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  1. I've done a ton of stuff with my life to, but that has little to due with the discussion at hand.

    Probability density functions describes the probability of an electron around an atom with one output per input of an x value, which isn't the point anyway. The point is, we think of a logical pattern, then look at observed data to figure out the details of the pattern, or we have observations and make a pattern from it such as linearizing data.


    Math does not break down in quantum mechanics, in fact quantum mechanics exists practically because of math, particles only exist the way they do because it is not mathematically logical for their existence to be sustained when they have non half integer or non-integer spins or have frequencies with energies that are not multiples of Placnk's constant. If atoms had any other such frequencies, they would not exist.


    Furthermore, just because something cannot be directly described as a Cartesian function does not mean it cannot be described in math at all. The curve x^2y^3-2xy^2-x^2+y-8xy+5 does not pass the vertical line test, yet it only has one output per input in polar coordinates. Something not being able to be classified as a function has little to do with weather or not it physically exists anyway.


    Another common misunderstanding about irrational values as well, they are in fact exact numbers that can represent definite length. Look at a square tile on a floor. If you label the length of one side as "1" unit, a line drawn between opposing vertices will have a length of exactly the positive square root of two units, which is irrational, yet this does not mean the line between those two points is infinitesimally shrinking or growing. On top of that, you can label the line drawn between vertices as its own single unit of length making the sides a length of exactly the (positive square root divided by two) units, and It's not changing at all. Both systems are logically correct and describe a pattern observed in reality, it doesn't matter which one you use.

    Quantum mechanics is a field of study verified countless times by scientific experiments as well, it has physical applications to reality.

    Sam...although much of what you have posted I agree with...there is a few things I do not.


    Let's look at QCD Quantum Chromodynamics.


    In QCD...such Hadrons as Protons and Neutrons which have such Quanta as Quarks and Gluons...we know that the bond between two Quark/Gluon to another Quark/Gluon is at a state where the amount of force that exists within such a bond...will increase exactly to the amount of energy used to separate the Quarks.


    Because of this even if an INFINITE AMOUNT OF ENERGY were applied to separate two Quarks...the bond between the quarks would increase to an Infinite amount of Force keeping them together.


    Now given this aspect of QCD...if we look at the behavior of Quarks existing within Protons and Neutrons...such Quarks regardless of QCD must exist between a numerical minimum and maximum but at or between these numbers...QUARKS CAN EXIST NUMERICALLY AT WILL....as well such quarks are BLINKING IN AND OUT OF OUR UNIVERSAL REALITY.


    Here is where the Cold Hard Math Brakes Down...and other area it also brakes down is in Black Holes. Black Hole created Singularities have been studied and calculated and postulated till the cows have come home and even Steve H. has flip flopped upon the math on this more times than a pancake on a hot griddle.


    Split Infinity

  2. No, I played the part of logical thinking. Formulas for circles are only approximations for circular objects found in reality and any legitimate mathematician will say that. But because of our observations, we know that a circle formula is such a good approximation for the area or circumference of of an equally curved object that we cant ignore it, and can show that if the object was perfectly circular that it would have an area or circumference very close to what the formula predicts.


    You know...by kind of bringing up Pi....it allows me another example of the existence of Infinity. The calculation of Pi...and it is 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105820974944592307816406286....etc....to the infinite.


    To get the Circumference of any circle you take the Diameter...the distance between any one point upon a circle to another point directly across from it upon that circle...and to know it is directly across the line between the two pints must cross the direct center point of the circle as well as their distance around the circle in either direction will be the same.


    Anyways...you take the Diameter of a circle and multiple that length or assigned value to Pi...or 3.1415926...etc. This sum will equal the circumference.


    To find the Area of a circle you multiple Pi times the Radius Squared. The radius being 1/2 the Diameter.


    To find the Volume of a circular ball...4/3 X Pi X Radius cubed.


    To find the surface area of a sphere...4 X Pi X Radius squared.


    Now all these formulas were created by using a specific ratios of aspects of a circle or sphere and by assigning values known or represented...we get our answers.


    Now this is Cold Hard Math and is undeniable. It is specific and unchanging.


    This Cold Hard Math brakes down when we go into the realm of QUANTUM MECHANICS.


    We are used to having a thing having one specific Function and Value. We are not used to a Thing...existing as Two Things...or existing as not a thing at all. Most have a hard time even dealing with the concepts in Quantum Mechanics but just like the Cold Hard Math...they exist within our Universal Reality.


    The question is...does Quantum Mechanics just exist in our Universal Reality...or is it by it's very nature existing within Multiple Universal Realities?


    Split Infinity

  3. I find curious that this thread has almost no references; thus, it is almost entirely opinion about the ethics of killing animals.


    I would like to cite references that indicate animal products are already harmful to our health, we do not need genetic modification. Moreover, these same references indicate that eating vegan is a healthful life style. While B12 is found in animals, only bacteria and archaea have the enzymes required synthesize B12.






    The documentary Forks over Knives is available on Netflix. It is the work of two cardiologists, one researcher and one practitioner.

    Dr. McDougall is a cardiologist practitioner.


    Both of these practitioners have healed cardiac patients, who were proclaimed "on their death bed" by other cardiologists. Their "magic" was to put these terminally ill patients on a vegan diet.


    The researcher explains why our biochemistry is ill suited to process animal products.


    My doctor put me on a vegan diet, and within two months of being on the diet, I was able to stop taking blood pressure meds, which I had taken for over 20 years. And, my health has improved in other ways too.


    Many Buddhists are vegan, and often live to be quite old. The Dali Lama was born in 1937, and is in better health than I (1944), who ate meat and animal products most of my life (and still do occasionally). Of course an example or two is not good evidence. But, the references I give do cite many more examples.


    In addition, growing meat consumes much land the could be used for farming. Estimates I have read say growing animals takes 8 times as much land as growing vegetables to feed the same number of people.


    If you also have ethical reasons for not killing animals, as Buddhists do, fine. The above references do not discuss that issue.


    Due to my age, I have seen about 20 doctors in the past few years, few of them are aware of the ill effects of eating meat and meat products. However, my son-in-law is studying medicine, and at least some medical schools do have such classes. But, most nutrition education is based on FDA guidelines, which is strongly allied to agribusiness, including the meat and milk industry.




    Well...where do I begin here? Well...I guess talking about the obvious.


    Human Beings are NOT designed by evolution to be strictly vegan in their nature. This is a FACT. Besides the large number of links I could provide to back this up all one has to do is look at our Canine Teeth designed for puncturing, tearing and ripping flesh as well as understand that...if a Human Being was not living in our Modern Era...where a person could buy just about...but not all...of the supplements necessary to replace the nutrients received from eating animals...that HUMAN WOULD QUICKLY DIE!


    Does anyone really think that a person living in say...1802...would live for any long period of time if all they ate was Plant Matter?


    Such a person would die in a matter of months. Humans are EVOLVED to eat both plants and animals. This cannot be argued.


    Now my family owns a now large company specific to the field of medicine and the most healthy diet a Human Being can eat is one where the menu consists of straight animal proteins...lean cuts...a wide variety of fruits and vegetables...whole grain breads and if one must...whole grain pasta...nuts, berries and legumes...and Olive Oil...as apposed to other oils or butters.


    It is also important to take a Multivitamin every day as to cover any nutrient issues arising from winter or lack of sun light as well as to be certain to have plenty of the B vitamins specific to energy utilization.


