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  1. Sounds similar to our student advising offices here. The school I attend is virtually small, and advisors here do not really know about physics or advanced sciences. I will be transfering soon to a bigger school so I can get an education tailored more to my goals. Maybe there is a site someone knows of that has statistics in the related fields that provides information that may be benificial. By the way thanks again you guys for your replys
  2. What is a connexions office?
  3. I'm glad you liked it. Your more than welcome to use it as a signature.
  4. Either or really, as long as I didnt end up having to settle for working in physics to work on atoms or work in engineering to do city planning or something like that. If it led to anything providing benifits to our understanding or abilities in space I would be happy.
  5. I would prefer to have the knowledge to do both. I think what I am asking though is for this type of work, what would give me a more realistic opportunity to be able to qualify for a position in this field. I imagine positions in this field are limited and competition for these positions is probably a factor, and if I did not get into this field which would provide a better "back-up" plan. Are physicist likly to be able to get into a field that they are interested in or do they usually have to settle for a related field do to over population of physicists vs positions available? And engineering? ect. Thank you for your reply 5614!
  6. Not understanding something is not stupid. For even being on this forum and having the interest and motivation to learn and understand, I consider you very intelligent. And btw, yes I do not understand alot of things discussed in this board. And I am 25! So do not feel bad. My best advice would be to read your interests if you do not understand something, study up on it, and if you cannot find an answer, ask questions.
  7. Hello all, I am looking for some advice as to which I should Major and Minor in between Physics and Engineering. My dream is to be able to work on new space technologies for satelites, probes, space shuttles ect. Basically anything that advances the space program. Do you think I am better off majoring in Physics and minoring in Engineering or vice versa?
  8. Voyager was my all time favorite, being lost in a completely unknown area of the universe allowed for many creative and unique ideas to be laid out. Also the Star Trek writers used very realistic technology and made it was very creative.
  9. Hello everyone! My name is Josh Abernathy. I am currently a freshman at North Idaho Community College, I have always loved science and am studying in physics and engineering. I am working towards a bachelors degree, and maybe a masters if my situation allows me at that time. My wife and I have two beautiful children, my daughter Kierra (age 6) loves science. My son Anthony(age 3) is obsessed with hotwheels, and football . I like to ask alot of questions and try to see everything I can from a different perspective. My goal in life is to do anything I can to better humanity.
  10. I take it thats not the answer you were looking for Lol. It works though
  11. Im new here, And I have not started a thread yet. But my first reply was to the topic: time exists? btw hello everyone I am a freshman at North Idaho Community College, I am studying in physics and possibly engineering. This is a great site!
  12. Color is only a perception of human sense (vision, through wavelengths of light that our brain in turn perceives and creates color) so if he said colorless he would have been correct on any account.
  13. In philosophy time does not exist and to my knowledge it seems to be a sore subject between philosophers and physicists. According to "most" philosophers time is only experiantial, meaning without consciousness time cannot exist. When you have hallucinations or even when your dreaming, time appears to move at different speeds than we are used to. If no conscious mind existed in the universe time would also cease to exist. My opinion on the philosophers view is using this form of logic you could deny the existance of everything. Even reality. Which no one could ever prove wrong but it is just something I don't want to believe. Physicists view time as something more real, as in moving forward in a sequence of events or duration. Time (in my view) seems to "flow" forward, but some occurances in the universe also dilate and warp time. To me this would suggest that time does indeed exist, however to my knowledge no existance of time has ever been proven. The dialation and warping of time is also argued by philosophers as perception by the conscious mind. So as far as I know there is no proof that time does exist. But then again I am only a Freshman college student so I know very little
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