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  1. When it comes to black holes and waves, I think the equation goes like this. Hole/wave = P(time| unit) as opposed to P(unit |time)


    And split, I know that youre a very smart person. There is a typo here and there, but, is there a reason you use the word "BRAKE" as in "the math BRAKES down" as opposed to "break"? Does the math not break down? It just "BRAKES" down?

    Pop...I am quite possibly the worse speller on Earth! LOL! I type run on sentences and for the LIFE OF ME...I cannot remember where I might have put my $500 Sunglasses 2 seconds ago! LOL!


    The really weird thing is I can remember incredibly long musical pieces as well as my long term memory is second to none. I have memories when I was just a few months old...crazy huh?


    It seems that my mind has the ability to do just about anything but it seems to have a MIND OF IT'S OWN!


    THAT...is why my forum name is SPLIT INFINITY...not because of some Sci-Fi Fantasy Book.


    Split Infinity


    No I'm pretty sure I answered one of them, you wanted to know how a particle could go through a black hole, so just take a wave packet and project it going through a black hole with and calculate it's relativistic speed and time dilation using Einsteins equations and the Lorentz Transformation. Ideally you'd have a computer to do it because it would take hours or even days to calculate the exact pattern over time by hand.


    See Schrodinger's Equations. Energy does not have the same properties as matter and thus multiple energies can occupy the same space, uncertainty being a mathematical principal also follows the property of not being matter. Because of this, amplitudes or "amounts" of energy and uncertainty can add up and subtract by occupying the same region of space in what is called destructive and constructive interference, and the specific results you get of that interference is the result of how mathematical logic works, that .5 + .5 = 1, or 1/2 - 1/2 = 0, which are based on the amplitudes in different coordinates in space.

    Sam...I appreciate and enjoy our debates a great deal and I want you to know that I am not the kind of a person to take anything of this nature that I place such a high value upon for granted. I am telling you this as a Just In Case as some people have a problem separating the Mental and Intellectual Conflicts which are inevitable in such complex debates from some kind of perception of a slight or personal attack. I am not like that and I hope and think that you are not like that either.


    Saying that...Hold On...let me get out my NUNCHUCKS and BRASS KNUCKLES! LOL!....I am STILL ticked off about SHROATY'S example that uses the Dead or Not Dead or Quasi-ALIVE/DEAD....via Poison Gas...CAT IN THE BOX!


    I have a Black Cat and even though the Little SOB is always jumping up on top of my lap top and the next thing I know I am looking outside my front door looking at a Large Box that has been shipped to me from Amazon containing 2000 Copies of a stupid book called of PANDAS AND PENCIL NECKED GEEKS! Curiously....it has a picture of Jesus sporting an AK-47 pulling the trigger and filling Charles Darwin with Bullet Holes! LOL!....I still LOVE the little SOB! So I have ISSUES!


    The thing is that a Black Holes Singularity is a state of ONE DIMENSIONALITY. This would be an independent Universal Reality all to itself. Since a One Dimensional State has no length, height, width, time....nor can FREQUENCY EXIST never mind the Quantum Particle/Wave Forms that obtain such Frequency....the particles of Mass and Energy that are swallowed by a Black Hole are Leaving our Universal Reality as they cannot exist once they are swallowed....thus we HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what such Particles state would be....so our Math is USELESS in this case.


    Split Infinity

  2. In stating your hypothesis, you have used some maths, even if you don't write down any equations. For example, you have discussed conservation of energy, which is an equality. Math.


    Further, had you been more specific in your analysis — using math— you would find that the situation you describe is impossible. The balls cannot be "all in motion at a rate of 10 feet per second" except as an initial condition, and you ignore that the balls will undergo inelastic collisions and also radiate, reducing their kinetic energy.


    SGE is nothing new, and where it is correct, merely a restatement of standard physics.

    Swany...the initial Potential Kinetic Force X 100,000 Wooden Balls= F. F equally the total amount of Kinetic Energy before any of the balls encounters any other ball or the Containment Field. Regardless that some balls will transfer or receive more Kinetic Energy than others to to strike vectors and multiple ball involvement....as well as oscillation of balls...the total of F would ALWAYS be F if Gravity did not exist and in particular SGE as the micro-moments of Multiple Ball Created by contact...Gravity Wells...will not create enough Space/Time Warpeture to coalesce all 100,000 balls without SGE.


    Now as far as your statement about the math...I can see what you are getting at and it is true...but let's look at this quoted sentence from ajb..." A physical theory by definition is a mathematical construct that can be used to model aspects of the Universe."...end of quote.


    This statement that I quoted from his post is incorrect. A PHYSICAL THEORY....a physical theory could be specific to how a person should talk and act during a speech as such a theory could detail all the aspects of...if you talk this way and bring up this and not say that....THEN....doing so will give a person the ability to convey an idea to a much greater extent than if the person did ...THAT...instead.


    Using what I quoted from ajb there are multitudes of PHYSICAL THEORIES which would absolutely have no necessity for any use or equations of Mathematics. Now that doesn't mean such theories could be...by a smart enough person...have their stated does and don't and styles and actions broken down into a Mathematical Formula or Equation....but the reality is FOR SUCH THEORIES TO EXIST THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO NECESSITY FOR MATHEMATICS TO BE INCLUDED OR A PART OF THE REALITY OR DEVELOPMENT OF SUCH THEORIES.


    Let me ask you this? Little Ol' Lady Smithe has a THEORY which states that every time she wears short skirts while she is outside standing on a foot stool watering her hanging plants....Old Doc Johnson...who lives across the street opposite her home will make conversation and walk across the street. On the days she is wearing pants or long skirts....Old Doc Johnson will just stay put and quiet. She Theorizes that Old Doc Johnson still has LEAD IN HIS PENCIL!


    Now unless we are going to be using MATH to measure the length of Old Doc Johnson's Pencil or take other data into consideration...I believe I have just posted Ol' Lady Smithe's Theory and I do not believe that her theory requires any Mathematical Representation or Equation or Formula to be listed along with what I just typed to make her theory VALID as to call it a THEORY.


