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  1. I've grown several species of trees and several herbaceous plants with the bare roots dangling down in the aquarium water. Aeration is usually the key to this but some will grow with out extra aeration.
  2. What race would a child of a Caucasian mom and a negroid Dad be????? Try the Human race, I can't believe some one would think that it would be one other other of the so called races. Sad really this sort of thing is still speculated about.
  3. I still cannot watch videos due to connection speed but Humans are not the only game in town by a long shot, crows are so intuitive it's scary, but for the lack of thumbs no telling what they could do!
  4. Not hard to comment on at all, I take the opposite stance, I think life has adapted to water not the other way around. If we lived on a planet with seas of Hot Concentrated Sulfuric Acid we would think the same thing about HCSA. Our life would be preternaturally adapted to HCSA and we see water as just another chemical with some attributes that might make it work in a limited way under unusual conditions as a life solvent.
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