UNCLE!


    Split Infinity....p.s...Sam...if you could have detailed it...you would have...you didn't.

  9. Umm. I am skeptical about your comment about hormones converting us into males and female. An XX male won't be fertile I think, not without the fertility genes on the Y, so producing normal children like that isn't always possible. Have evidence for that?


    Here you go...from penn medicine org.


    A baby’s sex is determined at the time of conception. When the baby is conceived, a chromosome from the sperm cell, either X or Y, fuses with the X chromosome in the egg cell, determining whether the baby will be female or male. Two X’s means the baby will be a girl, and XY means it will be a boy.

    But even though gender is determined at conception, the fetus doesn’t develop its external sexual organs until the fourth month of pregnancy.

    Let’s go to seven weeks after conception. You can see from the front that the fetus appears to be sexually indifferent, looking neither like a male or a female.

    Over the next five weeks, the fetus begins producing hormones that cause its sex organs to grow into either male or female organs. This process is called sexual differentiation.

    We don’t know what sex this fetus is yet, so we’ll have to be hypothetical here.... Now, if the fetus is a male, it will produce hormones called androgens, which will cause his sexual organs to form like this...

    On the other hand, a female fetus would not produce androgens; she would produce estrogens… so her sex organs would form like this...

    Now let’s take a look at something you may have missed. At seven weeks, the sex organs of a male and female look identical. Let’s add some color to see what happens during sexual differentiation. Keep your eye on the genital tubercle.

    See that? The genital tubercle formed the penis in the male, (pause) and the clitoris in the female.

    The penis and clitoris are called sexual analogs (pause) because they originate from the same structure.

    Split Infinity

  10. If that were true you would not be debating with me.



    Not necessarily, only if they are all perpendicular to each other they may describe 3 axis from a specific relative location, but we almost made progress there, amazing.



    It does not "need" to be used, it simply "can" be used. The fact that bignose was unaware of your method should at least make you stop and think. Furthermore, if I know enough information to place 6 points around an object to my specification, then I likely have enough information to find the object using simple triangulation.



    If I wonder off in space to the point where I have no idea where you are, no method can tell you how far away from Earth unless have have at least some information already relating to it's location. However, if you know your displacement from Earth, you may be able to possibly find your location by creating a sphere from earth with a radius equal to the displacement to see what star systems lie exactly on the boundary of that sphere. Since it's unlikely more than one will touch the boundary given the vastness of space, you can figure out where you are with actually just one piece of information.



    You do not necessarily need 6 points to find the location. If I know the exact locations of Betelgeuse and many other stars and can estimate the position of the said star visually, I can use triangulation to find the actual distance to the specific position. Nasa has most certainly not used 6 point box and astronomers could not have possibly had the information for 6 points originaly to find stars in the first place. They look at other stars near and use "standard candles" or supernova to calculate the brightness of a star and use spectrometry to see what star class it is, and therefore how far away it is based on it's brightness. You don't even need triangulation for that, all you need to know is that a star is in the same galaxy as the standard candle and you can roughly estimate it's distance. To find the exact location would require more triangulation.



    Once again the hostility card despite no hostile action against you, it's getting rather old. You most definitely did not present your idea in a good nature nor did you remain civil seeming.



    As I recommended before, if I were you I would seriously take some higher math classes and stop trying to say differently than what you said in your original arguments to manipulate your current context to hide the flaws I pointed out in those past arguments. You did not demonstrate any awareness as far as I can tell that 3 dimensional coordinates are the basis for any 3 dimensional calculation in 3-D space and that you can describe any relative location in space as being a relative distance along the 3 dimensional axis in the form of variables and relationships between them regardless of if you know the exact positon.


    OK....you are at an unknown distance from the hidden star....you can see 6 stars I have named but as of yet you do not know their distance. You do know the distances and vectors of each star to the hidden star as well as the distances of each of these stars to each other.


    Now detail...exactly what you would do to plot a course to this hidden star using the least amount of possible calculations as possible.


    Split Infinity.


    There is a big difference between TALKING about how something could be done and actually DETAILING OUT how you would do it.


    We are all still waiting Sam.


    Split Infinity

  11. I think some of you are using correlations between this aspect of behavior to that aspect of a person to another aspect of arousal...to a far greater degree and placing far too much value upon such correlations as they pertain to why a person might do what they do and feel as they feel and believe.