    I have another theory...and I will be as quick as I can. Most people are either Left or Right Brain Hemisphere Dominant. Left side being equated with Analytical Thinking and Right Side...Creative Thinking. Now there are some people who use BOTH HEMISPHERES and SOME of such people are MUSICIANS and for those who don't know I am a signed, touring musician who was very big in the 80's and still viable and touring...I will be going back on tour in a few weeks...and because of my Left/Right Brain Hemisphere interconnectivity I am good in music and other fields of art such as sculpture, painting on all mediums, drawing, design...as this comes from my RIGHT Hemisphere and from my LEFT I am good in Logic, Science, Math, Physics...etc...and here is a LINK that talks about such things....http://laurierileymusic.wordpress.com/2012/09/23/the-right-brain-the-left-brain-and-the-musician/


    As well...Musicians have a higher than average I.Q...LINK...http://news.vanderbilt.edu/2008/10/musicians-use-both-sides-of-their-brains-more-frequently-than-average-people-65577/


    Now because I use both Left and Right Brain Hemispheres...specifically in the left and right frontal cortex...I not only have a greater ability to use either Creative Association to expound upon a Analytical Based Concept or Reality or use Analytical based association to expound upon a Creative Based Concept or Reality. I can also Pat my Head and Rub my Stomach...LOL!


    I am Ambidextrous as well and because of my Left/Right Hemisphere Connectivity....I have a far greater ability than the average person to access my Subconscious Minds stored Data. The Subconscious is like a Recording Computer and stores all data that my senses have taken in. If a person is walking on the beach and there is a girl reading a book and this person is with his WIFE so he does not look at the girl at all but his peripheral vision can see the book pages and all that is written upon them even though this guy does not even consciously look at it or even KNOW that he is seeing it out of the corner of his eye...but the subconscious knows and records this data as well as every aspect that all the rest of his senses are picking up...the smell of the ocean...the feel of the sand between his toes...the squawking of Sea Gulls...the taste of the salt in the air...and the subconscious even records what this guy is thinking at the moment and in his case it would be...GOD! This girl is HOT! Don't look at her butt you moron the old lady will KILL YOU!


    So after all that my point is...ajb...is a smart cookie. He is VERY Left Brain Dominant as he is an analytical thinker as well as if you look at his Members Information you will see he say's he is an Assistant Professor. The difference between ajb and myself is to what extent our brains are HARDWIRED to see things in a certain light.


    Because ajb is Left Hemisphere Dominant...he will instinctively analyze data a certain way specific to his Left Brain Hemisphere Dominance. For ME...I am hardwired to use BOTH Hemispheres as my Subconscious takes in all sensory data and disseminates it equally or close to equal to both Left and Right sides...and ajb's subconscious is also disseminates his sensory data to his brains hemispheres but in his case the LEFT HEMISPHERE and Prefrontal Cortex will receive a greater amount of data than the Right side. At this point for BOTH OF US....the Left and Right sides start FIGHTING FOR DOMINANCE and the right to control the ability to formulate an overall examination of the data as well as control what side will the data based response come from.


    ajb's mind being Left Hemisphere and Left Prefrontal Cortex Dominant will examine concepts and formulate ideas and theories based upon his HARDWIRING that is Analytical in it's nature. For ME...having Left and Right Hemisphere/Cortex data dissemination by the Subconscious as well as assimilation by the Conscious Left and Right sides...I am HARDWIRED...to understand, observe, calculate, theorize and formulate....any and all such data in a Creative Analyzation of such data as well as Analyze Creatively such data.


    So as this all pertains to this topic...ajb say's to me..."Don't theoretical concepts need mathematics to even be stated? ajb is HARDWIRED to look at it as such. He counters my...NO...answer with..." A physical theory by definition is a mathematical construct that can be used to model aspects of the Universe."


    Because of the way he is HARDWIRED...it never even occurs to him that there are many Theories which are considered...PHYSICAL THEORIES...that have absolutely no need to state any Mathematical Equations or Formulas or even associations for these theories to be considered a THEORY.


    It is not that ajb is WRONG....it is just that what he is saying is not RIGHT all the time. He has posted in the manner that his HARDWIRING of his brain that is...LEFT BRAIN HEMISPHERE AND LEFT PREFRONTAL CORTEX DOMINANCE.


    The way I am HARDWIRED...it allows me a great deal more Flexibility as well as I am not so constrained as ajb...still...ajb's ability to be so focused upon anything analytical in it's nature allows him greater clarity upon such specific individual topics that I will NEVER be able to see as clearly. And this is why he is a Professorial Assistant. in PHYSICS.


    Me...because I cannot see ANYTHING in either BLACK OR WHITE as everything to me is shades of GREY....things can sometimes get confusing as I can apply multiple values and multiple definitions and multiple reasoning upon just about ANYTHING.


    I guess that is why certain U.S. Military and U.S. CIVILIAN GROUPS recruited me so heavily in my JR. Year of High School after I scored some ridiculously high number on the then mandatory I.Q. Tests and Aptitude and Psych Tests....of which the last showed I had a certain....Moral Flexibility.


    So I guess for me...ANYTHING GOES.


    Split Infinity




  3. That's not a vegan diet is it?

    "I would never shoot Bambi...it is Bambi's Mom or Dad I am looking to shoot and eat."


    practical outcome of which is that, deprived of his mother's milk, Bambi would starve to death.

    How nice of you.


    "A person will not only survive but THRIVE by just drinking MILK."

    No they would not.

    There's no fibre for a start and the balance of fats , proteins and carbohydrates is wrong for anything other than a a baby.


    As far as Deer Meat or Venison is concerned it is quite possibly one of the most healthy protein rich meats one could eat as well as being extremely low in fat.


    And as far as Bambi living or dying...if you think your Chicken Nugget arrived on your plate in a less painful fashion then by all means tell us about it.


    Although I would not want to only drink Milk as a food source...given the choice between eating just Vegetable Matter or Milk over a period of time...I would choose the Milk...that is if I had no concern about braking Bones that had become too brittle or loosing a great deal of muscle mass.


    Split Infinity

  4. No, at best you can have an intrepretation of some aspect of a theory like SR of GR. A physical theory by definition is a mathematical construct that can be used to model aspects of the Universe. You maybe able to explain some aspects using interpretations, but this can not be a replacement of the mathematics.


    Anyway, we should take care not to get too much off topic. Though maybe your comments highlight some of the issues with "outsiders" making contributions.


    The question directed to me by you and I quote..."Don't theoretical concepts need mathematics to even be stated?"....is not asking me to prove by way of Mathematics a Theory...it is asking if Math is needed just for a person to even STATE a theory.


    By the parameters of your question and by the specifics of my answer I have answered your question and the answer is correctly...NO.


    Split Infinity

  5. You TELL EM SAM! LOL!


    All I know is if anyone ever attempts to pull away my plate that has a nice rare Venison Steak with a side of sauteed Wild Mushrooms with Onions....they are going to loose a Finger! LOL!


    And for all or any who are reading this and thinking...OH! POOR BAMBI!


    I would never shoot Bambi...it is Bambi's Mom or Dad I am looking to shoot and eat.


    Split Infinity

  6. Particles can be logically described as waves of probability which can change localization according to their energy states, using equations such as Schrodinger's Equation to describe those probability waves.