    Now although this next bit should be checked out with a persons doctor...having two glasses of wine or two beers or even better...two shots of low sugar alcohol such as Vodka, Whisky or Bourbon...has been shown to be good for a persons heart and circulation as it tends to remove plaque from the inside of arteries.


    All this will increase a persons life span but GENETICS tends to play a very large role in how long a person lives as well as how well a persons immune system works. The Immune system needs to get practice and the use of Antibiotic Soaps and Hand Lotions as well as the MASSIVELY HUGE MISTAKE that Mothers make when they take their children to the doctor every time the kid gets the tinniest sniffle...and asks the doctor for Antibiotics...which such parents almost NEVER have their kids take the entire regiment of pills over time...as soon as the kid starts to feel better the parents tend to stop giving them the antibiotics.


    Doing this creates SUPERBUGS. A COLD is a VIRUS and Antibiotics DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO KILL IT...but they can help with the Bacterial Infections that arise from Cold Symptoms such as a raw nose from blowing it and tissue rub will cause an opportunity for bacterial infection. Taking the antibiotics will help cure the infection but not kill the cold virus.


    When this happens either a kid not taking the full antibiotic regiment...as to not kill off the bacterial strain completely will allow the smallest amount of still living bacteria to evolve to being Antibiotic Resistant. As well...taking Antibiotics every time a kid has a cold...will make even the most common bacterial strains that we humans deal with daily...evolve into harmful strains.


    Next time you argue with a person who claims that EVOLUTION is a farce...POINT THIS OUT...as it is possible to watch Bacteria EVOLVE in just a few hours with a microscope as anything that does not kill any form of life...causes such life to evolve and become STRONGER.


    Now as far as how this connects to this topic...KIDS...those young humans who are rapidly growing in their very early years...NEED ANIMAL PROTEIN AND ANIMAL FATS. The children NEED this to properly develop...and without them things like a child's immune system and even their BONES...will not properly develop and under a Vegan Diet...such children will become sickly and underdeveloped. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO USE ANY NON-ANIMAL FOODS OR NUTRIENTS to prevent this.


    Split Infinity

  4. Of course I'm agreeing, I said "therefore nothingness cannot exist".


    Btw, going off topic with hounds guys, I doubt hounds have many contributions to understanding the nature of non-existence.


    Also, logic alone can't answer a question based on physical circumstances because you need at least some data of physical reality that the given set of logical equations applies to reality in the first place in order to prove that the sequence of logical steps applies to the specific component of reality at all. You can think of it like an integral. When you take the integral of say, 2x, you get x^2+c. The curve at any point can always be destroyed as at least behind a function of x^2 involving x^2, but you need

    know what C is and thus have a complete picture of the equation you are trying to describe

    to know a specific data point of an actual function of x^2+c to .


    Sam...I am very good in the fields of Mathematics, Physics and a wide variety of other fields with many specific to the ARTS...such as Music, Sculpture, Painting upon a great many types of materials and mediums and I am especially good at using both my left and right brain hemispheres at the same time which if you check out the abilities of such people with Left/Right Brain Hemisphere Interconnectivity...you can google and view a great many sites detailing everything from such a persons ability to play guitar...using left and right hands while singing, reading music or accessing the song from memory...while performing or dancing on stage...taking a swig of beer or the like...developing new additions to the music...checking out a pretty girl...or guy...standing on a predetermined effects specific spot on stage for the purpose of effects, lasers, lighting, smoke...etc...used during a song...etc...etc...etc..


    Such people...and being a signed, touring musician...I am apart of this group of people...can also rub their stomach and pat their head at the same time! LOL! Even more difficult for many...raise your arms and point your index fingers at each other and place their tips together. Now...at the same time...rotate your arms and hands and index fingers in circles...say the left side going clockwise and the right side going counter clockwise...thus to make perfect circles with both arms, hands and fingers...circles with a diameter of about 12 inches...and keep doing it. Make the circles using both sides at the same time just make certain one circle is made by going clockwise and the other...counter clockwise. Also...make certain you are making circles and not just moving your hands and arms up and down...and make certain each side is making the circles in opposite directions.


    This is A LOT harder than one would think and there is a very small percentage of people who can even do it after even practicing...and a tiny number of people who can do it the first time. The people who can do it right off the bat...are Left/Right Brain Hemisphere interconnective.


    The reason I told you all that is because...it has to do with your quoted above equations and specifically...to your statement..."to a specific data point of an actual function..."


    And from this quoted statement I will talk about your use of the word...FUNCTION.


    In Quantum Mechanics...we see Quanta such as say...Photons and Electrons among the other Quantum Particle/Wave Forms...as existing as BOTH PARTICLE AND WAVE. Experimentation...and this has been repeated and certified as a FACT...as when the experiment is repeated again and again...the results show us the specifics and VALUES of the specific Quanta being used...show us that when a Single Electron was used in the experiment...it had more than one FUNCTION.


    The Electron was shown to be used to power a Micro-Electric Motor and also be present elsewhere where it traveled to a ground.


    Thus the Electron...which is a Quantum Particle/Wave Form...was shown to have TWO FUNCTIONS...and other experiments have shown such Quanta to be able to have TWO OR MORE FUNCTIONS. Thus by such Quanta having two or more functions this then by logic and Math would mean such Quanta would have a VALUE SPECIFIC TO EACH FUNCTION. That of course would mean that such Quanta are demonstrating MULTIPLE VALUES...by condition and use.


    When looking at a Photon...again a Quantum Particle/Wave Form. Photons or Light have Frequency...as a Photon will exist as a VIRTUAL PARTICLE...existing at Infinite Position upon the Wave Length...that is frequency. Since this Quanta...Photons...can as the Electron have Two or More Functions...as has been demonstrated in the DOUBLE SLIT EXPERIMENT...we again can know that Multiple Function of a Quanta also means Multiple Value.


    As this applies to my Left/Right Brain Hemisphere explanation...a person who is perhaps...Left Hemisphere Dominant...and is very good in all things analytical as is needed to be good in all Math...can and will see exactly what you have seen and understood to type what you have as well as the explanation of needing data to point to function...you have gone there because you are HARDWIRED to do so.


    You are not wrong...it is just that you are only looking at the issue from the perspective of One Unit= One Function= One Value. When in reality...One Unit= Infinite Units= More than One Function= More than One Value.


    Split Infinity

  5. The hounds are gathering!





    I ,m Off to Italy He----l--P !

    Mike...I like the drawing showing MULTIPLE HOUNDS and this representing possibility and probability.


    I am thinking of a person I knew years ago that would tell me not to worry about petting his Half Wolf...Half German Shepard. I know animals and especially Dogs as well I am an experienced Hunter and know how any Dog that has even a part of him or her that is Wolf is going to be part wild and should be handled very carefully.


    This guy was sitting in front of his dog on his knees playing rough telling me how JAKE...would never bite. I saw it coming right there and tried to warn him as a Wolf might play with other pack members but in the event another wolf is in either visual or smelling range...and say that wolf...male pup that is it's son or daughter starts to play rough and the wolf smells or see's another wolf or possible threat...that wolf will attack their own Pup never mind another pack member to show dominance as well as show strength.


    Jake bit his owner right on the nose...badly. His owner wanted to destroy the dog but I talked him out of it as JAKE never did things like that and it was not his fault it was the owners fault. The human put the dog/wolf in an intollerable situation and as the owner did not want the dog anymore...I took Jake in and he lived for 4 more years until his back legs and hips started to fail him so I put him down.