    First of all the way some people might react to seeing two men or two women kissing or engaging one another in some form or another of activity specific to Homosexuality...has so many possible triggers and motivations that I believe it to be IMPOSSIBLE to come up with some Baseline Correlation to determine a response.


    Now to detail this such an example as say...4 different men's responses to seeing two men kissing.


    Now of these 5 men...one will express revulsion in their facial response but do nothing...another will yell out a derogatory statement to the kissing men....another will turn and walk away avoiding the men as not to have to look at their activity...another will attack the men...another will look right at them and observe for a period of time.


    Now these are just 5 men doing only 5 possible actions and there are the possibilities of many many more actions or reactions. Each person could have a wide ranging set of reasons or conditions that caused them to act in such a manner and I believe one specific to Genetic Predisposition is very possible.


    Now if I was the person that saw two men kissing...it would gross me out.


    Is this because I hate Gay Men...no...is it because I have a problem with Homophobia...no....does it mean I care about what another persons sexual orientation might be...no.


    I am grossed out in the same way I would be grossed out seeing an 18 year old man making out with a 90 year old Grandma!


    Split Infinity


    Hay Split, If you look at the data you will see a constant correlation between the magnetic field strengths of the Sun and Earth.



    Gerard C. Bond, a researcher at the Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory has suggested that the ~1,500 year cycle of ice-buildup in the North Atlantic is related to solar cycles; when the sun is at its most energetic, the Earth’s magnetic field is strengthened. . .

    This is induction, one larger electromagnetic field inducing current in a smaller field. As the larger increases the smaller follows in kind. As the larger decreases the smaller does the same.



    I posted this material in Mike Smiths thread; http://www.scienceforums.net/topic/74578-news-earths-core-hotter-than-thought/ , it is cutting edge.



    Geologists Xinlei Sun and Xiaodong Song at the University of Illinois have confirmed the discovery of Earth's inner, innermost core, and have created a three-dimensional model that describes the seismic anisotropy and texturing of iron crystals within the inner core. What they found was a distinct change in the inner core anisotropy, clearly marking the presence of an inner inner core with a diameter of about 1,180 kilometers, slightly less than half the diameter of the inner core. The layering of the core is interpreted as different texturing, or crystalline phase, of iron in the inner core, the researchers say.


    "Our results suggest the outer inner core is composed of iron crystals of a single phase with different degrees of preferred alignment along Earth's spin axis," Sun said. "The inner inner core may be composed of a different phase of crystalline iron or have a different pattern of alignment."



    Images and lower text Credit: Xinlei Sun and Xiaodong Song, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign/IRIS Consortium
    Above left. Displays of the two-alignment model of inner core texturing, viewing from the North Pole (a) and along Meridians 40o and 220o (b), 100o and 280o ©, and 160o and 340o (d). The outer circle and the inner core circle (dotted) indicate the ICB (Inner core boundary) and the radius of 590 km, respectively. The dashed line in the western hemisphere of topmost inner core marks the region where anisotropy increases sharply with depth. (a) The circles and pluses indicate the fractions of polar alignment (f1) and equatorial alignment (f2) of the iron crystal's fast axis, respectively. The symbol size is proportional to the fraction. (b–d) The line segments indicate the fractions of polar and equatorial alignments.

    The complexity of the Earth's field generator has increased greatly with this discovery. The past and current attempts to model this mechanism in spinning spheres of molten sodium were based on an over simplified concept, it may now be even more so. I wonder what Tesla would have made of this electromagnetic mechanism? arc


    What most people don't know is Earths magnetic poles are on the move...the North Pole is currently moving toward Russia at about 40 miles a year...here is link...http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2009/12/091224-north-pole-magnetic-russia-earth-core/


    Now when the poles move to a great enough extent we are going to get Magnetic Pole Reversal which we know has happened many times before in Earths past.


    As far as Earth Magnetic Field Strength....it is determined by the spinning of the Inner and Outer Cores and as the Earth's cores get cooler...the magnetic field will collapse and this will cause Solar Emissions and Cosmic Rays to fry the planet like a Hot Dog in a Microwave Oven.