    If you observe 2kg of mass falling into a black hole, the black hole gains 2kg of mass. What's complicated about that? We can use a computer to project what happens when a probabilistic wave-particle travels into a black hole. Whether or not that's what really happens is in no way related to faults of logic itself, it is related to whether or not we are applying the right logic to black holes and/or particles in the first place.


    Well you certainly tried real hard to give me something to answer my questions...but obviously...and I know you know...that these answers won't cut it.


    The questions I asked cannot be solved...nor have you provided a Mathematical Representation for their solution...which is what would be needed at the very least to answer the question.


    What you have provided is as far as the Particle/Wave Question....is a Theoretical Association and Equation which would be used to describe Particle location variance dependent upon energy state. This assuming that such a Particles Wave State is based upon probability.


    My question was...Show me some math to explain why Quanta exist as both Particle and Wave...NOT show me a possible associatative equation detailing aspects of wave existence.


    The Black Hole question is even further off mark...I am asking you to give me some Math detailing what is the state of the particles of Mass and Energy after being swallowed by a Black Holes Singularity?


    You are not even close on that one.


    The reality is...our MATH is specific to our Universal Reality and anything that is either connected to a Universal Condition or Universal Reality that is not our own yet also is connected to our Universal Reality...as is DEFINITELY the case in the Black Hole Singularity question....THE MATH BRAKES DOWN.


    Split Infinity

  7. That is not going to be true much longer, if it still is - China is establishing itself economically on a global scale, and the prospect of doing without basic consumer goods (clothing, electronics of any kind, etc) is a daunting one for most Americans.


    If China dumps the dollar, which is rapidly becoming less central to China from a tactical or strategic pov, the US economy will collapse in a week.


    As far as being treated well by regular folks, that is also the historical experience of Americans traveling in Iran. More than one travelor has mentioned - both publically and to me in private - that of all the people in the Middle East the Iranians seem the most compatible with Americans. Much more comfortable and friendly than Saudis or Kuwaitis or Iraqis, say.



    And the US agricultural economy would suffer seriously. The takeover of local food markets and economies by US based agribusiness has indeed created food insecurity and dependence on multinational powers in many places (Mexico, for example), but this is not necessarily something one celebrates.


    It is also shaky to refer to the US flailing and spasmodic violence in reaction to 9/11 or the threat of Islamic terrorism generally as justified on Darwinian grounds. As with the reaction some people have to bee stings, there are questions of benefit and consequences to be answered before the Darwinian excuse is accepted. Marx has as much to say about the reactionary properties of the corporate State as Darwinian theory has. .

    First off...I would like to say even though I love my country and will and have defended it when necessary...what I am posting here are cold hard facts and not the ravings of some...WE ARE NUMBER ONE! type personality.


    As far as China is concerned. China is in it's current state...which is a state of slower growth...but over all China has been in a long term state of fast economic growth and has been able to vastly increase the wealth and education of many of it's people...but there are MULTIPLE MILLIONS of Chinese who are not a part of this growth and education as they live in rural areas the Chinese Government does not have either the money or resources to help.


    China is in it's current state of growth and it's current state of expanded capitalistic autonomy for it's business sector because of one reason...the United States and the U.K....have made this part of an overall plan that started during the Cold War as a Counter to Soviet Expansion.


    Why do you think NIXON went to China? It started with Coke and Pepsi and KFC....then to allowing China special trade status as we allowed them to sell products to the U.S. even though the U.S. was not allowed the same total freedom of trade into China. This was an overall STRATEGY to WESTERNIZE CHINA. AND IT WORKED!


    China's economy has been almost COMPLETELY CONSTRUCTED AND DEVELOPED for one single purpose...that being shipping large scale imports of cheap goods into the United States. The U.S. has been very careful not to rely upon any Chinese Import that is of a Strategic Nature and this means if we stopped importing all goods from China TODAY...the only thing that would happen in the United States is that MORE JOBS WOULD BE CREATED as many overly inexpensive Chinese Goods would now be either made in the U.S. or perhaps such contracts would be offered to India, Vietnam, Brazil...etc.


    The idea that China has the U.S. in a compromising position because the U.S. has borrowed large amounts of money from China...is a fallacy. Here it is in a Nut Shell....NEVER LEND MONEY TO SOMEONE THAT YOU HAVE NO POSSIBLE WAY TO FORCE THEM TO PAY YOU BACK. Such is the case between China and the United States. China has no possible way of applying pressure to ensure payments upon loans to the U.S. China does not and never will have a Military capable of challenging the United States Military and current talk about a Rising Chinese Military is more about getting MONEY from Congress for special weapons programs. China has ONE Cold War Era Soviet Aircraft Carrier and is using that just for training. A visiting Chinese General stated after going to Norfolk and seeing U.S. Military and Naval Drills...We were surprised at the high level of technology and expertise which we saw within all aspects of the U.S. Military. In comparing that to our Navy and other Chinese Military forces...I can say with certainty that China has no possible capability to challenge the U.S. Military at ANY LEVEL and will not have such a capability for multiple decades if ever at all.


    This Chinese General was almost JAILED for this statement to the World Press.


    As far as Iran and the Middle East...there is a BIG difference between the Iranian People and the Old Guard Iranian Religious Dictatorship. Iran has the YOUNGEST POPULATION IN THE WORLD....over 75% of all Iranians are under the age of 30 years old. Iran will very soon have a total regime change and this will end the Nuclear Issue.


    As for the Middle East...that too will change but given the Energy Issues...the U.S. has right now invested BILLIONS upon a Military based Secret High Tech. Energy Generation Program equal to the Moon Landing Apollo Program. At the center of this program is Low Temp. Micro-Fusion Energy Generation....Time Will Tell.


    The fact remains that the United States is too intertwinned...too important for it not to succeed. Not just for itself...but for everyone on this planet.


    Split Infinity

  8. Don't theoretical concepts need mathematics to even be stated?

    OK...let's look at that.


    I have a Theory specific to SR and GR. and the MATH is not required to see the issue.


    If you have a containment field that will repel anything and in this let's say...1000 feet in diameter Sphere...there is 100,000 wooden balls that are all of equal mass as well as perfect spheres 1 inch in diameter.


    All these balls are in a state of motion at 10 feet per second. This Containment Sphere is in Intergalactic Space and is moving at the same rate of Universal Expansion the surrounding Galaxies are.


    Now Gravity is the created effect that exists by Matter and as we have been told...after the Big Bang...the particles of Energy and Mass that were in motion eventually coalesced into Stars, Planets and Galaxies. The thing is...there is a problem as far as Particles of mass in motion...gravity based grouping or gathering...and Kinetic Transfer.