    As this applies to the topic...think of all the things that had to align for this Wolf/Dog to end up being my Pet. And how LOW the probability was for me to be the person that was there when the bite occurred as I KNOW...if it was anyone else...that Dog would have been put down. And even though that was the only time Jake had ever bit someone...if the biting did not happen then when I was there...it would have happened another time as the Owner demonstraiting how timid Jake was in front of another unknown to Jake...Male...Jake would have bit the owner another time.


    The combination of events and actions and non-actions and times for this to have happened were like on the level of winning the lottery. Plus the after ripple effects as I became the Dog/Wolfs owner...I made certain that Jake would never be put into a situation where Jake would react badly...plus since this dog was about 200 lbs and 6 foot 2 inches standing up on rear legs...only a person of Large and Powerful Physical stature and ability as well as a person who understands that such animals need to be treated in a pack...alpha to omega...form of association as well as such an animal is very social and cannot be left alone for long.


    I made certain that if I could not be with him...my Military Dad would be as well as my..."CIVILIAN" Mom.


    Jake was a very loving and protective friend and I KNOW that Jake would DIE trying to protect me or my family.


    There are no BAD DOGS....there are only BAD OWNERS...and such owners...even if they dislike discipline forms of caring for an animal and treat the animal with hugs and kisses like they would treat a child...Jake was NOT A CHILD....not human...he was a potentially LETHAL KILLING MACHINE....and all it takes to make an animal like that happy and mentally sound...is to understand that such an animal is hard wired for pack mentality and dominance/submissive actions.


    As to this topic...I believe without a doubt that every possible scenario involving Jake has, was and is playing itself out.


    Split Infinity

  6. A pulley is attached to the ceiling. Two masses hang from the pulley, one on either side. Mass(1) is smaller than mass(2), all in terms of kg(kilograms). We take downward as positive direction. The cords attaching the masses are mass-less and does not slip on the pulley.


    The question is to find the tangential force on the pulley. The book says the net tangential force on the pulley is (tension(2) - Tension(1)), where the unit of force is N(newtons). I thought the net tangential force acting on the pulley is (Mass(2))(a)-(Mass(1))(a). Anyone know why I am wrong?


    Vay...you do know that if the cords are Mass-less then there cannot be tension on the pulley...right?


    The whole purpose of this question is to show how there will be different tension based forces upon a pulley based upon the mass on either side of the pulley. Since Gravity is NOT A FORCE but in fact is an EFFECT regardless of what you or anyone else has been taught...we label Gravity as the Weak Force as a way to make it easy for people to understand.


    Force is defined as the INTERACTIONS OF QUANTUM FIELDS....This is true for Magnetism or Electromagnetism...as Quantum Particle/Wave Forms...in this case...Electron Orbital Fields....are the Quantum Field Interaction as Elements that can take on additional Electrons in their Orbital Electron Fields....will do so and in the case of EM...adding such Electrons by running an electric charge into a large metal disc on the end of a crane will allow the disc to grab on by EM to the steel roof of a car as the electrons flow into the empty orbits of the Iron based Steel and thus form an EM attraction bond.


    That is an Electromagnetic FORCE.


    If I were to hit a baseball with a bat I am forcing the bat into motion my Kinetic Energy and when the bat hits the ball and the ball shoots away...Hopefully out of the park! LOL! The Kinetic Energy Force of the Moving Bat...F=MA...contacts the Ball thus transferring that Kinetic Energy by the means of the Quantum Field Interaction as the Electron Orbital Fields surrounding the Atoms Nucleus' that make up the bat and ball repel each other as they are both negatively charged.


    The Bat and Ball actually NEVER TOUCH EACH OTHER AND NEVER COME IN CONTACT WITH EACH OTHER. The Electron Orbital Fields or the Quantum Fields interact with each other and repel one another causing the particles of Mass...ie...Protons and Neutrons....that give the ball and bat weight and substance....never come into contact. The funny thing though is that THE PROTONS AND NEUTRONS ARE COMPLETELY COMPRISED OF QUANTUM PARTICLE/WAVE FORMS and at their very smallest level of existence are completely made of ENERGY.


    So anything that is a FORCE...is specific to Quantum Field Interaction. GRAVITY is not specific to Quantum Field Interaction thus GRAVITY IS NOT A FORCE. We call it one to make it easier to understand but in reality....GRAVITY IS SPACE/TIME DIMENSIONALITY and specifically...AN EXPRESSION OF ONE DIMENSIONALITY in our Multi-Dimensional Universal Space/Time.


    So...this question has two objects of mass...one of greater mass than the other...and since the quantity of Mass is not given...and not to be a pain but you should have stated...Mass 1 has less mass than Mass 2. The way you said it...Mass 1 is smaller than Mass 2...means that one object is SMALLER IN SIZE...it does not tell us it is lessor in the amount of Mass. This is important when talking about a pulley as if one object is 100 cubic feet and the other is 10 cubic feet and they are hanging by a cord connected to a pulley...distribution of Mass can play havoc in a system of pulleys.


    Still...we have no idea of the comparative amounts of mass nor do we know the cord length nor do we know the pulleys configuration and even the weight of the cord...how the cord is attached to the objects...how in-line the hanging objects are due to distribution of mass...and in the REAL WORLD....WIND, TEMP, ATM. PRESSURE...ETC...ETC...


    So...there we are.


    Split Infinity

  7. Huh? Oh...yeah...by definition nothingness can't exist because by definition there is nothing to constitute the existence of nothingness. If there's nothingness, then there is no medium that acts to sustain the existence of nothingness. Plain and simple. Technically there is nothingness all around us in the form of an infinite amount of 0 sized points, boxes that have 0 width and 0 height, boundaries with 0 units of distance outside of them, ect.

    Sam...I am a bit confused here.


    I have been posting about how Non-Existence is not possible.


    Are you arguing with me?


    Split Infinity

  8. He then asked me...after he flipped a quarter and it came up heads...."What is the probability that it came up heads?" I was about to say immediately....50/50...but knowing him now...I stopped my mouth from flapping and thought. I then said...100%


    He smiled a very big smile and said..."NOW you got it! Now you can move on to greater understanding!" He went on and said..."It is like asking...what are the chances that THIS PERSON....and he pointed to an article he had folded to the front of the local Newspaper that showed a Man and a Woman...Husband and Wife who won $117 Million before taxes playing the lottery.


    I said again...100%! He said..."YES!" He then went on to say...if the probability is calculated upon an individual prior to the Lottery Number being drawn...then such a person would have a better chance getting hit by a bolt of Lightning on a clear day 500 feet underwater in a Sub while wearing Rubber insulating boots and touching nothing! But STILL...this person WON!


    He went on and we talked about how no matter how many times a person might flip a quarter...before it is flipped...no matter how many flips are performed...say....1 Billion...the probability that after a Half Billion flips where all came up tails...the probability it will be heads next still remained 50/50 for all following flips and this is the same even after 999,999,999 flips turn up tails.


    His point was...there is no such thing as IMPOSSIBILITY. There is no such thing as Statistical IMPOSSIBILITY. The fact that the couple in the paper had won shows us that THINGS AND EVENTS WILL HAPPEN IF THEY CAN...AND EVEN IF WE CALCULATE THEY CAN'T...THEY STILL FIND A WAY TO OCCUR.





