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  1. I'm not just trying to develop my ideas though, I also want to understand what the scientific community already knows about it.


    No matter what anyone tells you the reality is we have created the names Dark Matter and Dark Energy to describe two specific effects that we can both observe and calculate.


    The too effects being....the Warping of our our Universes Space/Time Geometry...which is an Expession of One Dimensionality...or in one word....GRAVITY. If you read a book about what is Dark Matter it will tell you that 87% of the known Universe is invisable to us as Dark Matter comprises 87% of all Matter in the Universe.


    Now the reality. Even though the text books will say this...the reality is that we can calculate that 87% of all Gravitational Effect in our Universe has no visable or detectable Mass present that would be creating it. This means we do not really know what is causing 87% of the Gravitational Effect detected in our Universe. So what we have done is declare that something we call...DARK MATTER...is causing this effect.


    In reality we have absolutely no idea what is causing this. It might not be any varying form of Matter at all...but hey...we just LOVE to create cool names...Dark Matter.


    Same thing for DARK ENERGY....it is just a NAME given to an unknown cause that is forcing the Galaxies to accelerate away from each other and thus expand Space/Time. We have NO CLUE why this is happening or what is causing it. But again...we LOVE cool names. DARK ENERGY.


    Split Infinity

  2. I dont disagree with eating meat persay, just the current system where animals are mis-treated and generally tortured


    If humans need meat and kill it for themselves then there is no issue.


    I would agree and support your statement here as Hunters know much more so than others exactly what is being sacrificed for Humans to eat what their body actually requires.


    Hunting and killing an animal is a SACRED thing. All the Hunters I know take great care and hone their skills to harvest an animal in a manner that is Quick in it's Kill...NEVER to pull the trigger or release an arrow unless a High Probability exists that a Kill will result. To shoot a round or release an arrow into a group of animals or do so from too far a distance can result in a wound to an animal that could cause great suffering and pain before death or if the animal does not die...could result in the animal contracting a disease that could spread or even possibly becoming a threat to Humans if an animal must forage for food close to homes as the injury will not allow the animal to properly forage or hunt if the animal is a predator.


    Shooting a round or releasing an arrow into a group of animals may kill or injure Female Animals not allowed to be harvested as it is most important to Hunters that proper rules and laws are in place to ensure the survival od a species. In my state of Massachusetts every dollar paid for licensing is used for Wildlife Conservation, Stocking and programs to support all wildlife populations as to ensure stable and balanced levels of fish, deer, bear, bird and now Mountain Lion numbers and breeding teritories.


    I grew up in Mass. in a town where every kid and their Mom or Dad would go to the Police Station to take a Gun and Hunting Safety course when the Kid turned 11. Every kid...Boy or Girl went and the Police and Rangers taught both Kids and Parents everything that could be known about every possible Rifle, Shotgun, BB or Pellet Gun, Hand Gun Safety...how to know if a Hand Gun is loaded...how to properly handle one as well as how to fire, handle, clean, store, register..etc...all types of fiearms. We also learned how to handle Bows...both recurve and compound as well as Hunting tips and proper Hunting do's and don'ts. We also spent time at the local Fish and Game Firing Range and Archary Range...as both Mom's and Dad's...Son's and Daughters fired weapons and learned safety.


    As a result of this long running program which is not funded by the Feds or the State as the local Cops, Rangers, Fish and Game Members and Gun Shop owners do this once a year now going on forever program. Because of it there has NEVER been a CHILD killed by a Gun or Bow accident in my town...EVER.


    I believe that if all Parents and their Kids were to take this program as well as ALL CHILDREN should be made to HUNT...make a kill....Dress the animal...learn how to butcher the animal properly as well as learn how NOTHING is wasted....you would not see any Kids wasting Meat as they would have a DEEP appreciation of the sacrifice the animal has made for that kid to eat.


    It always amazes me how a person can make derogatory statements about Hunters but at the same time go to a fast Food joint and order Chicken Nuggets or a Burger without thinking about the fact an animal had to die for them to be eating it.


    As if the Chicken Nugget came into existence in a less painful manner than the clean killed Pheasent or the one shot kill Deer that was not stuffed into some tiny pen to never be able to even walk any distance as it stands in it's own filth.