    I postulate that there exists....SGE or Specialized Gravitic Effect.


    Now all these wooden balls in this 1000 feet in diameter containment sphere all in motion at a rate of 10 feet per second...should continue to bounce off each other and the sides of the containment field due to Kinetic Energy Transfer....FOREVER.


    But they don't...because of Gravity...they will eventually coalesce...but even with Gravity...the velocity of the balls and the Kinetic Energy Transfer should not allow these balls to coalesce.


    Thus I postulate that at the center point of Mass of any particle or object or objects where in lies a Gravity Well...such particles or objects of mass encountering or creating a Gravity Well encounter an ENTROPIC STATE OF KINETIC ENERGY TRANSFER.


    If SGE did not exist...and everything points to it existing...the particles of mass after the Big Bang would continue to bounce off one another FOREVER due to Kinetic Transfer and thus they would never coalesce. The same with the wooden balls in the containment sphere....without SGE...they would continue to bounce off the containment field and each other forever due to Kinetic Energy Transfer...but they won't...as SGE will cause an Entropic Effect upon their Potential Kinetic Energy state and slow them down to collect.


    Now...see...no math.


    Split Infinity

  9. It means you've been primed to process visual information erotically, probably from being exposed to some sort of erotica within the last couple days.



    Well...I play and tour in a signed Rock Band as well as live with a very beautiful lady...My Girl...who is both beautiful inside as well as outside. So I would have to say....ABSOLUTELY...I am definitely exposed to visual as well as physical erotic data...and a hell of a lot more frequent than just every couple of days! LOL!


    As for my mind Matrixing Brittney Spears...for a while back there...a person could not get away from seeing her either on in the news or on TV performing or pictures of her on the Internet when she was what can only be described as being in a Train Wreck.


    And as everyone knows...you don't want to look but you just can't take your eyes off such a wreck!


    Split Infinity

  10. "The

    infinite has no beginning, ... but seems to be the beginning of other

    things, and to surround all things and guide all ... And this is the

    divine, for it is immortal and indestructible." Aristotle



    "I drank what?" Socrates



    Split Infinity


    The answer is yet simple.


    Those people that have made the world as it is today - could have done differently.


    Those people had all the cards so that this can not happen. But man is unable to manage himself without the word of God.


    As the teachers of the law have resolved to know nothing in relation to biblical law then the apocalyptic prophecy is fulfilled. The end of time seems to be coming. It's why it's important to believe in Jesus Christ.

    Arnaud...end of time...Really?


    You know what...people have been talking about the end times since...well...there were people. Humans have been on Earth for about 5 Million Years in one stage of evolutionary development or another and during that 5 Million Years there has been massive Earthquakes, Floods, Asteroid and Cometary Bombardments, Magnetic Pole Shifts, Cosmic Radiation Spikes, Giant Solar Flare Activity, Ice Ages, Droughts of Entire Continents, Mass Extinction via Disease...and so many other disasters I am having a hard time remembering them all.


    Now in all that time and all those disasters and ELE's...Extinction Level Events...guess what? We are still here! And unless a Asteriod that has a mass and velocity at least 20% greater than the asteroid that impacted Earth 65 Million Years ago at ( miles wide...(that's 15 Km for you metric lovers)...and killed off the Dinosaurs...as this asteroid mass is too small to kill us off completely so I approx. 20% greater and perhaps traveling at a velocity 10% greater would do the job...ie...no more Humans...unless that happens or some idiot in a third world country playing around with a weaponized Viral Strail...ie...Biological Weapons...and since these 3rd Worlders don't have the money for a Lab with CDC Containment Protocols...such a Weaponized Viral Strain could get out and kill everyone faster than it would be possible to immunize the general population...so we all become ZOMBIES! LOL!


    Thing is...if there is a GOD...someone ought to FIRE THAT GOD! Because such a GOD is existing would have a very poor record as far as that GOD's WORK HISTORY!


    Some will say...Terrible Things Happen because it is all part of GOD's PLAN! GOD's Plan? What Plan? I don't see a plan? Does anyone on this board see a plan? Has anyone ever even seen a HINT OF A PLAN? Can anyone stand in testimony at the hearing scheduled this morning at 9 am SHARP in defense of this so called existing GOD? Because after talking to and listening to MANY PEOPLE....if this is the best such a GOD can make for a PLAN....it is time to FIRE THIS GOD...and make up OUR OWN PLAN! Because if anyone tends to notice...every time something REALLY #@%$&! UP happens in this world...you will immediately hear RIGHT BEFORE THE DETONATION....GOD IS GREAT!....then...BOOM!


    And then we have the....UUGGHH!....PEOPLE who insist to the rest of us that THEY and their GROUP...are the only real and sole communicators and interpreters and worst of all....TEACHERS OF GOD'S PLAN. Instead of mainly yelling and then blowing up stuff and people with it...they do something that is even more sinister and sneaky....First they set up Food Kitchens and Survival Centers....then they give a meal and some old cloths and perhaps a blanket to those in need....THEN...after a person eats...they SNEAK UP ON YOU AND HAND YOU...a PAMPHLET! That's right those B@#&%^$#!


    Next thing you know...if you want to be allowed to keep eating those occasional meals and getting a now and then...I'm with STUPID...T-Shirt with stains on it....you allow these VERY SNEAKY PEOPLE....to load you and others that are down on their luck...into a SCHOOL BUS with those straight 90 degree angled seats with No Air Conditioning and no Bathroom...and be driven for 6 HOURS across several states to a PLANNED PARENTHOOD CLINIC....where as you exit the school bus a SIGN is thrust into your hands with the words....BABY KILLER!...or....IT'S NOT A RIGHT IT'S A CHILD!....painted in BLOOD RED paint upon it.


    Then after spending a whole day being told...KEEP SHOUTING OR YOU WON'T GET A SANDWICH AND BOTTLED WATER WHEN WE GET ON THE BUS TO LEAVE! So you hold that stupid sign higher and yell something equally or to a greater extend more stupid...and then just when you think it can't get any worse...some Preacher spooning a 30.06 with scope puts a few rounds into the head of a Doctor through the glass window of the Lobby and for good measure puts a few more rounds into the chest of a few young women some who work there some who are there because they need help.


    At that point you walk up to the Woman and Man who have been riding you all day as they are wearing Button Up Shirts and Ties and Blouses that you thought had gone out of style in the Mid-1950's....hand them that stupid sign and tell them to SHOVE IT IN A SPECIFIC PLACE IN THE HUMAN BODY...walk into the bus...take TWO SANDWICHES out of the cooler...steel a $20 Bill that is in that Woman's Purse left on the bus....walk out of the bus and hit BOTH OF THEM OVER THE HEAD with a Water Bottle...walk across the street to the Package Store and with that $20 buy a 12 Pack and a few Shots...walk over to the Highway entrance and stick out your thumb!


