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  1. Well im getting sober and this will be my last post here, the last 4 months feels like a week and my mind is still recovering, so forgive me... I thank the creators of this site for giving and place for science to convene.. I wont return here, becuase frankly, I find this sites community offensive to its name. If its anything Aspergers syndrome can teach a normo-cephalic mind its that if you spend less time on social perception (a function of emotional intellegence) you will have more brain power to use on conception and memorization. On that point ill share a few perceptions that I have o
  2. Okay stop deleting my post just becuase im drunk and hard to understand(and admit to it), you really dont understand what knowlege is about... do you? do you want me sober? do you?????????? I have ****ing azbergers, you might aswell kick me off the bus cuz im black. (delete this too and watch you site fall from 8th grade science to 3rd.
  3. Its so complex that its not well understood. Regardless of your own opinion... taking what you will learn as a illusively generated and applying it softly is the correct way. To simply sum up this point: Theory is generated from inadaquete scans of the brain, no brain blood samples, patient interview, and statistical analaysis of varying opinions w/ different knowledge basis... its in its dark ages today, mostly a science of effect, not cuase... Take myself for example: 10 years ago i was diagnosed with social anxiety and ADD. The second time i took my adderol i had a very bad reactio
  4. this may not help, but when i cram, i study from 2-3 letter abbreviations, if you can remember them, usually your memory will jog.
  5. a big enough number that even if it was estimated, you'd remember it as "a big focking number"
  6. Well its not all nonsense... there is such a thing as self-projection in psychology... But yeh, you loaded it with metaphores as if your trying to teach a retard. Instead you look the one without understanding, tons of fallacys and overrepresentations atleast, in other words.... bullshit. Psychology is a real illusive science, you have to speak of things softly.
  7. Im relapsing too... its mainly continued depression and alchohol influenced... i often go a couple days before i even get hungry (i get calories from the beer and tea).. Dont be discourged by what people will tell you, you can learn everything a psychiatrist knows. Its the cognitive behavioral techniques that a psychologist has been trained in that may be benificial... i still dont trust em though, there money grubbing feel gooders.
  8. I often trust books more than what I am tought, however i was tought that Africaners have a higher ratio of slow oxidative muscle fibers to fast twitch than whites. Ive attributted this to the fact you see alot of huge black body builders, but rarley see them do well, or even compete in "the worlds strongest man" (its more a strength competition rather than endurance). symetrically: you rarley see a white runningback of equal size move as fast as the black one. In addition to the ratio of different types of muscle fibers, ive actually read from books, ethiopians and kenians are tall
  9. That sums it up, with genetic and cultural influences of such. And attempts to tie the two together. I felt i needed alot of banter to have people properly understand.
  10. The point of this thread was not a detialed argument, but a brainstorm amoung science fellows to assist me in my own research. Most threads here are such brainstorms and not supported arguments. To assert that i have not met people of many backrounds, or that im ignorant is more bold than my own. I think my post was clear enough in its organization. IF you dont believe Ashekanzi jews have genetic factors to there psyche, you are wrong or uninformed. Indeed they are probably one of the most sterotypical races. I did not separate culture and genetics becuase there is no purpose. Arg
  11. Ok now I understand. I dont click on a persons links unless they seem intellegent.... makes sense to me.
  12. I would like this thread to be a free-for-all, but only to be read by the uneasily offended. Perhaps this will be a very touchy subject, But it is a course of interest for me. Ever since the holocaust, people have strayed away from defining Racial charectaristics. When i search for a accurate definition. I try to find the accurate root words, aswell as selective casuation for such. For example: The root for Jews tends to be Nuerotism and Xenophobia... These can be considerd defense mechanisms selected throught their history. The history of Jewish Acheivement can be derived from
  13. Damn math smarties! Even verbally retaded Einstien could answer my questions in statements, not math... actually Einstien sucked at math (1/100000 of my suckage)
  14. This doesent make sense to me. I just dont understand? I dont get social perception very well....
  15. Ok fine... first post deleted. I shouldent call people retard Socrates, thats a compliment to most. But it is an ancient concept from plato's republic "the allegory of the cave". Its the most famous from that work. Its public domain, and should be on the internet. You could consider it the ancient greek philosophical version of "the matrix". Drugs do this, no? change our reality? not that its particuarly recomendable. You'll find alot of this in eastern philosophy techniques of meditation. There is a misconcept about meditation in many young minds... Your not engaging in higher planes
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