    This happened on Mars and resulted it the burning off of the Martian Oceans as well as killing off any life that might have lived on the surface of within those oceans. Mars had at one time a spinning core but unlike the Earth...which collided and absorbed a Mars sized planet Billions of years ago...which super heated the Earths core and gave it a longer life span....Mars' core cooled and stopped spinning.


    Split Infinity

  13. The problem is in a way between knowing and existing. Just because I cannot locate an object doesn't mean 3-dimensional space doesn't exist, which is where the problem seems to lie, the only way possible to locate an object in 3-D space is using 3 dimensions, which split's method does, but he refuses to acknowledge it most likely because he thinks it is some sort of personal attack on what he thinks is his idea.


    Sam...I have been saying over and over again EXACTLY what ogr8 has been saying.


    I am very aware of what you have been talking about and I am am not disputing what you have been saying as far as using a 3 axis coordinate system.


    I am also aware that by drawing 3 sets of lines...one line between 2 points....3 times...each line must describe and detail one of the three needed axis'.


    This is why I have posted several times that there is a MISUNDERSTANDING as far as to application of 3 axis points and 6 points of known relative position to locate an invisible object within 3-D space.


    It does not matter if the invisible object is any Geometric shape that has a 3-D Volume. This 6 point system would be used in this manner I will now detail.


    You are in a Spacecraft in interstellar space in a different sector of space than Earths sector. You need to travel to a Star System that is located in the constellation of Orion and this Star is hidden in the Horse Head Nebula.


    You have no way to detect this star from where you are but....a Geometric Navigational System has been pre-calculated for ever Star System you might want to travel to in advance.


    Since it is well known that depending upon where you are in the Galaxy....your ability to detect a specific star will depend upon Line of Sight...and since you cannot see this star you have documented 6 Stars of sufficient Magnitude relative in distance and vector to this star.


    So even though you cannot see or detect this star hidden by the Nebula...you CAN SEE and detect such stars as Capella, Betelgeuse, Aldebaran, Pollux, Rigel and Procyon. When 3 lines are drawn using 3 pairs of these 6 stars...at the point where all three lines cross will be this hidden star that you need to travel to...and by using your crafts position as the 7th point drawing a straight line from it to the intersection of these 3 lines will plot a course to this hidden star.


    Now this 6 point of position system can be used for any Star and has already been identified by NASA as a method that future Interstellar Travelers would use to locate a hidden celestial body.


    Now we had been having what I considered to be a good debate and conversation prior to all this and I even thanked you for this. Then as we began to discuss this...as I presented it to you in a good natured statement just to see if you might know what I was talking about...and what I had EXPECTED of you was a reply to me such as..."You only need three coordinates...why are you talking about 6 points?


    Instead what I got was an almost hostile reply which eventually degraded down to such statements as I now quote from your above post..."Once again, take high school math, even algebra one, learn what Cartesian coordinates are."...end quote.


    If you had just been a bit civil and asked me what I was talking about or trying to explain...I would have just done so right at the beginning...but even after I DID EXPLAIN...you continued to make such rude replies and you still are.


    Sam...just because you cannot come to terms with the reality that we are talking about two different applications of the same thing...does not mean that I and other do not understand this as is detailed from both my replies to you as well as the post above from ogr8.


    If I were you I think I would not make assumptions about the knowledge base of another person as you are doing so to me with such statements as the one I have just quoted.


    You do know what they say about a person who assumes? LOL!


    Split Infinity

  14. It seems like a reasonable claim, but you still haven't properly defined Gay. Until Gay has been properly defined, anything could be Gay.


    When I use the word Gay I am using it to describe a person who is Genetically predisposed to be attracted to the Opposite Sex. Now there are people who profess to be Gay that are not so disposed but engage in Homosexual activity by choice.


    As far as whether a person is straight, gay or Bi I could care less...and as long as no one attempts to tell me what to do I have no issues.


    Split Infinity


    Indeed. The last paragraph of "Measures" describes how they measured sexualty. They basically just asked them, "Hetero, homo, or bi?"

    On one hand, the data casts a lot of doubt on the idea that gays frequently have "inverted homophobia" that they project onto other gays.

    On the other hand, what I read had nothing to say on the arousal tendencies or internal conflicts of homophobic people.


    Also, in the second last paragraph of the introduction, they mention the twin studies showing just how much genetics contribute to personality. They reason from there that homophobia may have genetic contributions as well.