    Split Infinity

  12. I can't think of a single country that "likes' to share power. What about Vietnam? The US was trying to prevent it from falling to communism when really it wasn't all that bad for those specific people, in fact it helped them so much that a great deal of them fought against the US as volunteers, no one forcing them to, and then a Buddhist monk even lit himself on fire to protest the US attacks. A problem you have with this is you're making the wrong argument Generalizing millions of people isn't the right way to go, you're just asking to be wrong, the argument you should have choosing is that it is easy for individuals to manipulate communism with military force, which of course ends up being true for any form of government anyway. Look at China now, huge wealth gap, some people at least had homes before it became capitalist. Does that mean all capitalism is bad? No, it doesn't mean always communism is good either, both are imperfect, and any country has the right to choose what form of government they want. If there's a military take-over like when the US sent troops to take control of Nicaragua in the 19th Century, then any country has the right to feel threatened.


    You have to understand the Millions of specifics that detail exactly what the United States is and why it does what it does. Just like a species in a state of Evolution...so is the development and growth of what is known as the United States.


    Communism would seem like a good thing if a government and it's people could abide to a TRUE COMMUNISTIC SYSTEM. Unfortunately this has and never will happen as Communism goes against Human Nature. Why would a person either work hard to study and become a Doctor just to end up being paid the same as a person who is a slacker and does not even work hard or do a good job?


    If followed properly...the Constitution of the United States is quite possibly the single greatest creation of concept of what a Government and it's People should be and abide. The problems only start when certain special interests find ways to influence certain...INTERPRETATIONS of the U.S. Constitution. Even still...with all the abuses and created issues...there does not exist a better system of Representation of the People in Government than is what the U.S. Constitution sets forth.


    I have traveled and still travel...all over the world and not just to tourist areas as I have been to some real Hell Holes and Third World Countries that have people in anguish and at the mercy of their Government as well as their Religions as many of such countries have no separation of church and state. When ever I hear a person complaining about something so petty and insignificant as..."It is a TRAVESTY that I have to take off my shoes just to board an Airplane!"...I make an effort to remind such a person how good they have it living in my country that is the United States.


    Despite what some people both in and outside of the U.S. might think...my countries DIVERSITY in it's populations ethnicity, religion, skin color, concepts and culture...is a GREAT STRENGTH....NOT A WEAKNESS!


    Case in point...in my town we had an Iranian Family that was lucky enough to make it out of Iran with great difficulty I might add. They at first leased a store front and opened a Breakfast-Luncheon Eatery which the Iranian Father, Mother and one Son at first as the other children were too young....worked very hard to establish and by doing so started to benefit from their labor.


    After several years they BOUGHT the building that housed their restaurant and because they worked so hard and had the sense to understand what Americans liked to eat and what Americans expect for service...their business not only thrived but also allowed this Family to become well known and liked in our town.


    One day as I was with My Girl having a late Breakfast as we were nursing a Hangover/Exhaustion episode as I had been celebrating all the previous day, night and morning as we had flown home from Toronto where my band had just wrapped up the last date of our North American Tour. I was celebrating my 2 months to go...vacation or down time from playing and recording and that celebration had actually started about 36 hours previous to my sitting down in their eatery as we REALLY had been having a good time.


    This was in late October of 2001 which was shortly after the 9/11 Disaster. I had noticed come in to the place a very large...about 12 foot by 18 foot American Flag that this Iranian Family had placed upon the side of their building and as this building existed at a very busy corner in town...everyone in town could not help seeing this giant flag they had put up.


    As My Girl and I sat upon stools at the bar which surrounded the griddle/grill...area...I asked the Father of the family who was flipping eggs and pancakes..."I noticed you big flag outside!" He laughed and said..."You like it?" I said yes. He said to me that after watching the events right there at his eatery which has several flat screen TV's placed in strategic locations...He was EXTREMELY ANGRY and went out as soon as he could and bought that flag.


    He said..."Most Americans who have been born in the U.S. have NO IDEA how lucky they are"...and he told me a very sad and frightening story detailing how he was able to get his family out of Iran through Europe and eventually to the United States. It is too long to post here but it involves the death of a family member and intolerable cruelty upon him and other members of his family by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.


    After this story he said to me..."When I finally got myself and my family here...I was a bit worried as far as how Americans would treat my family considering all the issues between Iran and the U.S. and especially the Hostage situation." He went on to say that he really thought that this would have been an issue but instead...after spending just a few hours in the U.S....and seeing all the different kinds and types of people and their ethnicity and multiple races...that the picture of Gun Toting All White American Cowboy Lynch Mob Mentality People...had faded from his mind.


    He told me he could not believe how nice and accomidating people were being to him and his family and that in Iran...Nobody in any position of authority did anything for free or with any hint of a smile. He reminded me about one part of his Escape from Tehran...Kurt Russell like actions...story...in which at one point he had to take a Gold Chain and Pendant that was very old and belonged to his Great Grandmother...off from around his daughters neck to give to a member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard...in order to just get on a list of people that would be allowed to leave the country as he said that this GUARD would make up NON-EXISTENT CRITERIA based reason for REFUSING THE RIGHT TO TRAVEL solely for the purpose of getting Money, Jewelry, Sexual Favors...in that supposed Ultra-Conservative Islamic State....and if a person or family wanted out...they had to PAY one way or another.


    He said..."Look at us now!" I am blessed with a beautiful family and now I have the means and the rights to give them all that they deserve!" "I LOVE this country and my eldest son has just joined the Army...we are all very proud!" He said that he wanted to get the BIGGEST FLAG he could find...and believe me...it was one big flag! LOL! He said he wanted everyone to know that he and his family were AMERICANS...as those born in Iran had become Naturalized Citizens and two children had been born American Citizens.


    He made it a point to let me know that he appreciated My Girl and Myself coming to eat at his restaurant and that if the people in Iran who were still of the Old Religious Guard Mentality...could come and see just how Americans treat people of such different cultures, races and creeds...and see all the faces of the American People which were not just white but black and yellow and brown and red and olive skinned...and come to understand that when people condemn the United States...they are talking about an entire cross section of every possible race, creed, color and culture that exists on Planet Earth.


    My point here is the United States is ALIVE. It is like a very large Multi-Cellular Organism and the cells are the PEOPLE. And as it is alive it EVOLVES and as it is alive it will make mistakes and learn from such mistakes. And as it is alive it will grow...grow in both the amount of cells or people and grow in the manner of experience, knowledge and self enlightenment.


