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  1. Considering that a majority of hemostatics have many more side effects, while this you just rub on the wound, I don't see how it isn't revolutionary. This was on their site.
  2. http://www.businessinsider.com/a-17-year-old-invented-vetigel-stops-bleeding-instantly-2015-6 I think this is revolutionary. It will dramatically change how Healthcare is done.
  3. What do you mean by ratio? Is it the amount of kills per seconds till the first death? Also, there are many factors that influence the outcome of the game. Kill ratio in terms of first death has no affect, really. It can give a better idea, but not a good idea.
  4. I don't know if this has been done before, but I thought of an idea where people can install a java program that takes all the mouse clicks from your computer and sends it to a webserver so people can make apps that use those mouse clicks to carry out a function, i.e. making music from all the user's mouse clicks or making an analysis app. What do you think?
  5. Let's say AI becomes so advanced that they are human-like. Will it ever happen?
  6. I think we should investigate how the outerspace treaty would work based on how countries react to international seas Treat by the United Nations. It could give some perspective.
  7. I took a whack at the conjecture, and here is a function I developed, though it could be unhelpful: [math]H_{k}(\theta)=\left \{ f(\theta),... \right \}\begin{pmatrix} 0 & \phi _{1,0} &\cdots \\ \phi _{0,1}& 0 & \cdots \\ \vdots & \vdots & \ddots \end{pmatrix},\{t=u\}[/math] Now what I did was take the unit circle and apply a unit second to each section of the unit circle: Each function with the H(theta) function represents the angular position of each "runner." In the matrix, each non-zero value is the distance between each player based on the position of each runner during time t(positive value). Now, what I did is I took the determinant of the matrix containing the angular distance between each runner at t=1 when the position functions for 3 runners is f(theta) = theta, g(theta) = 2theta, and k(theta) = 3theta, since each runner has to have a distinct velocity. [math]H_{3}\left ( \frac{\pi }{6} \right )=\left \{ \theta, 2\theta, 3\theta \right \}\begin{pmatrix} 0 & \frac{\pi }{6} & \frac{2\pi }{6}\\ \frac{\pi }{6} & 0 &\frac{\pi }{6} \\ \frac{2\pi }{6} &\frac{\pi }{6} & 0 \end{pmatrix},\left \{ t=1 \right \}=\frac{\pi ^{3}}{54}[/math] I then subtract that determinant by 1/k, which is 1/3. I get the value [math]\frac{\pi^3 - 18}{54}[/math], which is less than 1/3. My conjecture about this is that if the difference between the determinant and 1/3 always remains smaller than or equal to 1/k, then it shows that each runner will be lonely at least once. However, this is not proven. However, it might be something. The reasoning I have for this conclusion, however, is that if it was not lower than or equal to 1/3, then there will always be 1 or more runners who are met up by one of the other runners and it will always occur. I can see that it would occur if acceleration was a factor involved in the problem. Here is the mathematical statement: [math]\lim_{k \to \infty } H_{k}(\theta)-\frac{1}{k} \leq \frac{1}{k}[/math] Or [math]\lim_{k \to \infty } \frac{H_{k}(\theta)}{2}\leq \frac{1}{k}[/math] EDIT: the other unit circle was just too big.
  8. I am struggling somewhat with the problem. Thanks for the reassurance. I think the modularity comes from how the problem can be represented: I guess you could represent this as a clock with six hands and differently-sized gears. Question is will there be any time when the gear rotations will allow such conditions to have the point on each hand to be a certain distance from the other hands.
  9. So, I saw the definition of the conjecture: A runner is said to be lonely at time t if he is at a distance of at least 1/k from every other runner at time t. The lonely runner conjecture states that each runner is lonely at some time. And then it asks "Can the Lonely runner conjecture be proved for k≥8?" What confuses me about the statement is it seems it is asking if it can be proven for smaller distances. Why would that be difficult to prove? I thought it would be more trivial that way(not saying it's a simple problem). Would it not be harder to prove it for larger distances?
  10. That would be a weird bug unless the technique they are using to attach files is very 'wrong.' Unless the server is sending the message in the wrong way in return, this should never happen.
  11. Denialists are cold-blooded animals; no matter how hot it gets, they can't tell the difference. It's not there fault I guess. They were born that way, you know?

  12. I am confused. This was simply an analogy? It doesn't remove the fact that your claims have no evidence. I am done here.
  13. I wanted you to retract your statement, in regard to our "debate," that we know that intentional fires are what are a part of the problem and are occurring in this context, as you have stated.
  14. I don't see anything in the thread that is useful for this discussion.
  15. Well, that makes things a bit more clear. I was about to do my research.
  16. Something can have a patent and not work, I think. I think some of Tesla's patents are examples. However, correct me if I am wrong.
  17. Either present evidence of your claim or retract your statement/admit your statement is false. EDIT: This is going to be the last time or I think you will be found guilty of breaking the forum rules that require evidence for a claim in this section or other sections of this forum for that matter.
  18. Seems like you are dodging the question. Provide evidence or admit you are incorrect.
  19. This is why I hate when politics get involved in science... I don't know if the allegations are true or not and I am not going to assume anything at the moment. However, the "MagneGas" seems to be legitimate, but I don't know if it is or not. Why isn't it being advertised or even investigated further?
  20. But if you are stating that there have been intentional fires, can you provide the evidence that they were intentional?
  21. I think his point is the intention of the authors of each product. I think it has been stated by many other programmers is that standardization of a language is in context with the standard operating system used. .NET is mainly a Windows-based framework that has the intention of running .NET applications, i.e. C# applications. Wikipedia: On the other hand, the other languages are not as closed in to a "mother" operating system because they weren't design with intention to a particular OS in the first place. I think that presents his point.
  22. There is evidence. However, evidence that you will accept is a different discussion.
  23. It is not an attack on character, rather an proclamation of how far irrationality has reached into the debate, considering rationality is based on logic and reasoning, implication of evidence.
  24. Well, considering that a species succeed by surviving in particular environments and then having offspring that live on and animals have to acquire certain traits in order to survive in such environments, having similar traits in a geographic location can be common, if this is true.
  25. Sometimes even irrationality can reach a new low.
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