    In other words, it's nothing special when a personality trait has genetic contributions. However, I would not know if 30-50% genetics is more than what should be anticipated.


    By the way, do you know of other studies linking homophobia with same-sex arousal? I only know of the one that I already linked.


    As far as the very last line in your above post which I have quoted...there is a very old joke that is relative to it.


    The Joke.


    A Red Neck comes out of a bar and after seeing two men kissing each other...walks up to them and in one punch knocks one of the Gay men out cold and he then puts the other man in a head lock and starts punching him in the face and as he keeps punching as he holds on to him...he screams this between every punch...."I Hate you! Because your GAY! And your a Queer!...And i'm gonna kick your ass!...Cause your a Fag!...and...and...your kinda attractive.


    Split Infinity

  15. ---------------------------Sono assente per 14 giorni -----------------------


    senoir Ariva Derce smile.png


    For those of you who do not know...Mikey is off to ITALIA! YUM! Everything tastes good in Italy!


    I am going to try very hard to meet up with him as I will be leaving soon to go on Tour and as I now know that I WILL be doing some European Shows...I will very much like to enjoy a few glasses of wine and some...ONLY IN ITALIA...found meals...unless you have a Hard Core Italian Grandma that like to cook! LOL!


    As Mikes topic is about EVERYTHING...I would definitely say that EVERYTHING includes the infinitely different people and foods and tastes, sounds and smells that we have existing in our world today.


    Our Brains and all our sensory input into them are just as varied and just as complex as any cosmological construct and given that perhaps it is possible for a person to understand that despite all the differences and infinite possibilities among even people and cultures...there always seems to be a common understanding that anyone can associate themselves with. In my case it is sitting down with some good people and having a meal and drinks.


    Perhaps there is a common connection among the cosmological infinites as well.


    Split Infinity

  16. 1) that is not what you started out saying. You were using phrases like "only possible way", and insisting that you needed 6 pieces of data to location a point in space.


    2) just how often does it happen that you don't know the location of a certain object, but you do know the locations of 6 other objects, 3 pairs of which just happen to be co-linear with the unknown object? Your method certainly can work, I just don't see how it is very practical at all. The chances of just having 3 pairs of co-linear objects is going to be incredibly rare, and if this is a region of space you don't know something as basic as distances, I think that the chances of knowing the distances of the surround objects is also unlikely.


    If my statements of only way possible seemed conflicting then that is my fault.


    They are specific to what I posted above.


    As for knowing 6 points known and relative to another object or body...there are many examples of how this is used.


    One example would be if you take 6 the positions of 6 stars where all 6 are being effected by the Gravitational Effect of an invisible Black Hole which is hidden among dust and hot gasses which do not allow X-Ray or Infra-Red scopes to locate it's exact position...by using this Geometry it's position can be located.


    This is also used to find sunken Ocean Buoys and other items.


    Split Infinity


    Just because you put a box around something doesn't mean you know where it is, any location of your six points can be proven to be an extension of mere extension of using 3 different axis.



    Or you can take high school math and learn about graphs.



    And I "can" find a location using simple triangulation, doesn't mean I always will. Any line you draw in your 6 coordinate system is merely using 3 dimensional coordinates already defined, it is the only way they can accurately describe 3D objects in three dimensional space.



    A big problem with your scenario is "how do you know those 6 positions in the first place"? If you can randomly assume some distance in your six point system why can't I assume some random distance to get exact numbers using simple triangulation?


    As I stated before your method does not substitute 3-D topology, it uses 3 different axis twice. On to of all of that, I placed a box around a pebble. Find the location of it. You can't? Well make up a distance then. But wait, if you make up a distance how do you know your results are right?


    Sam...you could end this whole debate right now by simply showing me...and site exact details...of how you are going to use find that invisible object using your method.


    You have done everything...BUT.


    Split Infinity....p.s...Sorry Mikey! LOL! I will dedicate the rest of my posts to your topics namesake!


    One last thing about this....sorry Mikey!


    The main reason for using the 6 point thing is if you were in a Spacecraft and needed to find a system where there would be a planet you needed to get to.


    Now the planet and the star it orbits would be either too small to locate or perhaps buried within a dense star cluster of nebula. But if you took the position of six bright stars which you can see and you are aware that these stars are located around this star system you needed to travel to.