    We are Omniverous...and we NEED to eat Animal Protein and Fat's...ESPECIALLY CHILDREN. A Vegan Diet maybe honorable but it is not entirely healthy.


    Split Infinity

  3. I'd love to see this...


    It's also interesting to note that air defense radar and satellites pick up unidentified objects as well...




    I will tell you what words to run a search for as I cannot be detected accessing such information. It should be easy to find using what I tell you.


    VERY shortly after the Roswell event...in which E.T. Craft wreckage as well as Biological recoveries were sent to then known Wright Field which is now named and known as Wright Patterson USAF Base the home of the United States Recovery, Reverse Engineering and Technology Dissemenation Agency...which is responsible for the study and reverse engineering for any recovered or purchased or obtained Flight Based Technology as well as a dept. within that is specific to a wider consideration of tech. MiG-29's, Su-30 and Su-35's were first brought to Wright Patterson to be taken apart...studied...and put back together to be then shipped to a variety of USAF PROVING GROUNDS of which the Groom Lake Facility also known as Area 51 in Pop Culture...to be flown by U.S. Pilots and U.S. Military Contractor personel at first to determine flight charachteristics and abilities....then to study and determine these aircrafts abilities against U.S. Aircraft, U.S. Air to Air and Ground to Air Missiles as well as all jamming, radar cross section and other electronic warfare capabilities.


    After the Biological and Material wreckage was shipped to Wright Field after the Roswell event...then FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover who knew about the crash and most of the details about it as the FBI Director was known now to have FBI operatives and informants planted in just about every branch and every level of the U.S. Military. Hoover also had operatives planted in every Agency, Dept, Group, Branch and Political Party in the United States and even in Europe.


    Hoover was incensed that an event of such a high threat level to National Security was being delt with without Hoover being in the LOOP. He argued since the Event occured in the United States that the FBI had jurisdiction and the Military and any then existing Intell. groups were to take a back seat. Hoover sent many letter to General Curtis LeMay...the man responsible for creating SAC or Strategic Air Command as well as being quoted saying the now famous..."BOMB THEM BACK TO THE STONE AGE". At the time the only NUCLEAR CAPABLE BOMBING WING IN THE WORLD existed at Roswell as it was known as the 509th Army Air Group stationed at Roswell Army Air Field or RAAF....of the 8th Air Force. The USAF did not yet exist but General LeMay was hard at work developing his ideas to turn SAC which was established in 1945...into his dream of High and Fast Flying Heavy Jet Bombers capable of having the range to perform Nuclear Bombing Runs at any target...any time and any place in the World. The wreckage recovery certainly had LeMay as well as the General Staff of the Army Air Corp. looking for advantages over the Soviet Union.


    Hoover was extremely angry after LeMay sent back responses to Hoovers inquiries and outright DEMANDS to be allowed to see the wreckage as well as Hoover DEMANDED that the Military turn over all evidence and wreckage to the FBI. Although LeMay was not at the time the Head of the Army Air Corps....IKE had told President Truman that LeMay had brilliant ideas to turn SAC into a Game Changer thus LeMay had the backing of the President as well as IKE.


    Hoovers demands became so incessent that Ike and then Truman had to personally speak with the FBI director as he was told to SHUT UP about this Roswell Event. Hoover then made the issue personal as the FBI director threatened to release information to the PUBLIC that he had that would be damaging to Ike, Truman and LeMay...but LeMay sent Hoover a letter stating...He did not care! And that Hoover was playing a DANGEROUS GAME...as at this point a defacto state of WAR seemed to exist between the FBI and SAC.


    The letters...many of...but not all...were located and made available using the Freedom of Information Act. These letters were NEVER ment to be seen by the public and every attempt has been made to discredit their authenticity.


    This is but one isue made public from those burried files.


    Split Infinity

  4. I don't recall being taught that in any of my quantum mechanics courses !


    That's because it comes from me.


    Split Infinity


    Oh okay, but the main wonder was if there could be some sort of internal opposite to Lorentz contraction; a length dilation maybe? Just a thought that might make more conceptual sense of having mass appear to fall into the same space as other mass to me. Say, within that singularity is there a relative length dilation that spreads the particles of the matter farther apart than they appear to be from an outside observer?


