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  1. Well im getting sober and this will be my last post here, the last 4 months feels like a week and my mind is still recovering, so forgive me... I thank the creators of this site for giving and place for science to convene.. I wont return here, becuase frankly, I find this sites community offensive to its name. If its anything Aspergers syndrome can teach a normo-cephalic mind its that if you spend less time on social perception (a function of emotional intellegence) you will have more brain power to use on conception and memorization. On that point ill share a few perceptions that I have of this site. When I talked about how the Uncertinty principal relates to Destiny, i was called stupid becuase i didnt spell Hiesenberg correctly. Even though that question was one that plagued einstien. I threatend to leave right then and there, the best argument against me was that it was disrespectfull, the worst was that people wouldent be able to look it up (google is a genius and spell-checking). And when I asked a simple clarification on fundementals of Relativity... I was given a bunch of cut and paste math, and reiterated words without understanding, that meant nothing but to make the user feel smart. And then there was the final straw which was the post that was deleted... from memory (and only as evidence) i will try to reinterate in exact words (i am sober so this will be difficult, im trying to keep it retarded, for argument sake). Fallacys remain but my sober clarifications will be in []... "Im drunk and i had some more thought on this issue It dawned on me the slight I.Q. advantage [108-112] ashkenazi jews (the ones that are noteworthy) have doesent correlate to the history Jewish achievment [this is a major fuel for anti-semitism] (from drunk memory some 20% of nobel prize winners), and that the religious cultural argument doesent make sense, think gregorian [its actually more like Guerivich, Creator of the MIG fighter jet], kalashikoff [AK-47], marx, bill mahr [didnt even know until he was 21, notice his aggressive method of discourse and humor?], eienstien (religiously jewish????) [he was not], when i search my own religiosly disconnect surname [my ancesters purposley modified it and never told there children about there ancestry when the converted to Catholism in the 1880's to avoid russian pogroms... Brodway dancers, to rich buisnessmen, to historians], or maybe even Bill Moyers???? [pulled it out of my ass, I know he was raised, and is baptist, a very thoughtfull one, and that name sounds western ashkanzi to me] I thought of darwin observing a finch.. its beak that aids in its survival, doesent nessesarily correlate to its Intellegence. Theres a good text on jewish achievment by 1910ish jew karl kruatsky, marx hated himself [was raised to be anti-semetic by Lutherians, wouldent accept that he was jewish, and said something like "it makes sense these people are descended from negros"], i think i have some more thoughts on this, but i just wanted to chitfaced [i was trying to get past the asbergers, and swearing filter, you yourself use colorfull words to get through to people: "when you come to this site F up" (or were those mine?) but in retrospect you can say shit here] post. and this message from him.. """"""Dear blazarwolf, You have received an infraction at Science Forums, The Original. Reason: Flaming ------- When you come to this site "****ed up", knowing as you do how you behave under those conditions, you are still responsible for what you post. I don't expect to see any more posts like that from you. This site is used extensively by schoolchildren and we can do without that kind of content. -------""""" How will this be a warning to to other users if they cant see what content was a flame? what was the flame that im guilty of except lack of written depth to my thoughts? did i use the F-word? i cant remember...This was moved to the "Psuedo Science and speculations" board to my dismay, but I eventually understood this (schoolchildren argument is valid, but seeing though speculative though process at work is more important to learn that all the books in a library) I feel like a administrator on a science forum should respond like this: "Infraction issued, you cant use the F-word here (or whatever i was guilty of). Your thoughts and points are valid but lack appropriate definition, get sober dude." My drinking, and journeys started becuase i found out i was Ashkanzi... and somany bad things in my life made sense.. the fact that both my mother and father were unknowingly jewish, yet attracted to each other, my personality, sense of humor, the girls and people im attracted to, why im a bit of a "cast out", the way i look, (ive discoverd about 10 physical traits that nowone else can see except me, Ashkanzis actually stand out phisically, more than just the nose, its pretty neat).. I feel like this will be deleted to save face on the site... so add another 20 minutes of wasted time to the last 4 months... im sober and ive accepted im different... my shetl doesent exist anymore, and ill always be out of place... but i know i can entertain myself with my hobbies (ill never go to temple!!!!) Good by freinds, im gonna go watch fiddler on the roof.... oh BTW did you know it was recently discoverd Africaners have 15% higher free-floating testosterone? what do you think that means? Oh i really dont think i used the F-word, i have a good memory even for a alcholic... prove me wrong if you can. fn shakes....