    I don't think this adds up, either. Probabilities relate to prospects--what may occur in an as-yet unknown outcome where there exists more than one possibility--not to determinations of what actually happened by simply observing a result. Saying that a lottery player, once he or she "wins," had, therefore, a "100% chance of winning" is an observation which is empty of import as far as calculating probabilities are concerned.


    The player in question had a probability of winning which was--assuming a fair, uncorrupted game--exactly a factor of the number of tickets bought (entiries made) in the drawing. Thus, if he or she had bought one ticket, the chances of winning would be the same at that for any other holder of one ticket in the same drawing. Thus, mathematical probabilities which concern a known and fixed number of possible outcomes, (in a lottery, this is determined by the number of correct digits the players are required to guess-- 5, 6,7,8 or more, for example).


    In the case of life's random occurrances, there is no such comparable circumstance. There is simply no way to calculate the probability of a so-called given person's "being born". But, once born, environmental circumstances enter into the greater or lesser liklihood of any subsequent event occurring-- whether we're able to quantify that probability or not.


    Just because the improbable may occur, it doesn't follow that, therefore, virtually anything could occur as a practical possibility or with a probability which is significantly greater than zero.


    In most cases, prospectively (which is the only sense in which it matters or "counts" ) life's events, which cannot be reduced to the fixed probabilities of a lottery drawing, cannot be reasonably known or calculated. If they could, there'd be no such thing as a stock market--since its daily outcomes would be calculable and, therefore, the market would collapse as a consequence of the outcome's being predictable.


    The whole point of my earlier post can be summed up in two observations:


    1) We don't and can't know the probability of a human life's occurrance or the events within it--the universe and all in it comprise a single and unique (as far as we are concerned, at any rate) series of events.


    2) That notwithstanding, the probability of an existing person becoming a writer, writing a novel, and that novel becoming a celebrated success--as with the case of Tolstoy and War and Peace --these are all squarely within the realm of normal life's occurrances and there is nothing about them that rates their being classified as being astronomically numerically impossibly unlikely.

    Prox...although you have posted an intelligent reply...you not getting it.


    The whole point of my telling this story as well as the point my Professor got across to me is that because these are statistical probabilities calculated for a specific action or event to happen that are so great in number to be on the edge of IMPOSSIBILITY....but yet because THEY DO HAPPEN....shows us that interaction, actions or non-actions with any particle or group of particles with another particle or group of particles existing in our Universal Reality....no matter how great the improbability....WILL OCCUR...as the Probability for an event to occur goes up to 100% over a long enough time period.


    At the same time...in the Quarter Flipping example...if I flipped a quarter...that was balanced....a Half Billion Times...the Probability for the next flip will remain at 50% for it to come up Heads for the 1 Half Billion and One time. There is a 100% Probability that a possibility exists for the quarter to be flipped 1 Billion Times and come up Heads every time...same for Tails.


    Thus since seemingly impossible things can and do happen all the time...there is a 100%PROBABILITY THAT A POSSIBILITY EXISTS that such things will occur.


    Since as I stated...if I was existing on an INFINITE LINEAR TIMELINE....I would have a 100% Probability of winning the Lottery. Since in a MULTIVERSAL SYSTEM Time is NOT LINEAR and is Non-Linear in it's Nature...there is a version of me that just won todays Lottery.


    Split Infinity

  9. The attraction repulsion thread does cross the Macro-Micro boundary again at the Sub atomic - external to the individual atom region


    attachicon.gifMACRO MICRO BOUNDARY.jpg

    Mike....as to the comparison between the Macro-Universal Scale and the Micro-Quantum Scale....the level of difference and disparity is so great it is difficult for me to even type an analogy to show it.


    If we look at Quantum Chromodynamics...QCD...NOT Quantum Electrodynamics...QED...which I just had an argument with someone over because he confused the two...but looking at QCD...the ATTRACTION OR BOND that exists between Quark/Gluon to another Quark/Gluon...the Quanta that make up HADRONS...ie....Protons, Neutrons, Pions....is so great that when attempting to separate two Quarks...the amount of force between two Quarks does not diminish as they are attempted to be separated as the amount of energy or force applied to separate them increases all the way and up to INFINITY as the energy applied to separate would increase if possible to INFINITY.


    Thus such Quanta are forever bound as Proton or Neutron.


    Now there is nothing in the Macro-Universal Scale that can show us this type of behavior as far as attraction and even in the case of a Black Hole that achieves a state of Singularity...such a state...Singularity or One Dimensionality makes invalid the argument as such a Black Hole would swallow into it's singularity anything be it Matter or Energy and once swallowed by Singularity it never comes back out.


    Thing is...since we are now talking about Singularity....we are now talking about ATTRACTION at the Macro-Level that is no longer in the same Space/Time Universal Geometric Dimensionality thus it is not comparing an attraction or Bonding within our Universal Space/Time Reality as at the point a Black Hole achieves SINGULARITY...the Black Hole is no longer apart of our Universe as it has now become a DOOR OR BIG BANG EVENT creating another Universal Reality.


    There are no words or states or conditions that can either be compared or stated as similar between the realities of the Macro-Universal Scale and the Micro-Quantum Universal Scale.


    The two states and issues are INCOMPATIBLE and if someone ever does develop and understand how to use it...the UFT or Unified Field Theory....which is the GOLDEN BULLET to answer all question...have a way to connect the Micro with the Macro....and utilize Matter to Energy or Energy to Matter conversion....all the problems that exist in the world would END OVERNIGHT! It is that BIG!...and I am sure you know this.


    This is why I have stated again and again...no one is going to find a connection to the Micro to the Macro using a ONE UNIVERSE BASED EQUATION OR FORMULA.


    The ONLY WAY that I can see this being possible to develop an equation is to use a MULTIVERSAL SYSTEM. If Photons are existing as Particle and Wave and can travel at 186,282 miles per second...have more than one FUNCTION as well as exist as a VIRTUAL PARTICLE that is not bound by linear time as well as Photons exist at INFINITE POSITIONS within their WAVELENGTH so are everywhere along that wavelength thus existing both in LINEAR TIME AS WELL AS NON-LINEAR TIME.


    If Quantum Particle/Wave Forms can do that...and they DO...and our Photon exists....but doesn't...but does...at INFINITE POSITIONS WITHIN THE WAVELENGTH....thus is a Virtual Particle....HOW IS IT POSSIBLE FOR A SINGLE ELECTRON BE EVERYWHERE ALONG THE WAVELENGTH AS WELL AS BE SHOWN TO HAVE TWO OR MORE FUNCTIONS!!!???


    Sorry about the cap lock but this is the KEY to EVERYTHING....and I know how much you would like to properly define EVERYTHING! Well...Mike...this is it!


    Split Infinity

  10. I believe EVERYONE has something to contribute. No matter if what they say might seem right or wrong or impossible or possible...just by participating in a debate...others can learn and get ideas from many sources of information.


    Many times I will be on the other side of a debate and might be attempting to prove the impossibility or possibility of a concept...or perhaps just talking about the Probability either be it likely or not.


    In just about all these instances of debate...someone will say or post something that I will not agree with but it brings something to light in my mind that allows me to see either that issue or others in a different or perhaps better light.


    Split Infinity

    attachicon.gifMOLD.jpg attachicon.gifDouble MOLD.jpg





    Something from nothing with a mold





    Something from nothing Without a mold




    With a complex developed mold




    With a Mold




    Without a Mold




    Without Consciousness




    With Consciousness


    Mikey...the fact that there is a Mold...and per your picture...there is a construct that separates the molds...there cannot exist...NOTHING. I personally think it is impossible for a state of NOTHING or NON-EXISTENCE to exist.