    Although many have tried and failed miserably in their attempt to define mathematically what is going on inside a Black Hole and what are the Physics...I would like to point out that all Geometric Space/Time Dimensionality allows for each and every individual Dimension to be interconnective, specific in it's now relative nature to all other dimensional states and governed by all other dimensionality to a point.


    Gravity is a perfect example of this as it is an Expression of One Dimensionality and even though Matter cannot exist in a one dimensional state....since our Universal Space/Time Geometry has multiple dimensional states to allow for Matter and Energy to exist...Matter will be both cause and effect in the created one dimensional expression as well as being interconnective to all other Universal Dimensionality.


    The same can be said for a Black Hole's Accresion Disc...but at the center point of the Gravity Well...there is a Singularity. Now how can there be any Matter or Energy existing in a Singularity? THERE CANNOT. But Matter and Energy can exist at all surrounding points of position.


    The key here would be Realitivistic Effect. Although such an effect would be considered specific for Space/Time Warpature as such change in Universal Dimensionality would also account for Time Dilation in the EXTREME...it would also account for the Gravitational Effect upon surrounding bodies even though the Mass that was at one time present and has now been swallowed by Singularity and thus all Atomic Particles of Mass such as Protons and Neutron as well as the Higgs-Bosons within them responsible for giving them Mass...no longer can EXIST...nor do they EXIST once swallowed by a Singularity.


    So even though we calculate the MASS of Black Holes in such ways as saying...SAGITTARIUS A*...a Supermassive Black Hole 25 thousand light years distant at the heart of the Milky Way Galaxy weighs in at 3 Million Solar Masses....99% of the actual stated MASS it has attributed to it's measured effect is GONE and no longer existing in our Universal Reality.


    What we can calculate is the effect of SAGITTARIUS A*....as the Warping of Space/Time is an effect of Gravitation equal to what 3 Million Solar Masses would create. All that is left is what is surrounding the accretion disc and the SINGULARITY. The Singularity is now self sustaining even though the Matter and Energy that at one time created it no longer even exists within our Universe.


    Split Infinity

  5. In an attempt to provide some here with at least a DIRECTION to look and obtain information from a reliable source or group I will inform members about actions that are known to have occured at the time when the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT was about to become active law.


    This direction will allow those interested to find much data about E.T. and the Military Brass, Executive Branch of the U.S. at this time as well as this branches activities at moments in the past as well as former Presidents of the U.S. and to be Presidents actions and decisions which have been detailed in many letters, transcripts, Military Communications and Intell. Agencies committee creations as they apply to their conversations, infighting and decisions reguarding E.T. and UFO Flyovers that were responded to by the U.S. Military and thus documented.


    This is ONLY ment to provide a direction and any and all Documentation found and known was made available by the Freedom of Information Act...some on purpose...some not.


    It is well known that a Standing President of the United States does not have the Top Clearence Level to veiw all ABOVE ULTRA-TOP SECRET Documentation and unless an elected President has previously held a position such as CIA Director...NSA Chief...Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff or headed NASA or Space Command...such a President is on a NEED TO KNOW basis for such Intell. An example of this is how Vice President George Bush held a higher clearence level than then President Reagan...as Bush held several positions including Director of the CIA that were specific in that a Top Clearence Level was required.


    Very soon before the Freedom of Information Act was to go into effect...Computer Files and old style Microfische were "CLEANSED" of any information that was considered to sensitive for release to the General Public. These actions are easily understood as well as necessary for the safety of the United States.


    What was FORGOTTEN was a large amount of old 1940's and 1950's and early 1960's PAPER FILES that due to their quantity, size and physical nature...could not be "CLEANSED or SCRUBBED" in the manner Computer Files could be. Add to this the problem presented by many observing as well as camping out and around Government Data storage sites members of Political Action Groups who were sensitive to the past secrecy and illegal actions taken to destroy files on such isues as the exposure of U.S. Soldiers and Citizens to Radiation...tests done on populations using various chemicals and drugs as well as soldiers and citizens that were given doses of LSD and other like drugs without their knowledge....the ability for any group or agency of the U.S. Government to destroy such files that were to be made public was either extremely difficult or impossible.