  2. Okay stop deleting my post just becuase im drunk and hard to understand(and admit to it), you really dont understand what knowlege is about... do you? do you want me sober? do you?????????? I have ****ing azbergers, you might aswell kick me off the bus cuz im black. (delete this too and watch you site fall from 8th grade science to 3rd.
  3. Its so complex that its not well understood. Regardless of your own opinion... taking what you will learn as a illusively generated and applying it softly is the correct way. To simply sum up this point: Theory is generated from inadaquete scans of the brain, no brain blood samples, patient interview, and statistical analaysis of varying opinions w/ different knowledge basis... its in its dark ages today, mostly a science of effect, not cuase... Take myself for example: 10 years ago i was diagnosed with social anxiety and ADD. The second time i took my adderol i had a very bad reaction... a form of depressive psychosis (in the corner crying, wanting to kill myself)... nowdays i know i have a predominatly nurtured form of azbergers syndrome. I dont have to mention ECT or lobotomy. What about the kids scribed Anti-depressents that end up killing themselfs.... as a said: its in its dark ages. Unless you want to support the church emmoliating heretics, i suggest you be more humble... Aswell as there may be some psychology behind you refutiating me on a basic, almost accepted point of view....... ooops! it dawned on me, sry i havent been writing much the last 3 years, just verbal argument. there is a big difference between illusive and elusive, the latter is what i meant.
  4. this may not help, but when i cram, i study from 2-3 letter abbreviations, if you can remember them, usually your memory will jog.
  5. a big enough number that even if it was estimated, you'd remember it as "a big focking number"
  6. Well its not all nonsense... there is such a thing as self-projection in psychology... But yeh, you loaded it with metaphores as if your trying to teach a retard. Instead you look the one without understanding, tons of fallacys and overrepresentations atleast, in other words.... bullshit. Psychology is a real illusive science, you have to speak of things softly.
  7. Im relapsing too... its mainly continued depression and alchohol influenced... i often go a couple days before i even get hungry (i get calories from the beer and tea).. Dont be discourged by what people will tell you, you can learn everything a psychiatrist knows. Its the cognitive behavioral techniques that a psychologist has been trained in that may be benificial... i still dont trust em though, there money grubbing feel gooders.
  8. I often trust books more than what I am tought, however i was tought that Africaners have a higher ratio of slow oxidative muscle fibers to fast twitch than whites. Ive attributted this to the fact you see alot of huge black body builders, but rarley see them do well, or even compete in "the worlds strongest man" (its more a strength competition rather than endurance). symetrically: you rarley see a white runningback of equal size move as fast as the black one. In addition to the ratio of different types of muscle fibers, ive actually read from books, ethiopians and kenians are tall and thin as a trait to easily loose heat, and move quickly across the plains. Well i boycotted becuase it was, I also felt bad for calling out a homosexual... It's not false science. Its a loose collection, a brain storm, of inferences and diffucult to prove facts... if i wanted to talk about a proven fact, i would have asked "why to ashekanzi jews have average I.Q.s of 108-112, most specifically in reading comprehention", but i doubt anyone has anything to add to the theorys i already know.
  9. That sums it up, with genetic and cultural influences of such. And attempts to tie the two together. I felt i needed alot of banter to have people properly understand.
  10. The point of this thread was not a detialed argument, but a brainstorm amoung science fellows to assist me in my own research. Most threads here are such brainstorms and not supported arguments. To assert that i have not met people of many backrounds, or that im ignorant is more bold than my own. I think my post was clear enough in its organization. IF you dont believe Ashekanzi jews have genetic factors to there psyche, you are wrong or uninformed. Indeed they are probably one of the most sterotypical races. I did not separate culture and genetics becuase there is no purpose. Arguments on both would be appreciated. Cultural influences drives selection of genetics. Understanding both is key to me. Or to say Africans dont have sterotypical aspects to there psyche is also Invalid. Its proven they have 15% greater levels of FF testosterone. If you dont understand the implications, im sorry. I could argue alot of things, it would be an 45 page essay, with citations. Thats not what my purpose is. I dont care if you draw similaritys between ancient roman behavior and modern day itialian, or if you make bold statements like "Native girls are slutty". Finding strong statements to start from, is difficult from anyone except a uneducated white supremisist. I think I said, i dont believe anyone is supperior, but we are different, natural influences have there effect. If you dont know this, if you dont understand this, you are as ignorant as the common definition of the word "racist". People are so soft these days, this thread might aswell be deleted, it was a mistake.