    Remember...empty space....IS NOT NOTHING....there must exist Space/Time Dimensionality for empty Space to exist. Further...SOMETHING cannot be bound or have at it's boundary...NOTHING. By definition...a BOUNDARY is something thus our Universe is FINITE as we can see to it's edge....but after that...there must exist SOMETHING.


    Now that SOMETHING would not be at such a Universal Edge in the conventional sense as if a Universe was represented by a Balloon and another Balloon pressing up against it would be another Universe. This is sort of like M-Theory or Brane Theory...but the Branes existing do not exist in a connective Dimensionality like we view our Universe.


    Split Infinity

  11. Interesting Logic. But of course that is your craft !


    Hang About ! You want me to go faster than the speed of light at 300,000,000 meters per second when I can not catch these d.. ducks going 3 meters per second at full throttle. You have got to be joking !




    Your orders sir !




    Mike...I gotta admit...I was wondering how you were going to fit in the nuke! LOL!


    That pic should be handing in the LOUVRE!


    Split Infinity

  12. That's actually interesting. I can sort of see why that would happen, but I need to look at it a bit more in-depth. Either way, thanks for the info.


    Though yeah, it doesn't really change anything especially impactful about what I was trying to say. Still always good to learn new things.


    You know...our Universal Space/Time Dimensional Geometry just will not allow certain things to happen as well as not allow certain things to be observed.


    SR details a lot of the reasoning why behind this and it is folly to even make a chart using any concept of a craft and people within moving a any velocity faster than Light Speed or c.


    But just because it is impossible for any craft using a form of PROPULSION to reach or exceed 186,282 Miles per Second...as at even a quarter of such velocities Time Dilation and Relativistic Issues become apparent as well as as a Space Crafts velocity get's closer to c...the Space Crafts Mass get's closer to being INFINITE IN MASS....it does not mean that it is not possible to use a Gravitic Drive to either Fold Space/Time or travel within a Warped Field or Subspace.


    Let's look at Light or Photons...as a Light Wavelength travels through Space/Time...the Photons being a Quantum Particle/Wave Form have no mass and thus there is no increase in mass to the infinite....although Photons do have ANGULAR MOMENTUM.


    Still...Photons are existing as both Particle and Wave and as such are existing in a Non-Linear Time as a Wave Function. This alone shows us that by either being to access or be interconnective to specific Universal or Multiversal Space/Time Dimensionality...as Photons as such Quanta...do...the rule comes forth that Depending upon Condition or State...it is possible to achieve Light Speeds Velocity.


    Since this would mean understanding the UFT...Unified Field Theory...and thus meaning we would have to convert the Matter of a craft and the people within it...to it's very Quantum State and then transform such Quanta as Quarks, Gluons, Leptons, Mesons...etc....into Photons....then beam that to a specific point of travel...and this would still only be at a maximum velocity of c...and then at the reception point by the tenets of the UFT....convert the Photons back into the original Matter...we still have the problem of only achieving Light Speed as well as possibly killing everyone being beamed as conversion of the matter to energy and back does nothing to save the identity or soul if you will of a person.


    The better and quicker way which would not have Time Dilation issues as well would not be breaking the laws of Physics as the graphs that detail obtaining faster than light speeds are but fantasy...would be to Fold Space/Time or travel within a Sub-Space.


    Split Infinity

  13. I for one, have no problem with you two having this conversation in this thread, I would very much like to see where this is going.


    User...I happen to bring up this topic to My Girl...she is brilliant as well as extremely beautiful and I have always counted on her to find and see things that for whatever reason...I cannot.


    Anyways...after talking a bit with her about about this topic she told me to tell you to spend some time searching the net for the now many existing sites that list everything a student will want or need to know about a field they might want to go into.


    She told me of how she suggested this to a girl friend of hers and this friend found one of these sites as well as compared what that site had to say about a field of study to what other such sites had to say...and learned what courses she should take as well as what JOB she should direct herself towards as these sites detail what the experts in all these fields of work have to say about where that field of work is heading as well as how viable such jobs will be in the near future as well as 10, 15, 20 years down the road.


    These sites take everything into consideration including the number of students currently studying to obtain a job in specific fields to how needed graduates of specific studies will be in any specific line of work....Government Grants, Trends, Scientific Advancements, Population Aging specific jobs, the amount of money one can expect to need to get the proper education...and one specific I like very much....PROBABILITY RATIOS.


    These sites will detail which people are more apt. to get hired based upon what school they went to, where they come from, age, courses taken, specific professors a student had...as well as some specifics most people would not take into consideration as to being a plus or minus upon getting a job.


    She constantly amazes me with her thoughts upon things and if I were YOU...I would take her advice and spend some time looking at these sites.


    As an example....her friend found out that after looking at the PROBABILITY section and filling in her information...she had just a 1 in 10,000 plus chance of getting a job in a specific field of work.


    Split Infinity

  14. Split I cannot accept your premise of infinity. I'm an engineer and because of that, I cannot accept the freedom of will (which you hinted at with the radio example) and I cannot accept infinity. Both notions are noninstrumentalistic. Sorry to burst your bubble.


    Also, I do not believe that time is defined clearly enough within this context. Time, to me, within this context, is an association of units of knowledge, sequences of occurrence, and it MUST be ordered in the right way, in other words, it must be linear (although I do believe that there are parameters).


    Although I am working on a theory of dispositions which would make it seem non linear and 3 dimensional, but in reality, I can find no argument against reality only consisting of 2 dimensions.


    And, as an engineer, working with only 2 dimensions seems like a promising approach.


    I'd also like to add that the word dimension itself is, in my opinion, close to meaningless.


    Pop...for Matter and Energy to even EXIST this Universal Reality we live in must have MORE than 4 Dimensional States.


    If we use the D-1, 2 and 3 as representing Length, Width and Height...and D-4 representing LINEAR TIME as without Linear Time there would be no movement thus there could not exist Electron Orbital Fields...but even just using 4 Universal Space/Time Dimensional States...NEVER MIND JUST TWO or 2-D...4-D would still not be enough Dimensional States for Matter and Energy to EXIST.


    You state you are an ENGINEER and I can understand that this does not mean being a PHYSICIST....still...there is NOTHING in our reality that is only 2-D and even 2-D Representations are incorrect.


    When a person uses paper and pen to draw out what they would state is a 2-D representation of something...even the REPRESENTATION that they are creating is in most likely a 10 or 11 PLUS Dimensional State....and our Universal Space/Time Geometry most likely exists as even more than 11 dimensional states. The Paper and Pen and Ink coming from it are all comprised of Atoms and the atoms are COMPLETELY COMPRISED OF QUANTUM PARTICLE/WAVE FORMS.


    An Atom which we know as Matter is comprised of Atomic Particles called Protons and in most Atoms...Neutrons...and the Electrons equal in number to the Protons orbiting the Atomic Nucleus in Electron Orbital Fields as both Particle and Wave.


    The Electrons are Quantum Particle/Wave Forms and are Energy but even though the Protons and Neutrons are Atomic Particles that have Mass...they too are comprised of Quanta such as Quarks, Gluons, Mesons, Leptons, Higgs-Bosons...etc...thus these Atomic Particles of Mass are completely made up of Energy as that is what Quantum Particle/Wave Forms are...Energy.


