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  1. Gee, post a simple fact and iNow spits the dummy . The truth hurts. Ok, so what you seem to assume is that people whom inquire here have to take iNow’s word for it just like Forest Gump type morons or **** off. Speaks volumes about your level of true emotional maturity. And even more about your dubious powers of reason. Agree with iNow on everything or he won’t help with anything, sad! So do you regularly explode into reptilian fight/flight states when someone disagrees with your god like knowledge of moon walks?. What a ****ing dictator! Strike a light! And ****ing grow up! Keep taking y
  2. That sounds like any "legitimate" war. The Yanks where considered terrorists by the British back in the war of independance days. It all comes down to perspective. Maybe terrorists generally don't control a state perhaps? Terrorist don't have massive wealth? Ahh, terrorist is just not a scientific term is it.
  3. Well then, does a scientific mind just accept things like a religious zealot, or does it inquire on many levels? iNow, I know you are being facetious, but ridicule is a science killer or a nervous reaction from someone whom isn't so sure, IMO. It's funny, because paleontology is "stuff of the earth" I more familiar with, I think I could accept the gaps more readily, I totally accept the concept of evolution for example. I just don't personally know anyone who has walked on the hostile surface of the moon. I mean, we haven't even got a man down to the deepest depths of the oceans yet,
  4. Thanks, I'll take a look, and so will Egbert, my scared little inner scientist. Yes, but unmanned. That's right, but the burden back on those with meager resourses to do it. I am trying to disprove the hoax!!! So, where are the independant references, citations, etc. I'll even take a signed scribbled note (from a russian national) on some dunny paper at present. All it needs to say is -"Yep, can be done and was done". Taddah!!! Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged FFS, All I wanted was a "Russian Scientific Reference", to state that it was indeed done. And you
  5. Okay, the problem with media being the messenger of science is that it can be manipulated at too many points to mention. Think of the German population in WW2. Do you think the Nazi's would allow the truth to establish itself from outside their ideological boarders? No, and if it did succeed getting through it would be discredited and laughed upon by the Nazi hierachy and the general population would generally believe they are in the right. Extreme example I know. The point is that mainstream Russian media have recently given a lot of credibility to some hoax/propaganda theories. I'm not s
  6. Ok, I see I have bottomed out here in my quest. The only references I have to rely on to join the dots are the Murdoch style tabloid newspapers and media reports. Gee, no wonder civilized history is so obscured. A total reliance on taking someone’s word for it. Just like the word of GOD. BTW I’m not blaming anyone here; it’s just our inherent human limitations shining through. Thanks anyway. I have learnt much here in a short space of time. I just hope in the future something like Science Daily publishes more about manned interplanetary space travel. What I will do is look mo
  7. I have been confirmed an incurrable mathematical dyslexic by a specialist. Can someone please post the solution the problem: What size would a sphere of pure iridium need to be, to give it the same gravity as our Earth? You can send me a private message if you don't want to spoil it for others. cheers.
  8. So, the moon landings are not truely science then? Does this confine them to the world of politics??? If moon landings are not in scientific journals, then my little interior scientist says, they are A. Highly possible but unproven B. Pure propaganda and politiking C. A mass delusion, on par with belief in a deity - in that exact order of probability.
  9. Well, simple to prove outright. Provide a Russian satillite image of a single moon landing site that shows tracks.
  10. I’ve never moved the goal posts. Ok Mokele, one last time for your benefit. Even though I made it perfectly clear in my earliest post. I require one, yes that’s right 1, Russian, and or Chinese scientific reference to confirm a "MOON (lunar) WALK, BY AT LEAST ONE HOMO SAPIEN". The reference can not be produced by a non Russian/Chinese national, unless, it was produced while they where still a confirmed national. I’ve attempted to search the Russian science links kindly provided, but to no avail at this point in time. BTW. I’m 95% sure it happened now. And according to the s
  11. It’s not that complex if you catalogue humour under - "power and control". I speculate that basically everything we do is ultimately for personal and tribal power and/or control; over ourselves and our environment. Homo sapiens are spectacular control freaks. That’s one good reason why we excel with science and creativity compared with our fellow life forms. I know there is at least some scientific psychological/neurological research out there that explores this fascinating area. Any links would be appreciated. Some links - Humor Shown To Be Fundamental To Our Success As A Specie
  12. Damn, you're ****ing right! Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged iNow, you're lucky. I lost hope years ago...I'm hoping for a homosapien speciation, not unlike chimps and bonobos. I'll be a well dressed baboon of couse!
  13. Honestly, I'm not even certain that I have a clean pair of black socks in my draws at present, so I better go look. Gotta go! Cheers.
  14. The only thing I found obviously unreliable (in the Docu) was the talk about Captain Pizarro leading 170 conquistadors to victory against 80000 Incas! Look, I can believe the microbes hypothesis being primarily responsible for this victory, but not the talk of horses, muskets and swords. I think Captain Pizarro ensured a over inflated legend for himself.
  15. I’m a socialist right winger, in favour of benevolent dictatorships. Nah! Democratic Socialist Greenie (idealist:embarass:).
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