    At several U.S. Government Data Storage Facilities that held MILLIONS upon Millions of physical paperwork documents that came from many departments and even military and other agencies that went back past the turn of the 20th century...it was deceided at the last moment just before Freedom of Information Act was to go into effect...as well as this last moment decision being driven by a breakdown in the multi-months long process of checking and overseeing all data that was to be made publically available...in which this breakdown created the situation of a vast amount of PAPER DOCUMENTATION having it's very existence presented with the knowledge that not enough time was available to check through this old data to sort out what would be considered SENSITIVE and not made available for public veiw...as well as no time and no ability to remove such documentation and move it to another site without Information Activists knowing of such a move as the amount of paperwork was VAST.


    A decision was made to grab as much specificly labeled or known files and simply move and hide them within the old files of the Dept. of Agriculture which were stored at several of the same buildings. This idea was based on the premise that anyone who legally sought data via Freedom of Information would never think to ask or even consider that possible one time sensitive files would be in the Dept. of Agriculture stored documentation.


    This worked for years until by complete chance...someone looking for documentation in the Dept. of Agriculture seeking turn of the 19th century land claims and farming documents would open a box and find many documents pertaining to UFO's...E.T...and a very specific fight by way of letters between General Curtis LeMay...the founder of SAC...and J. Edgar Hoover...the notorious FBI Director.


    If anyone want to know the letters story...I will provide it on request.


    Split Infinity

  6. Do you know what Quantum Field Theory, QFT, is ? It accounts for your quark/gluon interactions and is known as Quantum Chromodynamics. Look it up.


    Yes...the COLOR Force...between Quarks and Guons that make up Hadrons. Also I believe also it shows how the force between two Quarks does not weeken as they are drawn apart thus it is impossible to seperate them as it would take more energy than could be possibly generated therfore such Hadrons as Protons and Neutrons are bonded.


    The Color are labeled as Red, Green and Blue and thus there are three Color Charges in Quantum Chromodynamics.


    This is apposed to Quantum Electrodynamics...which has one charge.


    Quantum Chromodynamics DOES NOT explain or provide a model to why Quarks blink in and out of our Universal Reality and exist numerically at will in such Hadrons at or between a minimum and maximum.


    Split Infinity

  7. Split Infinity - I think you need to understand the difference between Quantum Mechanics (and QFT QED QCD et al which work amazingly well) and the Interpretations of of Quantum Mechanics. You most certainly do not need multiverses to get good theory and predictions - in fact you don't need any of the contradictory interpretations - you just need to "shut up and calculate!" (not Feynman but David Mermin)


    There is a great video Tom Swanson blogged about in which Sean Carroll laments the fact that of a group of Quantum specialists the most popular interpretation (which is many worlds) only got about 40% of a vote. But Physics works on maths and predictions - and at present these are exactly the same for all the interpretations, and so it doesn't really matter which you choose to put your money on. Until someone can show experimentally which interpretation is correct then we really don't need to care!


    And BTW 10-11 dimensions is far from accepted either - I have noticed you writing about the necessity for extra spatial dimensions elsewhere. I don't believe these are necessary apart from string, superstring, supersymmetry etc - and the these hypotheses are by no means accepted or even close to being experimentally proven. In fact the space for super-symmetrical particles to exist is being constantly narrowed by the LHC and Fermilab.

    Ima...forgive me for the nickname I am giving you...LOL!...as well as forgive me for the way I am about to cut apart your post as it is not malicious in it's nature.


    You state that Quantum Mechanics works amazingly well. Of COURSE it does...as if it did not we would not exist. What DOES NOT WORK exceedingly well is our explaination or understanding of it as we CURRENTLY have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA or concept how to mathematically represent why Quanta acts as both particle and wave...why Quanta can have teo functions or more....why specific Quanta...such as Quarks...can exist at NUMERICAL WILL at or between a Minimum and Maximum within a Proton or Neutron as well as how Quarks are BLINKING IN AND OUT of our Universal Reality...as well as how, what or where they are going or existing and why.


    ANYTHING that is currently being taught as far as Quantum Mechanics is concerned is based upon application as we use it in such things as commom as our CELL PHONES and even though we know how to build such a phone...it's network, system and such a phones ability to get such incredible reception which was literally IMPOSSIBLE to have a very short time ago....WE CAN BUILD SUCH THINGS but we have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA why it works as it does.