    As Energy...these Quanta exist as both Particle and Wave and for that to be so...4 Dimensional States are NOT ENOUGH DIMENSIONAL STATES for these Quanta as well as the Electrons in their Orbital Fields around the Atomic Nucleus to exist as both Particle and Wave....NEVER MIND JUST 2 Dimensional States as you refer to in the statement I have quoted above.


    So perhaps it might be possible for there to be another existing Universal Reality that has just 2 Dimensional States...2-D cannot and does not exist in our Universal Reality.


    Such a Universal State of Reality would not even be existing within our Universal Grouping of Divergent Universal States that would all be interconnective and Divergent from a single original Baseline Reality and Timeline. A 2-D Universal State would have to be a part of another separate Universal Grouping or Group and since a 2-D Universal State would not allow for the existence of either Matter or Energy nor would it allow for the existence of Linear Time...it could not even be connected or perceived from our Universal State.


    As far as the word and definition associated to it...that word being INFINITY...both the MATH and the LOGIC dictate that for Universal Conditions that allow for the existence of an OPEN ENDED NUMERICAL SYSTEM as well as an OPEN ENDED VALUE ASSIGNMENT which allows any numerical association to be used as a VALUE in BOTH DIRECTIONS...ie...-> -5 -4 -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4 5 <+...thus INFINITY MUST EXIST.


    If Infinity did dot exist this would mean NON-EXISTENCE would be a reality. Since just the fact I am typing this...it proves NON-EXISTENCE cannot be a reality....INFINITY IS A REALITY.


    Further LOGIC upon this fact is that by your statement that INFINITY cannot exist...by logic....that would mean that there would be a LIMIT OR REALITY BOUNDARY to our UNIVERSAL REALITY. If that was true...at this supposed edge of EXISTENCE OR REALITY....there would exist...NOTHING. Now EMPTY SPACE/TIME...is not nothing as there must exist Space/Time Dimensionality for there to be empty space.


    If that were true then by logic and definition beyond this boundary there would be INFINITE NON-EXISTENCE. Thus since we exist and at the very least our Universal Reality exists....and since it is a fact that ENERGY CANNOT BE DESTROYED ONLY TRANSFORMED....there will ALWAYS exist the Energy and Matter that makes up this Universe in one form or another for their to be a relation or perspective upon the Non-existence that you would propose is beyond what we know to exist.


    By Logic...either way or any way you look at it...whether beyond our Universe is Infinite Non-Existence...or beyond our Universe there is INFINITE EXISTENCE or the Matter and Energy that exists in our Universe being transformed in INFINITE WAYS AND OVER INFINITE LINEAR TIME....BY LOGIC INFINITY EXISTS.


    It is undeniable...it is impossible to argue against it...it is apart of the very heart and construct of all Math, Science, Physics and Thought....INFINITY.


    Without it...we could not have a reference to understand at what point and value expressed have I stopped counting right now...1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6....SIX!...SIX wonderful frosty Beers! Waah! Ha! Ha! I LOVE IT! Say's the COUNT!...for those of you who ever watched Sesame Street.


    Split Infinity....p.s....Infinity split in half equals....INFINITY.

  15. I for one, have no problem with you two having this conversation in this thread, I would very much like to see where this is going.


    The angle that I am coming from here is given the complexity of this field as well as the quickly evolving manner in which the work in this field is being redirected as well as...well let's be honest...sure...you can probably find work in this field given the courses and time and dedication you might put into it...but if you intend to MAKE MONEY...there are probably other related or non-related fields that you could concentrate upon and in the way I view things....unless you have almost unlimited financial backing for school...long periods of time that you can spend studying and doing...SLAVE WORK...IE...POST GRADUATE SERVITUDE...and let's not forget the sheer ABILITY to work in such a field....I would seriously recommend you looking at the Time/Cost/ Emotional and Physical Investment/....of just being allowed to do work in this field that is related to the JOB making the Big Money...VS...just selecting another field of work that has a Lower Risk/Higher Return than this one does.


    Sure...you could find work in a Lab where what is being done is cutting edge...BUT NEVER GO ANY FURTHER.


    This is one of these fields where people will tell you...sure...if you pt your mind to it...anything is possible.


    The reality is more like...if you want to be able to repay your student loan that is now at a Third World Countries National Debt...all you have to do is take out the HAZMAT Waste every day for the next 30 years and someone might allow you to play with the Electron Microscope.


    Remember....there are 100's of THOUSANDS of people who can claim they were part of NASA...and Thousands who can claim they touched the Shuttle...and Hundreds who can claim to actually being DECLARED an Astronaut by NASA...and a HANDFUL who actually went into space.


    Such is the reality of this Field of Work.


    Ask yourself....what did the person who went and got Doctorates in Astrophysics, Low Gravity Physiology and Astrometrics based Cosmological Mechanics...in order to go into space....was declared to be an Astronaut....only to have the Space Program shut down and thus is working at....CARL'S OUTER SPACE LASER CAR WASH....repairing the Undercarriage Washing System that will spray some SOAPY WATER all over the customers muffler for only $4.99 EXTRA!!??....spend on such an education?


    Unfortunately this TRIPLE THREAT PHD has been considered OVER QUALIFIED so he is being Let Go in favor of STAN...an 18 year old kid armed with a Mullet and a GED.


    Split Infinity

  16. OR if you do NOT want to go the path of least resistance ( GREEN AREA ), you have to give extra input and not float but

    give the energy necessary to take you out of the path of least resistance along some alternative path ! ( MAUVE AREA )


    attachicon.gifmold lotto 2.jpg

    I am good at pattern recognition and this is so especially when finding associations that are geographic in nature.


    I kept looking at this and looking at this and I realized that my brain was matrixing to the point that I was seeing several countries outlines and other geographic details.


    The white area where the blue ball rests in at the bottom is similar to a combination of countries map boundaries. The long white area that drapes down in the center of the picture seems to be a combination of Greece, South East Asia and in particular what was once South Vietnam...the Path Input area looks like Massachusetts and the Lotto Ball and the Blue and Black lines and shadows of colors remind me of the Nile Delta as well as the Amazon River Delta. The separations of colors remind me of the meeting of the Blue Nile and White Nile.


    And GOD help me but the RED bump out in a kind of rectangular form coming out of the rest of the red where if one looks at the blue ball at the very bottom of the picture dead center and counts back 5 bounces of the ball...you will see...an upside down NEW JERSEY! LOL!




    Not to be a pain in the ass but...unless we are using the Physics and Ballistics Experts that were used in front of the Warren Commission....the Probability that a ball would upon it first being released from above...hit the first outcropping that I said looks like Massachusetts....and then after impacting...Mass...LOL!...shoots off to our right at a initial 90 degree angle and as it does that 90 degree trajectory vector shows the balls kinetic energy dropping off in an ALMOST PERFECT RATIO of Gravitational Effect to Kinetic Energy Transfer and utilization being represented within that DROP OFF CURVE.


    Now then...we start running into issues as there is almost ZERO Probability or even POSSIBILITY...that given all things are behaving as per Natural Laws....THERE IS NO FREEKIN' WAY...that ball is going to bounce off of Massachusetts hit what looks similar to North Korea and then BOUNCE up in a straight line vector of 22.5 Degrees!