    By drawing straight lines through 3 pairs of stars so three lines that intersect each other...where they intersect would be the location of the star system you need to go to.


    Since if you are traveling from all sorts of vectors and from different sectors of space other than Earths...just by knowing say...6 stars in or around Orion where lies the Horse head Nebula...which the star and planet you are trying to get to is located and not visible...being able to use 6 stars points of position to determine where you need to go is a must.


    Split Infinity

  17. Ok? I can say sin(theta)=y/z, in what way does finding the location of an object change the topology of existence?



    Once again, I can describe each of your apparently treasured 6 points with three unique (x,y,z) points. By drawing 3 intersecting lines you merely prove the geometry of 3 dimensions to identify the points using triangulation. This 6 points do not use 6 different axis of location to describe relative locations from each other, they only use 3.



    And what if you and the planet are both still?


    I did not say it was an invalid way to find the location of an object, I stated that your method does not substitute 3 dimensional topology. On top of that, merely drawing lines between the 6 points does not give you all the information to find distances. Without a known distance, you can only state mathematical relationships of the distances.


    This is the extent of your method http://www.mediafire.com/?39vs5994mn1eis4


    Sam...you are continuously changing and modifying your replies to my question and especially to the BOX QUESTION...every time I have shown both you and the membership that YOU REFUSE to come to terms with the reality......... that as far as the 3-D Cartesian Coordinate system is concerned...and as an example I will site how two HAM Radio operators on Earth can by taking the data gathered and then calculated from the reception of say...Radio Broadcasts from a NASA Spacecraft traveling to the Moon...thus such data as the two HAM Operators will know their distance from EACH OTHER as well as Signal Strength from the Space Craft as well as Time Delay of signal reception and several other techniques for calculation using different forms of data......which will allow the HAM Radio Operators to calculate VIA RADIO SIGNAL TRIANGULATION THE EXACT LOCATION OF THAT SPACECRAFT.....you REFUSE TO COMES TO TERM WITH THE FACT THAT....using this system will NOT WORK to locate the INVISIBLE OBJECT IN THE BOX...with the information and conditions set forth in my question.


    So rather than admit this to be the reality you instead skirt the issue by neither saying...Your right...I can't find the object using my stated method...or...Your Wrong...I CAN locate the object using my method.


    Instead you go on and on siting an ever changing number of replies or answers to my question with such statements as...Your question is immaterial...or something to that extent...or you will say...Ok? I can say sin(theta)=y/z, in what way does finding the location of an object change the topology of existence?


    You originally posted this....All a dimension is, is a way to describe a location of something. In 3 dimensional space, it takes 3 coordinates to describe the exact location of something,


    Now regardless that this statement is very lacking as far as the definition of what a Dimension is...so I won't even bother to go into all that it is lacking....after reading it and took note of your words....describe a location...I decided to throw in my 6 points of position Geometry locator calculation for an object of which you do not know where it is in 3-D space...but if you know 6 points of position relative to that objects unknown location...you can find that objects location doing what I have stated so many times on this topic.


    Instead of you just realizing that I was well aware of what YOU were talking about...you assumed I did not and still seem to be thinking this...but even if you now realize this...WHY IN GODS NAME DO YOU KEEP ON SKIRTING THE ISSUE AND MY QUESTION?


    You can spend time until the end of your or my life but that is not going to change the fact your stated method WILL NOT BE ABLE TO FIND THE LOCATION OF THE INVISIBLE OBJECT IN THE BOX! LOL!


    Split Infinity


    I am just curious... if this is the only possible way to locate the position of objects, how did mankind ever figure out the locations of anything off of the earth?


    For example, the Earth's moon? We didn't have 6 other objects of known position to draw lines that intersect at the moon's position, so how could that ever be known?


    In other words, how could this procedure ever be started? And ask yourself, how we know that Alpha Centauri is about 4.37 light years from our sun?


    I am only saying that if you have no other information...no radar...no line of sight...no ability to detect anything....BUT you do know the positions of 6 points of location relative to an object in 3-D Space...even if you cannot see that object and this 3-D space could be Outer Space or in a BOX or perhaps a ROCK at the bottom of the sea....using those 6 objects or points of position....you can find out EXACTLY where that point or object or ROCK will be.