    This statement is akin to...we know that where ever there is Mass....there will be Gravitational Effect. We know that the greater the amount of Mass...the Greater the Effect of Gravity. We know that Gravity acts like an Expression of One Dimensionality. We know that Matter and the Atomic Nucleus of it's Atoms...Protons and Neutrons...are the Atomic Particles that have Mass that are needed for Gravitational Effect to be present. We know that Protons and Neutrons are COMPLETELY COMPRISED OF ENERGY....Quantum Particle/Wave Forms such as Quarks, Glueons, Mesons, Leptons...etc...and the all important Higgs-Boson which seems to be responsible for giving Protons and Neutrons MASS...thus needed for the Existence of Gravity.


    In all these things we know....ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is known about WHAT AND WHY such Quantum Particle/Wave Forms which make up at the smallest known level...all Matter and Energy in our Universe...with the exception of Dark Matter and Dark Energy...which we only know exist due to effect and have given these effects...NAMES.


    In order for a Multiversal System to work as a construct for Quantum Transfer and Interconnectivity between Divergent Universal Realities as well as a MINIMUM...and there are probably more...10 or 11 Dimensional States existing within ALL Divergent Universal States specific to just OUR Universal Grouping...just one grouping of an INFINITE QUANTITY...in a Multiversal System. All other Universal Groupings would have Universal Baseline Physics, Geometry and Natural Laws...different either by Quantity or Construct as all Universal Groupings of which each grouping contains Infinite Divergent Universal Realities....have a baseline Universal Physics and Natural Laws or Consrtructs completely different from all other Universal Groupings.


    When one looks at what is taught or known about the REALITIES of Quantum Mechanics as to WHY, HOW and WHERE....it becomes OBVIOUS to even the person who HATES anything and everything to do with Mathematics, Science and Physics....that WE KNOW LITTLE TO NOTHING.


    A few VERY glaring issues can be veiwed as far as IMPOSSIBLES when considering our Universal Reality and Geometric constraints of Space/Time and Realities of the actions of Quantum Particle/Wave Forms are concerned if you were to present the idea that our Universal Reality in constrained to 4-D.

    1. The actions of Quanta show 4-D Universal Geometry to be IMPOSSIBLE.

    2. The very little known about yet observable and quantifiable to a point actions and effects of Black Holes as well as Quasars and other like Celestial Objects absolutely show that our Universal Space/Time Geometry cannot be limited to 4-D.

    3. Since Matter is completely comprised of Quanta...there MUST be a conversion calculation...the U.F. Calculation and Theory...U.F. being Unified Field...or UFT or UFC....WE HAVE ABSOLUTELY ZERO PROBABILITY OR POSSIBILITY of either calculating or solving such a Matter/Energy Conversion using only 4-D.

    4. All currently taught or used Quantum Mechanic Calculations are based upon the results of cause and effect. Thus is I do this to this THAT happens....or A plus B = C...or A minunus or B plus or C divided....you get the idea. NOTHING currently taught or known about Quantum Particle/Wave Forms allows understanding of what, how or why...but rather gives us the answers to such questions as...BECAUSE....that's what happens! LOL!


    Split Infinity

  8. Don't follow your reasoning, splitinfinity, to put it mildly. Both GR and QFT make do with four dimensions and do an adequate job of explaning reality except for areas where they overlap. I wouldn't say that any more dimensions are necessarily needed.

    Strimg/M-theory uses 7 compacted dimensions along with the usual four, but its along way from making any verifiable predictions and dark energy is another name for the cosmological constant as a result of vacuum energy

    GR and QFT do nothing to explain Quantum Mechanics. Any Universal Model that does not explain Quantum Mechanics is FLAWED. Some Quanta such as Quarks exist at will at and between a numerical minimum and maximum and literally blink in and out of existence. This is not possible using a model with any less than 10 or 11 Dimensional states at a minimum along with a Multiversal System.


    Split Infinity

  9. We actually know quite a bit about dark energy. We know, for example, that it acts very much like Einstein's cosmological constant and is related to vacuum energy ( what you refer to as space or nothingness has very distinct properties ).