    What is really funny after that is that the Kinetic Energy requirements and Transfer for the ball to bounce almost straight up at 22.5 degrees would be to an extent that it would be...and in this I can actually say the IM WORD....IMFREEKINABSOLUTINALLYNOT POSSIBLE! The amount of momentum and Kinetic Energy the ball now has once it shoots up at 22.5 degrees and seeing how the ball has remained traveling without arc after bouncing off North Korea...it CAN NOT STOP without first traveling in an arc and having that trajectory degraded by Gravity....so we would get perhaps a straight line distance as you have drawn bouncing off North Korea but then the ball would start to loose momentum and would probably make it to the letter D in Different Probabilities before traveling a short arc between and above that D and the letter N in the same word...thus the ball would travel upward given the angles and distances present to a position about as high as the ball shown that is dropped to begin this whole deal.


    After that the ball would most likely bounce around and would end up in the same place you have it ending up...at the center bottom of South Vietnam....LOL!


    My point is in this very detailed picture and explanation you have provided...it is not the Path of Least Resistance that you should be looking at to provide us High or Low Probabilities or Possibilities...or even predictability of path or angle or vector or whatever...


    The thing that dictates all of these things is CONDITION...and....STATE.


    What is the CONDITIONS of the event? What is the STATE of the CONDITIONS?


    So...substituting other words to make this easy....




    As per State...


    What is the BALL MADE OF? What is the material the ball is bouncing made of and what are it's properties? What is the Temp.? What is the WIND VELOCITY? WHAT IS THE ATM> PRESSURE?


    I could go on all day.


    Again...my secondary point is...DEPENDENT UPON STATES AND CONDITIONS...an INFINITE number of possibilities exist and although there is one end result for every single set of variables....THERE ARE INFINITE SETS OF VARIABLES....thus there are INFINITE numbers of possibilities.


    Now what do we know about MATH? If the MATH say's it is so...it is so. There has NEVER been a case in HUMAN HISTORY where the MATH said it was so or a FACT and it turned out it was not so and not a fact.


    So what does that tell us?


    The MATH say's....IF IT CAN HAPPEN IT WILL HAPPEN. MATH also say's....given long enough of a TIME LINE...all PROBABILITIES NO MATTER HOW LOW...will by passage of enough time....become 100% PROBABILITY for an EVENT TO HAPPEN.


    So looking at both of these...Math say's...if it can happen it will happen....if there is a chance something will happen...given enough time those odds reach 100% it will happen. And since in HISTORY the MATH HAS NEVER LIED OR HAVE BEEN SHOWN TO BE WRONG....all this means one overall reality.....




    They have to. The Math dictates it. If we are existing in an INFINITE SYSTEM....the MATH say's everything I just posted must exist in every possible combination and possibility. If it didn't then we are not existing in an INFINITE SYSTEM.


    This means there are INFINITE TIMELINES...and every possible version of. Every choice you ever made there is another version of you that has made a different choice...and another you that made yet a choice that neither the first two of you made...and so on and so on...


    The BIG STUMBLING BLOCK...and I apologize for my CAP LOCK ISSUE on this post but I am trying to forcefully get this concept into everyone's heads....the big stumbling block that people can't understand and have issues with is....THE PASSAGE OF TIME as how we perceive this as LINEAR and how in reality in such an INFINITE SYSTEM that we live in as if we did not...my Photons would not be behaving as both Particle and Wave and I couldn't change the Radio Station channel because there would not exist FREQUENCY .


    This is the KEY to explaining how all the INFINITELY existing Universal Realities and Timelines....DO NOT HAVE TO FOLLOW SUIT WITH OUR TIME CLOCK AS....in such an Infinite System....all timelines and the materials within them and the choices and actions and events are NOT CONSTRAINED TO LINEAR TIME.


    How do I know this? My ability to change my Radio Station. When I...well I can't say turn the dial as it is all digital now...but when I change the radio station from 104.1 to 107.3....I am tuning my receiver to pickup a specific Electromagnetic Wavelength. Radio Waves travel at the Speed of Light and just like Light....Radio is just Quantum Particle/Wave Forms from a different side or position upon the EM Scale.


    In Light...Photons exist as both Particle and Wave and although Photons are traveling at 186,282 miles per second...the Universal Maximum Velocity in Normal Space/Time....a single Photon is acting as a VIRTUAL PARTICLE existing at infinite positions upon the Light Wave length.


    Now the Photons can travel in Wave Packets and this means that there are many Photons existing as both Particle and Wave on a specific measured wave length distance of Space/Time...but the Photons themselves exist is a Quasi-Real-Virtual Existence as the Photons as a wave exist OUTSIDE OF NORMAL SPACE/TIME.


    There is not Time passage for such Wave Length Virtual Particles and because of this reality....we know that PHOTONS EXIST IN A STATE OF BOTH LINEAR AND NON-LINEAR TIME.


    This tells us and so does the MATH show us....since PASSAGE OF TIME is a non-factor for infinite possibilities and infinite realities and infinite timelines...THERE IS NO LONGER A BASIS IN EITHER THE MATH OR THE LOGIC that would present a case against Infinite Realities.


    Split Infinity


    Sorry that was so long.


    I don't know of any SHORTER or better way to describe and explain the almost unexplainable and indescribable.




    Split Infinity

  17. Anyways...the Human Brain will find patterns by association within anything a person see's or hears. It has also been proposed that our senses of Taste and Touch will collect data that our brain will also Matrix...but just not to the extent audio or visual data can be.


    When anyone looks at...let's see...a wooden door that has been stained so we can see the wood grain. I am looking at one right now and as I just THINK about faces I immediately can see about...11 faces right off the bat. When I look at each of these faces...I can see one that looks like and Old Man...one that looks like Bob Dylan...etc.


    That's how it works.


    Split Infinity

  18. MATRIXING ? Wiktionary doesn't list matrix as a verb nor does it have a definition for MATRIXING - seems like a psychobabble terms to me; and every link I see on a google search is pretty dubious. If you want to read up on the known psychological phenomenon - try searching on Pareidolia a/o Apophenia


    Oh for crying out loud! Are we being a bit Nit Picky?








    Now...I have just provided 3 Links not so much for the purpose of explaining this issue but to show you that the soon to becoming a REAL BOY....er....I mean....REAL WORD....MATRIXING....as I am certain that within a few years or sooner we will be watching or reading the News and be told or read that the Merriam-Webster Dictionary has added these NEW THREE WORDS this year.....


    #1. Matrixing...Noun...the human brains penchant to see or hear familiar patterns in audio and especially faces in any visual data. example/ By matrixing, Jane saw the face of Jesus Christ in her quesadilla.

    Matrixing...Adverb...example/ Jane was matrixing.


    Split Infinity

  19. The cross appeared on May 13 2013 with the biggest solar storm this year.











    If you don't know already...when a person looks at ANYTHING...the Human Brain will do what is known as MATRIXING. A person does this all the time when they say...look at some clouds in the sky and say...Ohhh...that one looks like a Duck and the other cloud looks like a dog!


    It is done and reported a lot in the news as far as when a person see's Jesus in a Taco or the Virgin Mary in a Pizza. Then the next thing you know the Taco is on E-Bay being sold for $5000 to some Highly Religious Sap until the Taco get's shipped to this person and once the Taco is disturbed in shipping...the face in the Taco now looks like Gerry Garcia!


    At this point the Taco goes back on E-Bay and is sold to some Grateful Dead fan for two Fan-Recorded Dead Shows done in 1969!


    People are Hard Wired to find patterns in anything and especially Facial Patterns as this is something people have been doing since Birth when they have to recognize which face is Mom's.


    Split Infinity

  20. I was about to ask my favorite question ever... how? but there was more to it.


    How could we cause these conditions?

    Well...that is another topic all together! LOL!