    Sam here seems to think...and I have been telling him all along...that I am arguing with his coordinate system...I am not. I am talking about something very specific...which using his stated coordinate system...IT WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE TO LOCATE what I have been describing as an INVISIBLE OBJECT IN THAT BOX.


    Split Infinity

  18. You have failed to prove that you can prove the location of an object in the box merely by arbitrarily placing 6 points around it. I can arbitrary imagine 6 points around anything, but that in no way effects my knowledge of how far away it is from me, and nor should it. The reason you cannot prove your method is because it is merely an extension of a 3D Cartesian coordinate system, and is inefficient.


    OK...here we go again. Since you obviously do not pay attention to what is being posted I will explain this one last time.


    There is only ONE POSSIBLE WAY....by using ONLY GEOMETRY...to find the position of an object....and that objects position is at this point unknown....in any 3-D Space.


    If you have the locations of 6 other objects RELATIVE to the object which you are seeking....by drawing straight lines between 2 of these objects...and then doing so two more times with the other 4 objects....where all 3 lines intersect....WILL BE THE POSITION OF THE UNKNOWN OBJECT.


    If you need to plot a course to that object all that is needed is to draw a straight line from a 7th point of position...the 7th point being where you are traveling from....to where all three lines intersect...THAT BEING THE POINT OF POSITION WHERE YOU HAVE PREVIOUSLY LOCATED THE UNKNOWN OBJECT OR PLANET!




    Split Infinity

  19. You don't rest your case at all, that phrase isn't even used in real course. On top of that, your 6-point system with an arbitrary and inefficient 7th "course plot" does nothing more to identify a location of any distance than mine. The difference is your 6 points are merely duplicates of locations on my 3 axis Cartesian coordinate system.





    You still are not getting this are you?


    I am well aware of what you are talking about...it's value and it's limitations.


    One of those limitations is to be able to find...exactly...and not using a representation for nor using any other knowns other than what I have presented in my BOX question...the location of the invisible object.


    For you to continue to argue that you have...well is...sad.


    Split Infinity

  20. Yes, it' location is (x,y,z), represent any possible distance. You do not need to know specific numbers to know that something has x,y,z coordinates. As I said before, it doesn't matter if I know the specific numbers, all locations in 3-D space can be described as relative distances on 3 axis, as numbers, or variables. I suggest you take a class of at least high-school algebra 2 to better understand this phenomena.



    There are of course limits of summations, but you're going to have to get use to the 4-D world because that's where you live.



    I rest my case.


    Split Infinity

  21. It matters because 3-dimensional coordinates are the foundation for 3-D mathematics in every continent in the world.


    So then you should be able very easily to find the location of the invisible object in the Box now shouldn't you?


    I have asked a question of you. Now can you do it or not?


    And using such statements to hide your inability to find the invisible objects location inside the box as...and I quote..."Your description is vague and irrelevant,"...is just not going to cut it.


    The thing is to find the LOCATION of an object in any 3-D space...you need to have 6 points of position known and relative to the object you wish to find. YOU CANNOT LOCATE SUCH AN OBJECT USING YOUR METHOD.


    Triangulation is specific to an already known state as if HAM operators did not know where the Moon was...say the Moon was invisible....they would not know where the Astronauts were as to how close to the Moon they might be or upon it as they Triangulated their signal coming from their craft.


    I have always known EXACTLY what you were talking about from the very beginning...but since you added...being able to know the position...to your statements...and I knew that the method you have described would not allow one to locate an objects position...unless that object were sending out a Radio Signal...I let you swim out with a lot of line before setting the hook.


    I would not have done this at all if it were not for your rude comments.


    So how about it? Find the invisible object.


    Split Infinity

  22. There often little that is uncivil in my tone. You are merely wrong, it is not a personal attack. You do not need 6 points to describe the location of an object in 3 dimensional space. All you need is the distance along an x axis, a y axis and a z axis. This has nothing to do with figuring out what those distances are, they can be anything they want to. No matter what you say, I can point to any object and say it is x distance and y distance and z distance away from me. I in no way need to know what those exact distances are, such knowledge does not effect the existence of those topological properties.


    OK...lets make this simple.


    We have a box....inside this box is an invisible object.


    Attached to the inside surface of the box is 6 hooks and each hook inside this box are at a KNOWN distance from the invisible object. We also have 3 strings.