    The universe is not expanding into anything, as a matter of fact universe means everything there is. It does not matter if finite ir infinite as long as it is unbounded, otherwise you'd have to explain what's on the other side of the boundary. A sphere is finite in size but you can travel forever in any direction, ie its unbounded. Alternatively a sheetof infinite size is also unbounded for the same reason.


    The separation between objects in the universe ( on a scale where gravitational interactions are overcome ) is growing. That is what is meant by universal expansion, and yes, this separation growth can be superluminal. It is by no means an explosion of 'stuff' into an empty 'void'.


    But back to the OP...


    The singularity is nothing more than an indication that GR's field equations become 'undefined' at that point, ie. they are no longer a valid or sufficient description of reality. A theory which takes quantum behaviour into account is needed. See string/M-theory or Loop Quantum Gravity for some current efforts on that front.


    So yes, the possibility of not having a singularity are probabily very good.

    The only things we know for certain as it pertains to Dark Energy is Efeect as we can observe and calculate this effect but we cannot know for certain what is causing or why.


    For Quantum Mechanics to act as it does it is highly likely a Multiversal System exists.


    Imagine the Multiverse as beeing an endless Forest with an Infinite number of Trees. Each tree is a Universal Group and each branch upon each tree is a Universal Reality. Now the tree our Universe is but a branch upon has infinite branches like all other trees but all these Divergent Universal States of our tree have the same physical laws of nature. Each other tree or Universal Group has it's own physical and natural laws and some trees or groups have laws that are so alien in theur nature we can neither understand them or even dream of them.


    Split Infinity

  10. Not necessarily, but you can't just make a claim with out some sort of back up, he said she said is not evidence of anything... If you didn't see it then or it not part of the official record then it's meaningless, some guy told me but I can't tell you who is meaningless.



    Are you suggesting this would be used to attack aliens?

    This is exactly what was planned. The USAF was having absolutely no luck in attempting to down one of these craft using conventional means. It was proposed that using an Air to Air Nuke when the E.T. Craft was over the Atlantic could down it.


    This plan was cancelled. Than GOD.


    Split Infinity

  11. Mootanman...I am well aware that my statements site no real proof other than the DC flyby's...but such is the reality of anything associated with E.T.


    I talked about the F-104 because only in extreme circumstance was it considered necessary to attack an Air to Air Nuke on this unstable platform.


    Split Infinity

  12. What is north of the North Pole? It's possible to have a finite distance with no boundaries. Imagine space as the surface of a balloon. When you blow up the balloon, the surface area increases, but there is no "edge" of the area.


    The Big Bang is not an explosion of matter and energy out into space; it's the expansion of space between all the matter and energy in the universe.


    It's also important to note that what seems logical is not always actually correct. Using logic without checking it against real world evidence is how Arostotle concluded that heavier things fall faster than lighter things.


    Universal Expansion is defined as the Galaxies in our Universe being driven apart and accelerated by a force or effect known as Dark Energy...a name given to something of which we know almost nothing about.


    Space is by definition nothingness but Space/Time infers dimensionality. It is the existence of Matter and Energy and their relative position specific to our minimum 10 or 11 Dimensional State Universal Reality. As Matter or Energy expands in distance from other Matter and Energy...Space/Time is created.


    Split Infinity

  13. Is faith strong enough to change reality? My uncle told me a while back he had a neighbor that had so much faith he was sure a bullet fired from a gun couldn't harm him... is faith that powerful? or was he nuts?


    Mootanman...he was NUTS! I have been shot in the field several times at close range. If it were not for a light weight high tech vest...I would have died and although this saved me....due the the range...there was some ballistic penetration.


    When something like this happens to a person...your life does not flash before your eyes...you do not see or experience and Heavenly Vision...and you certainly do not obtain Enlightenment. Right before it happens....a few words come out of your mouth....OH $#!@!


    Then after you are shot...an anger of such intensity comes over you that even the most passive of people will be turned into a killer. Even though I was shot...I balanced my rifle on a team members body part and ended the threat.


    As far as having FAITH....a person should have FAITH in the fact that the bullet coming out of a gun will kill them if aimed properly. THAT is much more certain than any heavenly intervention.


    Split Infinity

  14. Sigh... I am probably one of the most "pro UFO" people on this forum, your assertions are embarrassingly uninformed, this is what I was talking about when I said you were inaccurately repeating UFO sightings from the past.