    Anything is possible.


    My point to Mike was...using the concept that in nature and by the natural laws of our Universe...when things occur...they do so by taking the path of least resistance. And thus using this we can extrapolate theories and models for prediction and probability of existence.


    We that would be all good and fine except we would first have to understand the probability and prediction models of CONDITION first.


    It is like saying...after looking at a model that I created to describe the predictability and probability of a Lotto ball cage being turned and over time a Fractal Pattern has emerged that reflects the imperfections in the round balls with the numbers...the Atm. Pressure of certain days as they apply to balls being pulled with certain numbers...etc...which allows me to PREDICT with a certain probability that certain balls will be pulled.


    Now for any of this to even be...CONDITIONS must exist such as the Lottery System itself...the chosen method of determining Lotto Numbers...etc.


    Split Infinity

  21. Give me some sources, splitinfinity.


    Here are a few...http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16371951










    There is a lot more including sites that the student can go to that will tell them what certain schools require for a student to be even able to apply to enter the post graduate work in this field which is VAST.


    Split Infinity

  22. I can imagine that an intelligent specie would be less biological and more mechanical, otherwise fully robotic. If an alien specie would need to travel to or live on other worlds, it would be more efficient for them adapting to the extreme/hazardous environments rather than altering them (eg. outer space, mars).

    Species of E.T. that are Highly Intelligent would without a doubt be capable of developing anything from Robotic Probes to Androids that are sentient and self aware/self determinate. How can I say this with certainty? Because we Humans have already done it as far as the Probes and we are also very close if not already there in the development of A.I.


    Now as far as the possible Biological Forms Intelligent E.T.'s would have...this could be wide ranging but if they were species of E.T. that could achieve Space Travel...they would have to have either developed a form capable of building high tech spacecraft, or be a parasite that could control a host body where the host is not of the capability for such high tech space travel but the parasite could have the mental capabilities but lack the brawn ala...Stargate.


    There could also be a symbiotic nature of two or more E.T.species or even a CASTE system where there are a specific species used for every aspect of an E.T. society including Space Travel.


    It has been said that some E.T. races employ Bio-Mechanical Suits to visit other planets...ala...Independence Day.


    It has also been proposed that due to the realities and dangers of Space Travel...Androids are used to collect data.


    Split Infinity

  23. Thats one hell of a thing to say about A) ALL of Life B) The Universe and C) Everything


    True its not about i pods, ear pods and throat pods , but it is about REAL things in the Universe like :




    We must not become detached from REALITY



    Very neatly . Which I will go on to prove. But its 12.12 am in Britain . so zz

    Mikey...Uhhh! What are you doing to me?


    I just previously went out on a limb defending you as I think even if some of your ideas are flawed...your questions asked are not...and then you do...(WHAT IS QUOTED ABOVE)...to little ol'...well...maybe not so little...but....AAAHHHH!


    What I am upset about believe it or not...is when you said...True its not about i pods, ear pods and throat pods , but it is about REAL things in the Universe like....I QUOTED IT FROM ABOVE....THAT is what you said.


    Now when a person reads what you posted above it...well...How can it be about...EVERYTHING...as you so stated when...EVERYTHING...does not include i pods, ear pods and throat pods...I am assuming the last two listed are from the movie...Body Snatchers?


    As I have stated before...everything means....EVERYTHING...whether we like some of those things or not. Some of the things that make up everything may not be things at all as an IDEA, EMOTION, A LACK OF EMOTION, A LOVE OR HATE....A DREAM....these are all part of EVERYTHING thus EVERYTHING is comprised of things that are both tangible and not tangible.


    Words or Grunts are part of everything and are a part in various ways as a Grunt is a word...it could be ink on a paper or light on a computer screen or a sound thus it would have a FORM as a Kinetic Energy induced Sound Wave within our Atmosphere or perhaps underwater.


    Thing is....I could go on all day...and the next day....till the next week, next month...next year...everything is THAT BIG!


    Please refer to it as such as well as upgrade from a person holding you underwater while Lightning Bolts are striking you to....Detonation of a Thermonuclear Weapon! LOL!


    Split Infinity

  24. That sounds like a good plan. Balancing one's academic courseload is important.

    You may also be interested in biophysics.




    The human brain is binary in some ways, whereby there is an all-or-none action potential. Either a neuron is firing or it is not: This is more like a binary system. Also, there are graded potentials, which are of importance: These are unlike the binary, all-or-none feature of other neurons. I would not focus so much on quantum physics during your undergraduate education for biology.


    Might I suggest you get a tutor if you feel that your math skills are not up-to-par. I often did such in my undergraduate education for calculus. Prior to that, I hadn't taken a hard math class for over three years.


    Although your suggestion would sound much better than mine to the student...by the time this student actually get's the necessary education to go into this field...and the courses you suggest and when to take them would make anyone with so/so to OK Math skills and very little in the way of knowledge in the Physics and Quantum Mechanics arena...understandably less anxious than the anxiety and pressure just READING what I have posted as far as what the student should and must know to obtain their goal of working in this field...by the time the student get's to the point and age to get a job...just about everything they have learned pertaining to this field will become obsolete.


    As an example...years ago students would get a degree in Mechanical Drafting and Design...only to have this degree and ability worth 50 cents and a cup of coffee as with the advent of Computer Designs as well as Computer Software that made the need for such Drafters and Engineers...OBSOLETE.


    The same can be said about this Field of Work. THE ONLY way that a Grad can remain VIABLE is to have the skills in Physics and Quantum Mechanics as well as have great knowledge of using computers as well as how to work in conjunction with Programmers.


    Within 5 years Neuroscience will evolve from concentrating on the Bio-Molecular Level that involves the understanding of Neurophysiology dealing with chemical reaction and neural activity...changing to mapping the actual Quantum Activity...which itself is damn near impossible...by using Computer Models. Also using thousands of mapped Genomes of people that have certain diseases of the mind and for some reason or another....are still functional or are in a state of remission.


    In any way...Cures and Treatments will be taken out of the hands of Knife Wielding Surgeons and Doctors who introduce large infusions of Custom Chemicals and Radiation treatments...and handed to a COMPUTER TECH...who will take a patients Mapped Genome along with specialized Computer Mappings of Neural Activity and run a comparison...then this will be handed to a Doctor/Physicist who will determine just what and where Neural Activity can be tweaked or Rerouted...and then this will be handed to a Geneticist/Chemist who will take this new data and CUSTOM CREATE a personalized Genetically Modified Stem/Neural Cell that will be introduced into the Brain by either a Retro-Virus or more likely by 2020...Nanobots...which have already been developed to get the Modified Stem/Neural Cells to the correct or damaged areas.


    By 2025...Nanobot Tech. will allow the actual REPAIR of Brain Cells or Neural Pathways...and seeing as we only get a certain number of Brain Cells and once gone...we must use what is left...Stem/Neural Cells Genetically designed to replace or repair entire areas of the Brain will be the method and direction this field is going in...and this is happening NOW! It is not Sci-Fi...it is not in the far future.


    By the time this kid gets out there...it will be happening and just adding a few MATH courses will NOT be enough for such a student to achieve the goals they set out for themselves.


    Hey...if they don't want to go through all that and work that hard...FINE! I understand. Just to do so is a commitment of epic proportions.


    But don't let anyone KID YOU into thinking just because you added some Calculus classes into your studies that this will be enough to do what you state you wish you would like to do.


    Be TRUE to thy own self.


    Split Infinity

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