    BUT...as the United States is ALIVE it will also do what every other Life Form will do...when it is attacked...it will protect itself...violently if need be. As it is living it will also do what is necessary to ensure it's survival...and on such a level this means everything from preemptive action and planning to using an overall strategic based plan which will has been developed and calculated to cause as least damage as possible to other living entities but such a plan will sometimes mean actions will be implemented that will cause harm to some so that a vastly greater number of others can survive.


    That is it...COLD HARD MATH. When another country or leader threatens the United States they must understand that such a Giant Military and Economic System that is by it's condition...a Living Thing....will by just about any means necessary...defend itself because the survival of the United States or even the Health of the United States....determines how the Survival and Health of the rest of the world will be.


    As example...if for some reason the U.S. stopped all purchases and imports from China...and such imports are NOT necessary from either a tactical or strategic necessity of National Health or Security....if the U.S. just stopped....CHINA'S ECONOMY WOULD COMPLETELY COLLAPSE IN A WEEK.


    If the U.S. stopped by whatever reason sending Food and Medical Aid to the multitude of countries it currently donates such things to....as the United States grows more food crops and raises more Live Stock specific for human consumption than any other country or even several of the top food producing countries COMBINED....if such Food and Medical Aid was stopped...MILLIONS AROUND THE WORLD WOULD DIE BY DISEASE AND STARVATION.


    These two examples are part of a very long list of how the Existence of United States is necessary for the Worlds Economic Survival as well as necessary for the survival of Multiple Millions of people around the world.


    So...like any living thing...it wants to exist and grow and just enjoy life....Just don't #@%$ IT OFF!


    Split Infinity

  13. Is it possible to clone a living human through his or her DNA and grow it in the lab until it became a living person? And if it's possible, please tell me the process of doing such experiment.


    And here's a bonus question, if the question above is possible, can we alter it to become an opposite gender? Let's say that the original DNA was from a male human and that DNA is somehow altered and grown into a living female human. Is such thing possible?


    It is absolutely possible to clone a human being...it has been done with many other animals and there are many teams of scientists that have traveled out of the United States to do such cloning in secret in third world countries.


    As far as grow a clone in a lab...I am not sure if they are yet able to do so but as far as using a woman and implanting a fertilized egg...absolutely. Such a clone would be born as a child although now that we are aware of the location of the AGING GENE within the Human Genome...I am certain eventually we will be able to BIRTH a fully grown human clone.


    As far as such a clone being male or female...that is easy. All of us are Female for a time in our early stages of development within the uterus. Then a Hormone released here and there and POW! Man or Woman!


    We can right now take a fertilized egg...and Genetically Engineer it to be male or female.


    Split Infinity

  14. I would wager there is a high probability that they are exactly equal in their degree of truth.


    You know...this topic is funny because even IF...there appeared to be a PERFECT CROSS created by Sun Flares or Sun Spots...all that would mean is..."Hey! Either X marks the spot and Marvin the Martian is about to Blow Away the SUN with his DESTRUCTO-BEAM...or Hey! There are two lines of Solar Flares intersecting each other on the Sun."


    My point is...what the hell difference does it make regardless of the pattern a person might Matrix as they look at ANYTHING?


    Right now I am seeing an outline of what appears to be the body of Brittney Spears on my cold and sweating moisture BEER CAN.


    Does that mean I am going to get to sleep with her?


    Split Infinity

  15. From the page you selected, "And in fact, when the children were placed in foster homes, they immediately began to gain weight - while still maintaining vegan diets."


    The Vegan Diets they maintained in Foster Homes was a Vegan Diet that allowed the children to eat Eggs, Fish, Cheese, Milk...etc.


    Their Parents forced the kids to only eat Plant Matter and did not allow the children to eat eggs, fish, cheese or even milk.


    OF COURSE THEY GAINED WEIGHT! And a good thing too as these kids looked like TWIGS!


    Split Infinity

  16. That I think can happen in mathematics when ideas and tools from one branch can be applied to another branch. In fact I would say that quite a lot of the important results in mathematics are of this kind.

    The trouble is that you need to be exposed to a lot of things to get a chance to see these links, that is where regular attendence of seminars and conferences comes in. Something that true outsiders will lack.Do we have any good examples of problems being solved on this forum?

    Good Question!


    I will have to look a bit and get back to you on that.


    There is a lot of theoretical concepts that would seem to solve many big picture issues...but the math has not been presented to provide a proof or solve.


    Split Infinity

  17. The only way mathematics can break down is if we cannot conclude any logical pattern from a given set of data. Since this is not true, math does not break down.




    By definition, the universe contains all that exists, therefore nothing that exists can exist outside of it. Physics describes properties of all that exists, therefore if it is inside the universe, physics is applicable to it, therefore physics applies to all particles no matter what time frame they are in or what position they are in. Math is simply logical statements put into terms of numeric values, since we can do this with just about everything we see in the universe, I don't see a specific place in reality where math breaks down. We can always make some ​logical pattern out of something we observe.


    OK...Logical Pattern Issues...try to show me some Math to describe why Quanta exist as both Particle and Wave?


    Try to show me some Math that will define what exactly is the state of the Matter and Energy that has been swallowed by Black Hole Singularity? Since singularity is One Dimensionality...thus not even Quantum Particicle/Wave Forms can exist in such geometry...and yet we can calculate by the observation of Gravitic Effect what a Black Holes Mass equals...is the matter and energy swallowed existing within our Universal Reality or is it not?


    By the way...I am enjoying the debate.


    Split Infinity

  18. Yes, this is mainly why quarks have color confinement, the amount of energy calculated that you put into trying to separate quarks is exactly the amount of energy needed to create another quark.





    Without reading I head I wouldn't see how these points pertain to the discussion, the bond doesn't "increase" necessarily, in fact if you add enough energy you can separate the nucleons of an atom to separate quarks to create quark-gluon plasma.

    Not everyone here is familiar with Particle Physics or Quantum Mechanics. I used the word...INCREASE...because I did not feel like making my post overly complex.


    This is why I don't like pop-culture, it mis-interprets complicated things or over-simplifies them. From here I would guess that you would later say "because quarks exist out of reality, physics doesn't apply to them the same way". No quantum particle in any way phases through existence in reality and non-existence, their probabilities merely fluctuate, nothing more. Virtual particles in fact still exist with an energy proportional to some coefficient of i, the square root of -1.