    If you are going to discuss this intelligently i suggest you search the site for other UFO discussions, this is not my first rodeo and the topic of UFOs deserves far more respect than it gets but you can't assert just anything as evidence nor does talking to people on the street have any credibility.


    SplitInfinity, the astronaut accounts are difficult to explain but not as numerous as you seem to be asserting...


    Mootanaman...I have three professions of which one has me working with members of the U.S. Military. I can say that I KNOW...not think or guess or hope but KNOW with 100% certainty that E.T. is a reality. In fact we are aware of more than one race.


    This has been kept as a closely guarded secret that is really not so secret. I would suggest you look into the mass E.T. craft flyovers of Washington DC in the early 50's and 1960's. These flyovers were witnessed by tens of thousands as well as were taken VERY seriously by the U.S. Military. In the early 60's event the USAF went so far as to attach a Nuclear Tipped Air to Air Missile to a F-104. These Nuclear Missiles were designed to destroy large wings of Soviet Bombers equipt with nuclear weapons as the Air to Air Nuke would be used over the ocean exploding within or near such large bomber wings and destroying them.


    The Lockheed F-104 Starfighter had a very small wing surface and was notoriously unstable at takeoff and low speed as it was designed as a High Speed Interceptor and the attachment of this heavy Air to Air Nuke. At the last minute the use of this nuclear armed aircraft was canceled as it was deemed too high risk.


    I myself know many things about E.T. visitation and interaction that cannot be talked about. The only thing allowed to be discussed is information that is already in the publics consciousness.


    NASA is at the forefront of such information as they encounter and experience many interactions in orbit.


    Split Infinity

  15. All one has to do is watch some of NASA's own orbital videos as well as watch the video interveiws of many Astronauts...people who have absolutely NOTHING to gain by talking about the existence of Alien Life...to know that E.T. is a Reality.


    Split Infinity

  16. Ello,


    It isn't possible for there to be some sort of 'length dilation' under the conditions of a black hole is it? Then in those particles' frames of reference the space between them would be greater, possibly avoiding a collapse into each other's volumes.


    Sorry if this is riddled with conceptual errors, and if so please correct them.




    A Black Hole is a Singularity or in other words...an Expression of One Dimensionality within our minimum 10 or 11 Dimensional Universal Reality.


    Gravity also has this definition but Singularity is the ultimate expression of One Dimensionality. All Geometric Space/Time Dimensionality allows each and every Dimensional State to be connected or adherent to each of the other existing Dimensional States. Thus Gravity being an expression of one dimensionality is created by any amount of Mass existing in our Universal Reality. The greater the amount of Mass...the greater the effect of Gravity and thus the greater the expression of one dimensionality.


    Since Time is specific to movement of Mass or Quantum Particle/Wave Forms such as Photons, Electrons...etc...Time cannot exist within a One Dimensional Universe as Matter and Energy cannot exist in one. However in our minimum 10 or 11 Dimensional Universal Reality...one dimensionality can create effect as a One Dimensional Expression that is known as Gravity. Given this the greater the one dimensional expression or the greater the warping or folding of Space/Time by Gravity...the greater the effect upon and relativistic reality of Time.


    Thus if a Space Craft with people aboard were to be captured by the Gravitational Effect of a Black Hole...and this craft was captured just on the very outskirts of the Accretion Disc...Time would slow down to such an effect for those on that craft that Millions of Years would pass for an observer away from the Black Holes gravitational Effect as only seconds would pass for those aboard the craft due to the extreme Time Dilation.


    At the center of the Black Holes Singularity our Universal Space/Time Physics and Natural Laws break down as at the center of such a Singularity exists another Universal Constant of Natural Laws and Reality. Many Physicist and Cosmologists have attempted to mathematically define this Constant only to fail miserably.


    Split Infinity

  17. The statements by the author of this topic as far as how they believe it would not be possible for a meteorite impacting the Earth to cause an ELE...Extinction Level Event at the time of the Dinosaurs...which in fact was an ASTEROID impact about 65 Million years ago near the Yucatan....make little sense.


    The crator that still exists much of it underwater...is MASSIVE and would be the result of an impact of incredible kinetic transfer equivelent to multiple millions of megatons of explosive force. This impact threw millions of tons of debris into the atmosphere as well as caused masive tsunami's thousands of feet high as well as created a heat wave blast so hot and powerful most life on Earth was burned to a crisp by it.