  11. Ok now I understand. I dont click on a persons links unless they seem intellegent.... makes sense to me.
  12. I would like this thread to be a free-for-all, but only to be read by the uneasily offended. Perhaps this will be a very touchy subject, But it is a course of interest for me. Ever since the holocaust, people have strayed away from defining Racial charectaristics. When i search for a accurate definition. I try to find the accurate root words, aswell as selective casuation for such. For example: The root for Jews tends to be Nuerotism and Xenophobia... These can be considerd defense mechanisms selected throught their history. The history of Jewish Acheivement can be derived from such (socially alienating themselves and having nothing better to do than read), coupled with perhaps a increased ability to understand words from a inbreed ability to memorize books (Torah)... Aswell possibly greater selective time in what may be considerd "Modern civilization". Even Nazi lititure has points, but bends it to the negative... Rabbinic lititure also has points, but bends it to the positive... Part of this came from reading a book on the different breeds of dogs.. we are all diffrent, we have had unique micro-evolutionary paths, and unique charecteristics (phsychological and phisical). Much of this knowlege will be lost in the future when we are all the same shade of brown. Another example of positive-negative bending is that of the irish sterotype.. One could say they are liars, but I perfer storytellers. Could this be linked to the potato famine? Hearing a good story does make one happier with an empty stomach? I totally agree with any argument that states nurture often accounts for a majority of psychological influences. What would be an situation that increases nature influences? Isolation? Social alienation? Again just go at it... Even if want to say blacks are retards.. They obviosly arent, and even if they were, they have proven supperior cordination, reaction time, and perhaps visual perception... Which is mostly to the CNS (brain). The I.Q. test has long been known to be inadaquete to what its supposed to represent. I have a feeling people wont want to touch this one.. Lets talk about race, lets talk about a part of what makes us unique... Why are indians (the first ones) so nice, trustworth, philosophical? perhaps more rooted in enviorment than the previos statments? Why do japanese seem so good at math? Why do russians seem crazy (might be the jew in them) Why are germans masters of efficiancy? Why are swiss.... wierd? Why do french hate the idea of race? Why do Aboriginies have photographic memory? Why do black people seem violent and aggressive in youth, but wise in age? Just some sample questions. No questions or answers will be considerd wrong.
  13. Damn math smarties! Even verbally retaded Einstien could answer my questions in statements, not math... actually Einstien sucked at math (1/100000 of my suckage)
  14. This doesent make sense to me. I just dont understand? I dont get social perception very well....
  15. Ok fine... first post deleted. I shouldent call people retard Socrates, thats a compliment to most. But it is an ancient concept from plato's republic "the allegory of the cave". Its the most famous from that work. Its public domain, and should be on the internet. You could consider it the ancient greek philosophical version of "the matrix". Drugs do this, no? change our reality? not that its particuarly recomendable. You'll find alot of this in eastern philosophy techniques of meditation. There is a misconcept about meditation in many young minds... Your not engaging in higher planes of thinking, your engaging in absense of thought. It may bring higher thought later afterwards though.
  16. Since i was so keen the first time.. Ill guess. Afro hair cant grow down the shoulders.. it may help in heat retention... I would guess it has to do alot with sexual selection though.. Cuacasions people dont tend to be attracted to afro hair that much... and maybe a Afrikaner can chime in, but they probably still love strait hair. Perhaps this can be seen sociologically with the 1920's ish style where black people would straigten there hair? aka sugar ray robinson (and many more, those that watch tv/movies should get this)
  17. Oh great, now i feel gay... thats funny... Disclaimer Edit: Becuase its actually funny! being a 22yo virgin with Jewy Asbergers does not make you gay (sry for the preconceptions/implications, it happens alot!, but yes very nice people)
  18. EEGs show electrical activity, PET scans show activity (glucose), X-Rays show topography(better word for the druken), MRI shows blood flow (wait is this drunk wrong?).