    On top of that, quarks don't have "will", "will" is a property of living things, which last time I checked, quarks weren't. Quarks don't chose anything, their exact location is inherently random, nothing is forcing them to pop-up at a specific point, so their location is by nature is not predictable, though their probability in a given energy state and mode is precisely defined by accurate mathematics. This is not a failure of mathematics at al as we can logically describe probability using logical statements, if math somehow logically described the exact location, it could still say a particle exists in multiple locations at once, which there's nothing wrong with so long as the information does not past between two points equal to or greater than light. The randomness is a property of the probability not being confined to a specific location, and when you measure a particle you localize it to a point-like object that no longer has those indeterminate properties.


    The FACT remains that inside such Hadrons...Quarks can exist numerically at or in between a certain set of numbers. Since Quarks are constantly in a state of random numerical quantity within Protons and Neutrons...and will never exceed or be in a lessor numerical state than the minimum...your description within your last sentence quoted above does not apply. Your sentence is applicable to Quantum Particle/Wave Form Particle/Wave Duality...but does not apply to Quark Numerical Existence within such Hadrons.




    Math doesn't ever "break down", our predictions do or our equations do not give the results we expected because we did not apply the right equations, math is the culmination of logical statements themselves, there are accurate equations besides Schwarzild's equations that can accurately describe what happens to an object in a black hole based on our current physics. Saying math breaks down is like saying there is an instance where 1 doesn't equal 1. 1 is always 1, and you will never find an instance in the universe where something is not itself.

    It could be said that MATH DOES NOT BREAK DOWN when being applied to specifics and constructs that are limited solely to our Space/Time Geometric Dimensionality.


    But the moment we attempt to apply our MATH which has at the very heart of it's logic and design the associations to our Universal Reality...to any construct, reality, existence or action that is either only partially governed by our Universal Physical Laws or has a dual or multiple state of existence which our Universal Reality is just but a part...our MATH is no longer relative or viable for any such use of defining a Value or State in such conditions.


    Split Infinity

  19. You are welcome to practice your beliefs. And, there are many medical professionals who agree with you. I believe the information in the references I gave is newer and more accurate than the FDA diet that most physicians and nutritionists teach. And, I believe the FDA diet will be recognized as not particularly good for people. In the mean time, you have the preponderance of medical professionals on your side.


    I recommend you watch Forks over Knives and evaluate the evidence. I think you will find it compelling, but doubt you will change your eating habits, because a habit is very difficult to change.

    First of all...I am not stating beliefs...I am stating...FACTS.


    It is a FACT that to force a child to eat a strict true Vegan Diet is CRIMINAL...and for the child's parents or anyone else to force the child to eat such a diet will not only cause the child to have major health and growth and developmental issues...for such parents or others to do so will cause Social Services to remove the child from the parents or guardians care as well as Criminal Charges will be brought up against the parents or guardians.


    Religious beliefs is not a defense against the Court's orders for removal of custody as well as Criminal Prosecution. The case has been argued before the Supreme Court and the Parents have lost their appeal for custody.


    Also...you are talking to a person who has along with a few others...a Degree in the field of Medicine as one of my families now large companies is specific to the medical field. I am keenly aware of the physiological, neurological, immunological, developmental and psychological problems that are created from long term and short to medium term True Vegan Dietary Practices.


    One of the common problems that our company sees now and then is multiple compound fractures and shatter splinter brittle bone events caused in children and those over 50 but also present in Vegans at any age as my families company develops specialized braces and other equipment both for internal use in surgical repair as well as for external use either in combination with surgical repair or specific to correct improper bone growth due to a vegan diet causing poor skeletal development or due to lack of muscle strength and density and mass...over stressing of skeletal bone structure because of such lack of muscle which occurs in Vegan Children who's leg, hip, shoulder, rib, vertebrae...etc...either grow improper in density, proper proportion or structural bending...or break and shatter.


    There is NOTHING WRONG with a person that cuts out Red Meat and instead eats Eggs, Fish, Cheese, Milk, Beans...etc...but when a person completely cuts out all animal based foods...that person is going to have issues.


    Split Infinity

  20. And, well, that's kind of what I was trying to say, too. In other words, I want the speculators to see this and understand what it means to be an 'outsider' and still make a meaningful contribution.


    For example, while I would not say that having a PhD is a requirement, one does need to perform PhD-level work. The guy at hand here, for example, was reading recent papers and being familiar with the literature and the current theories. This is pretty much never seen in the speculations forum.


    Another is doing all the work to nail something down. All too often, speculators here expect us to sit and bask in their brilliance, and don't understand that flaws being pointed out are actually opportunities to make their idea stronger. And there is a very distinct lack of speculators wanting to actually do work to support their ideas.


    In short, one can question his 'outsider' credentials. I don't think arguing the semantics in my point here.


    My point is that it is possible for someone who is not known to be working on a given topic to come in and still make a meaningful contribution. But there is a lot that goes into making something meaningful -- a lot that the average speculator in here doesn't even begin to imagine, really.

    I like the Bask in their Brilliance...statement you made.


    I also agree it is possible for a person who is an unknown or perhaps never even considered working upon a specific idea or field of work...that person takes a look at what others are stating...and that persons obtains a moment of clarity that all these so called experts never had which allows this unknown to solve the big issue.


    Now there is the person who comes on a science board or perhaps joins a forum that has some very important to a specific field people on it and then posts something that this person feels is the smartest thing that was ever typed. The people who know a few things might point out this persons mistake...or in many cases...those who feel they are the end all to end all...and quite possibly could be...BASH THIS PERSON OVER THEIR STUPIDITY.


    This will either cause the person who posted what they believe is Brilliant...to go away quietly and embarrassed...or dig in and argue their point without any basis regardless of how lacking in logic and science their argument may be.


    THE OTHER POSSIBILITY...is when an unknown or just passing through...person looks at something and posts a REAL CONTRIBUTION which would be considered a discovery or breakthrough in the field of work or research.


    The reaction to this from those who consider themselves...and they very well could be...the top minds in the field...could be anything from CONGRATULATIONS and EXCITEMENT....all the way to CONDEMNATION, REJECTION, IRRITATION and JEALOUSY. Some of these self anointed or anointed by others...EXPERTS IN THE FIELD...will have an EGO that just will not be able to handle a reality where THEY FAILED...yet an unknown....EXCELLED.


    Case in point...I joined this forum that has on it a lot of very smart people. People who are tops in their field...or so they think. I joined to LEARN A FEW THINGS as this forum is of a topic that is not my strong point and I joined just to get a feel for it. A problem was presented and although I don't have that great of a knowledge base in this field...I presented a SOLVE for the problem.


    At first I was just blown out of the water with replies stating things anywhere from...Sorry...this won't work...to....Why does an IDIOT like yourself waste our time? I have a thick skin and since my reality is a very good one unlike the vast majority of these...Never been on a Date...GEEKS...I let the insults go by me...and feeling that my logic was sound kept asking through the continuing insults...WHY NOT?