    The topics author should examine the physics and properly calculate the kinetic transfer and effects of that a 10 mile wide plus asteroid impacting the Earth at over 25 to 30 Thousand miles per hour...and some asteroids have impacted Earth at over 100,000 Miles Per Hour. It is like a bullet striking a Cantalope.


    Split Infinity

  18. Okay so hypothetically speaking, if we could make it so animals become poisonous for human consumption via editing its DNA / feeding it specific molecules that make it un-edible but perfectly safe otherwise (I.E some harmful bacteria / virus for humans but totally safe for the animal).


    For the humans with philosophical idioms such as "what you dont know wont hurt you", is it ethically sound to take choice away from humans that dont have the will power, curiosity or empathy to care for animal cruelty?


    Based on the ethics that killing animals, caging animals, injecting artificial hormones and pure cruelty from stupid individuals etc etc is ethically bad? is forcing a solution good? is it physically possible?



    Your question is based on the premise that a person who eats animal flesh is somehow acting in an immoral and cruel manner.


    The reality of our planet is that every living thing or person becomes FOOD for some other living organism. This is the hard cold fact of the matter and it is a natural state of condition for all living things.


    Human Belings are omniverous. We eat plant and animal life and reguardless of the Vegan proposition that Humans can get everything our body needs from plant life...this idea is incorrect. Therre are many health problems that are specific to a complete and total plant based diet and this is especially so for young children who's bodies need animal fats and protiens for proper growth. Many studies have compared children who either are Vegans or Omniverous and such studies show that the Vegan Children are underweight...more prone to disease as well as have much lessor muscle mass upon their bodies.


    I myself am a Hunter and enjoy a good Venisopn Steak which is super high in Protein and low in Fat. Thw deer population in our state is so high that deer are dying of starvation and desease due to their over population. The number of deer a Hunter can havest in one year has been raised and this is helping.


    Split Infinity

  19. Hello...I am Split Infinity and I have just joined this forum. My interests are wide and varied but I do take a special interest in Physics, Cosmology, Mathematics, Astronomy and SCUBA Diving as well as diving using Heliox at great depths.


    I decided to start posting to a forum to relieve stress as I have three professions. One is in Music as I record and perform with an Internationaly touring band. I have toured with such bands as Aerosmith, Motely Crew, Audio Slave, Staind, Robin Trower, Heart...etc. I have a band chat room on our site but I find the conversation lacking in what I find interesting.


    My second job is helping run several family owned companies which have become quite large. The companies are specific to Health Care, Medicine, Studio Recording and Construction. We have management in place but I stop by now and then to check out things.


    My third...JOB...is connected to my first as I travel extensively and work with members of the U.S. Military. I am trying to retire from this...JOB...but I am sometimes needed and I have a hard time saying...No.


    I hope to enguage some of you in worthwhile conversation and debate and I have no issue being proven wrong as I feel it is important for a person to learn. So...I wish all of you Good Luck and Good Health.


    Split Infinity

  20. Is the universe expanding,because it is collapsing from 4 dimensions to only 3 dimensions?


    First of all...Matter cannot exist in a Universe with only 3 or 4 Dimensional States. Our Universe has at a minimum...and there maybe more...10 or 11 Dimensional States. This manny states are need for Quantum Particle/Wave Forms such as Quarks, Glueons, Mesons, Leptons...etc...which are Quanta that completely comprise Protons and Neutrons...thus the Atomic Nucleus of an Atom is actually Quantum Particle/Wave Forms and are completely comprised of Quanta that act as both particle and wave.


    For Quanta to act as both particle and wave our Universal Reality must have at a minimum 10 or 11 Dimensional States and as well for Quantum Mechanics to even work as it does it is highly likely that a Multiversal System is in play.


    Dark Energy...the name that has been given to the force that is causing the expansion and acceleration of expansion of our Universe by forcing the Galaxies away from each other...is possibly the result of Divergent Universal States in connection causing Quantum Bleedover between Divergent Universal States specific to one Infinite Universal Grouping of Infinite Groupings in a Multiversal System.


    Split Infinity

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