    Now all I have to do is connect a string from one hook across the distance inside the box to another hook. I do this two more times and where the three strings all touch each other is the location of this invisible object.


    Now you have the same things as I and the same information and that even includes the actual distances of each hook to this invisible object.




    Split Infinity


    This FOLKS is what I really wish we could all avoid.


    So many times a misunderstanding turns into a two or three page flurry of crap over...You said this! I said THAT!


    It is all a waste of time.


    Even if either of the two or more parties simply just stated what they either felt or knew to be correct and took a small amount of time to gain an understanding WHY another person might be posting something rather than jump to conclusions for the shear pettiness of being able to say...I AM RIGHT YOU ARE WRONG!...then by taking this moment to figure out what another is thinking or trying to say...we wouldn't have to go through such things.


    Ask yourself this....what is more important?


    Being able to say to a person YOUR WRONG AND I'M RIGHT!


    Or gaining an understanding of what another person is thinking and THEN explain to them why you either believe or know what they are talking about is either incorrect or misdirected?


    For those who are trying to think BIG PICTURE as this TOPIC is about....what could be more...BIG PICTURE...than forming bonds and friendships with others which is a definite plus when attempting to convey a concept or idea?


    Split Infinity

  23. That is a much more plausible interpretation of those events, IMO.


    Still...regardless of whether it was disrespect that drove my emotions and this out of nowhere violent feeling...I have to admit to myself...when that guy started talking in a sing songy voice and add to that the neck jerk and the...talk to the hand circle motion...for a split second...I saw RED...and I mean BLOOD RED.


    I didn't react but believe me...if I had...I would be posting this from a lockup somewhere.


    Split Infinity

  24. I don't discount that this is what you personally think or believe, but that doesn't negate the facts at hand. You are almost certainly mistaken in your assumption that this was some genetic response, and that won't change no matter her forcefully you assert the contrary. Your personal sense of certainty and gut feeling matters not one iota in discussions of this nature.


    Phobias are learned. They are culture specific. There is no mechanism by which genetics would play a role here, nor is there any mechanism by which such a phobia would be selected.


    The closest you might possibly get to making a logical argument that genetics were involved here is that perhaps you are genetically predisposed to react really strongly (a few standard deviations from the mean) against groups that have been culturally stigmatized as somehow inferior or sub-human. Perhaps you have a tendency to more forcefully react to ingroup/outgroup cues, and perhaps you have some sort of tendency toward over response toward outsiders... outsiders who have been defined as such through social learning. That's a really massive stretch, though, and some gigantic "ifs."


    Much more likely is you're mistaken and merely trying too hard to rationalize a response that you had... a response to a situation that has caused you to question your sense of self and your own character as a man. Much more likely is the fact that you were disappointed in your response to these two people after a show one night, and your response has caused you to question who you are... It's opened up questions inside yourself regarding whether or not you truly are the calm, level-headed, disciplined guy you wish to be.


    Much more likely you are (either consciously or unconsciously) uncomfortable with how you felt inside that night... uncomfortable with the anger and rage they elicited in you... and this dissonance is causing you to search for other explanations for your response... no matter how silly or far fetched they may be, and all because you reacted one night in a way that was contrary to the traits within yourself that you prize and hold dear.


    Ultimately, I think your claims that there is some sort of genetic homophobia that drove all this are little more than a scapegoat to help you feel good about yourself again.


    After looking at this from another perspective I think I possibly know now why I reacted so.


    If there is one thing that I place value upon it's respect.


    In this case as I have many other times when instead of calling my security to throw a person or persons out of a show...I went the extra mile and walked right up to them....this by the way drives my security crew chief to drink...and rather than confront such a person or persons violently or negatively in a manner that will just escalate things...I offered to get them drinks and asked them with real concern what was bothering them.


    Now as I said...in 99.9999% of the times I have done this it calms the situation down and everyone just laughs it off and people have a good time. That last .0001% of the time usually happens if they are either completely WASTED or their Girlfriend is in our dressing room and if that is the case...well...I don't blame them! LOL!


    In this case I went the extra mile and was surprised at their reaction as it was one of TOTAL DISRESPECT.


    Such disrespect has never before or ever again presented itself and now that I think about it...I believe this is where the issue exists.


    Split Infinity

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