    Eventually someone who had a social IQ that was greater than 2...replied to me saying...You know...your idea could work if we just added...this. Since this person who replied to me was the Big Cheese on the site...others started debating and eventually it was attempted and proven my idea worked.


    I was happy and a bit prideful but I kept that inside thinking that now that my idea was proven...someone at some point would say THANK YOU or CONGRATULATIONS.


    Instead a whole new topic about the experiment was posted and Congratulations were given to ONE OF THE MEMBERS WHO WAS CALLING ME AN IDIOT! I was stunned. It was not like the credit for figuring this problem out was all that important to me but just out of etiquette I felt slighted so I posted a challenge to those who were giving credit and accepting it.


    I posted my idea when I posted it and let everyone know it was me that came up with the solve first. In return for that a reply was posted from a MOD saying...Well...this forum is not all about YOU! LOL!


    That's when I came to understand just how petty some people can become when their EGO will not come to terms to when a unknown presents or solves an issue or problem.


    Split Infinity

  21. I suppose you mean I am not vegan because I eat a little meat about once a month. Very well, I am not a true vegan. I do not have ethical reasons for being vegan, only health reasons, but I am loosing my taste for meat, and find fatty meat tastes awful. Although years ago, I relished pork chops and cheeseburgers.

    I am not pushing people to eat meat especially if they have health issues that demand a low fat diet. What I am saying is that Human Health and Development is best served by consuming Lean Meats such as Lean Cuts of Beef, Pork, Lamb...Chicken, Turkey...Rabbit ...Venison and Fish and as much vegetables a person would want to eat along with a few fruits a day and a limited amount of whole grain bread and pasta. Beans, Nuts and Berries added in now and then are also very good for the diet.


    Those that profess to be true Vegans...that is eating a strict diet that excludes any Animal Flesh, Milk, Cheese or Eggs...and attempt to substitute certain dietary needs that come primarily from Animal flesh or products with plant based substitutes...can do so and live...but they will cause certain health issues.


    For a CHILD to be forcibly placed on a Vegan diet IS CRIMINAL and such a diet if followed for any multiple month and in some case week time...may cause damage to a young developing body and mind that may not be recoverable from.


    Some Vegans will fight to the end in the debate that such a diet is healthy...as far as for children...ABSOLUTELY NOT. As far as for adults...depending upon age and health issues...such a diet could be both detrimental or beneficial to a persons health...but over long periods of time...certain breakdowns in mental abilities as well as immune system issues and studies have also shown such true vegans to be to a great deal less physically strong as well as having higher risk levels specific to contracting certain diseases and immune based problems.


    Split Infinity

  22. Yes, but countries with the highest consumption of milk also have the highest incidence of osteoporosis. Refer to the links I provided before.


    That is neither here nor there. My reply was specific to your post.


    Split Infinity

  23. The thing is of course that although it is deterministic at every point in time that doesn't mean that it can actually be determined because of inherent measurement problems. That again doesn't mean to say that you can't hit on the correct formula's that then will prove to keep on predicting future events correctly at an extreme degree of accuracy albeit a widening probabilistic / statistical prediction the further you go in time from your pre- determined begin state. I.e. you measure as best you can at the beginning and at the end. I.e. you only think a particle can be in two or more places at the same time due to incorrect prior assumptions and insurmountable measurement problems. Simple error in reasoning.


    This would only be logically correct assuming it is pure probability. What if it is deterministic as well?

    Again assuming a certain scenario is not absolutely impossible. On what do you base that assumption? If you only assume the extremely improbable then in an infinite multiverse every extremely improbable scenario will be played out at all time frames all the time an infinite amount of times. (Albeit not at the deepest level, because then there would have to be a scenario in which no life will ever return. That hasn't happened as you can observe. So you may logically deduce that such a scenario is absolutely impossible.)

    It has nothing IMO to do with whatever convention you use in order to measure time. Even if it is cyclic it must be unique for the reason I just gave. So just like the hands of the clock turn in a cyclic way doesn't mean time is in a loop. Nor if you slow the hand down that time then has slowed down. The clock has. The notion of time is needed to describe what we observe and the conventions are needed to communicate that. The question then is what is the simplest way to do that. Well that can be dependent on the question, and thus differ. (12 hours three minutes and two hundreds of a second ago I was in a different time zone).

    Kris...as far as the time thing is concerned...we have determined just in our Universal State that Time is Relative as well as things like Time Dilation are a reality. This is just in our Universal Reality.


    Now you stated 12 hours 3 minutes..etc...ago...you were in a different time zone.


    That time passage is experienced and observed to pass by you. If I was flying in a Space Craft orbiting earth at Relativistic Speeds and left earth at the moment you left your position in that other time zone...and came back to Earth at the moment you made that statement...let's say I spent a total about of passed time for me of 5 Minutes to leave and come back right as you typed how long a time had passed for you since you had been in that other time zone.


    So for me...5 minutes had passes due to the velocity and distance I was orbiting Earth...for you...12 hours plus passed...and this is because of Time Dilation.


    Now imagine a Multiversal System...and it's true I cannot prove it to exist but it would account for the way Quantum Mechanics works and how Quanta can be both particle and wave...but imagine a Multiverse as a giant infinite forest. Each tree is an independent Universal Grouping and each branch infinite in number on each tree is a Divergent Universal Reality.


    Each Tree being a Group of Universal Realities would have the same natural laws for every branch or Universal Reality upon that tree. Thus each Tree or Universal Group would have natural laws and constructs completely different than every other tree or Universal Grouping.


    This would allow for Universal Groups where say...Life does not exist...and such a Group would have Infinite Divergent Universal Realities...each one not having life but existing as a Branch off that Groupings original Baseline Reality.


    Split Infinity

  24. Gendun Drup, the 1st Dalai Lama lived from 1391–1474. I doubt there is proof that he did not eat meat, but Buddhists are well know for not killing anything, even insets, and for being vegan. And, there are 13 other Dalai Lamas, some had shorter lives, but some lived very long lives. And, I believe there are millions of Buddhists living today who have not eaten meat; although, I have no proof. And, I will preemptively admit that I have read some Buddhists do eat meat.


    The references I provide previously contradict your statements about people needing meat. Since they are MDs and an MD PhD, I will not argue their case.


    Being an omnivore is an evolutionary advantage, especially when life spans were short anyway. It takes decades for cholesterol to block arteries and kill.


    To be a true Vegan means you do not eat EGGS, CHEESE or MILK....or any animal byproduct.


    A person will not only survive but THRIVE by just drinking MILK.


    My post is directed at TRUE VEGANS.


    Split Infinity

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