  19. Oh great female intellegence apon the organisation of girls/tennagers/women.... Of course its a joke, flirtings a joke on a internet forum, still a nice one (thats male deduction for you!)
  20. That has some truth to it... The religions i respect the most in no order are toasim, buddism, jainism, methodism, mormonism, reformist judaism, and someotherisms Why? Becuase they all preach respecting differences and alternate opinions, and in differnt ways.. only god can truley judge. Bill was raised catholic.. if you know about catholism, you should be able to fill in the blanks. At the same time, some of the most intuitive, intellectual, scientific men of religion have been catholic friars. I was raised methodist. There were sex-change couples at our church and we loved them as brothers/sisters. You can be a methodist if you believe god only INSPIRED the people and storys of the bible, not nessesaraly wrote it himself word for word. However i cant be a christian becuase i no longer believe in free-will. I beleive god was and is 13-20 billion years ago, did that, and is now just watching the movie he produced. I beleive all things were inspired from Jahway (YHWH, the name of god). From Hitler to Eienstien. Too that I most strongly identify with the philosophy of jainism. Reincarnation seems the perfect path of enlightenment and afterlife, but who can scientifically say they arent agnostic in respect? Bill maher has many good points.. I wish he would focus on mine. That is religion is tought to people when they are young. Maybe a psychologist could chime in, but it doesent take one to know what kids are tought at youth sticks with them. Its still criminally disgusting to me that people would teach a child things that arent fundementally known. I remember recently seeing a Islamic fundementalist video on youtube. Women are just as intellegent men. They seem to have a completly different form of intellegence. The woman said "we will teach this to them while they are young so they know of the jews". The 5 year old child went on to answer questions of the Jews... she said "decended from apes and pigs" & "responsible for all wars" & "mohhamed said to kill them (which is false)'' I cant remember if bill has this point but its true and relates to teaching religion at youth. Everyone is afraid of death. This is in our nature. Religion feeds of this. I remember as a child I was so afraid thinking about the possibility of "Lights Out" after death. Its not comforting to know this life may be all we have. How can we not want to comfort are children? Comming to elimate this fear without the comfort of afterlife is the most spiritual of tasks. Just my 25 cents, forgive me for the tyrade.
  21. Sweet! I remember before adolesance, one of those wierd discussions... my mom said something like "girls dont like to have the titties suckled". I went up to the attic, pulled out her own aged book on human sexual expression. Booya! 2-5% become aroused, right there... Booya.
  22. To say there is a specific genetic code for alchoholism is a misnomer... The code is all over the place. Such things that would regulate alchoholism would be dopamine reward pathway prevalence, social ability in modern society, ability to tie ones shoes, the prevalence of certin types of GABA (alchohol for argument)receptors, and the location and concintration of such... ext. ext. I think you get my point. This it is genetic to a degree, all drug addiction is, all will have different genetic code influences. Then ofcourse there are enviormental(nurture) factors which are probably less easily explained. I read recently in "Scientific American Mind" that alchoholism tends to effect people with more natural tolerance. This was wierd to me. I often wonderd why Native Americans (and many indiginous) have a higher disposition to alcholism(this is a fact across the geographic board). I always felt it was becuase of lack of genetic history with the substance. Darwin hadnt thined the genes yet. Why should they have more natural tolerance, infact i dont seem to observe this? It did make sense that people that get shitbrains easier are more likely to back off, and do less long term harm to themselfs.
  23. Is that evil spock? bearded? oh wait i wish i could delete, i can search. SWEET! evil spock it is.
  24. I used to watch politcally incorect after nightline religiously as a child... now it seems he is another example of a great mind becoming intolerant and inmoveable... Hes twice the jew I am, but figured it out 2 years earlier (18 to my 20)... hope no one misunderstands, we just need to be isolated with books, its the way, modern society is ****ing with are natural tendencys.
  25. Wow I feel like a retard and smart at the same time... I clicked the link and it was the first discription of selective possibilitys..... damn... retard
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