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  1. Just imagine: Rust on Rails.

    1. Sato


      A Rails-like framework for Rust? I think Nickel and Iron are going their own way.

  2. I don't see how the data is being fit with the theory when the trend is obvious, unless you have an explanation that has evidence supporting it.
  3. I don't see how this confirms my post as "mostly wrong," as you just further confirmed my point. Although, I could change the wording from slow to "relatively slow to other languages such as Java and C++." However, I don't see how that affects my point that C# shouldn't be that high in the list, considering that other languages have more favorable speed and efficiency, in my opinion. The second point I agree and disagree with. While I would say that equal importance should be placed on all language in regards to their features, the list gives emphasis on "good scope." I don't see how that is so. I was referring to the fact that efficiency is very important in web development due to how stringent it is to keep web applications up to speed in order to keep user-end responses fast so that customers do not fall away from a particular product. This is due to the attention span of the common user. Considering how web-based our society is now and how business opportunities rest in this area, I would say C# falls lower than PHP. However, this does not make C# completely void, but I did not state it was void in the first place. I would say my post was implying that point, although it may not have seemed to be. Again, the article was concerned with "good scope," and I don't believe, and challenged the point of, C# fits that high in regard to that requirement. EDIT: I would like to present the big BUT in this situation because we are describing this in "good scope" This is why I like/hate debates like this. While it is true that one language is more efficient, standardization and popular use is to be taken into consideration, which is probably why it was so high on the list. Ruby on Rails, for example, is not actually that great in comparison to other packages.
  4. Why not just get an anti-aircraft weapon and replace the ammo with less-lethal ammunition? EDIT: This is starting to deviate from the actual topic lol. It would be interesting to see if a "people's" nation could be formed in international seas/airspace, since it is under United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.
  5. I would have to criticize the list as there are some languages on there that don't make sense for their position: Microsoft C#: While it is pretty good for developing Windows Applications, it can get pretty slow if you are developing a huge application, which is what is most likely going to occur in business. Many sidesteps have to be taken to account for this. PHP, I would think, would be higher in the list considering how web-server application development is becoming more important in the market of web development. From there, I think web development languages are equal in importance. That's just my opinion though.
  6. Airspace[1] is the portion of the atmosphere controlled by a country above its territory, including its territorial waters or, more generally, any specific three-dimensional portion of the atmosphere. It is not the same asaerospace, which is the general term for Earth's atmosphere and the outer space in its vicinity. Controlled airspace[2] exists where it is deemed necessary that air traffic control has some form of positive executive control over aircraft flying in that airspace (however, air traffic control does not necessarily control traffic operating under visual flight rules (VFR)[3] within this airspace). Uncontrolled airspace[4] is airspace in which air traffic control does not exert any executive authority, although it may act in an advisory manner.Airspace may be further subdivided into a variety of areas and zones, including those where there are either restrictions on flying activities or complete prohibition of flying activities. By international law, the notion of a country's sovereign airspace corresponds with the maritime definition of territorial watersas being 12 nautical miles (22.2 km) out from a nation's coastline. Airspace not within any country's territorial limit is considered international, analogous to the "high seas" in maritime law. However, a country may, by international agreement, assume responsibility for controlling parts of international airspace, such as those over the oceans. For instance, the United States provides air traffic control services over a large part of the Pacific Ocean, even though the airspace is international.
  7. Coincidentally, I was just considering that, since international waters don't have the same regulations. Using particular methods, as you said, I can use sea water as both a source of energy, water, and hydrogen.
  8. That reminds me of the movie where the lower-class live on the environmentally-destroyed Earth while the higher class live on some orbiting space ship in the sky. Can't remember the name of the movie though. EDIT: The movie is Elysium.
  9. Well, tbh, the reason I ask this is because I was planning onto developing a "cloud-home" of my own using traditional bimp technology. The design would be something along these lines, except dome-shaped instead of the regular design: Of course, it's only a design I am basing it off of and it's mostly something to build in the future if I get the time/money.
  10. Well, an agency recently tested networking software that I had developed and the test was successful. My software might be used by the agency in the future. I am excited.

  11. If those countries have established that geography is what defines their space property, then they automatically claim an infinite amount of space that sits above their nation, outside of Earth. Seems a bit greedy, imo unless that is not what they meant. But why would it be illegal or should it be illegal?
  12. I was thinking about how, in the future, there will be cloud-homes or cloud cities, maybe. However, the question is it illegal to have one at the moment? If one were to be built(theoretically), would it be against the law? Is there any law against limits on how high it can go, legally?
  13. There have been interviews of hackers and here is a list of reasons that have been given as to why they commit these activities: Want to expose information Want to bring down the website for political purposes/opinions Trying to keep information secret Trying to steal information Wanting to feel power Curiosity Seeing if you can do it Want to expose a problem in the system Money
  14. So, I was watching this documentary about the obesity of a truck driver: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTAEvlKvRv8 Summary: A truck driver(the focus of the discussion) is obese because he is forced to unhealthy foods due to the requirements of his job. I think a way to solve a part of the obesity problem is to automate the movement of products geographically. The problem is the American economy relies on transportation of goods in order to keep the system moving as it is. I think the broad solution is to automate jobs that relate to this movement of goods. This would mean that people would have the ability to spend more time on their health rather than on tasks that involved 24/7 movement, such as truck driving. What is your opinion? Is there a deeper problem than this?
  15. My thought on suffering is that a majority of it is caused by humanity itself(besides natural disasters and such). I think this describes my thought:
  16. It's weird because I would think that one who is willing to leave "God's" creation hindered by human effect would be more of worthy of hell than anything.
  17. No, I was just stating the fact that I don't know where these people got the idea that life is for suffering. Where is the origin of the ideology. Although I don't have the answer, I think a solution can be developed. In the past, there was no such thing as the State, but here we are now.
  18. I don't see how the people trying to reach the afterlife feel that this life is meant for suffering. We may cause the suffering in very many instances, but I don't see how the fundamental aspects of a majority of the religions promote that we are to suffer, rather than try to rid the suffering caused by humanity. What is the source of this thinking, in regards to how these people came up with that idea.
  19. There are many conspiracy theories that surround this idea, and they talk about the formation of the New World Order, or a one-world government. However, nobody seems the question what the problem with a one-world government would be. So, is there any reason to not have one?
  20. You forgot about the turtles holding up the Earth.
  21. From what I can see in the video, it just seemed like an overreaction that caused his death. From what was said, he didn't do anything besides not communicate with them at all. In fact, it seemed like they got impatient and when to full lengths because they got really angry.
  22. I find this revolting: http://www.foxsanantonio.com/news/features/top-stories/stories/graphic-video-fort-bliss-soldier-moments-before-his-death-while-custody-12884.shtml#.VVsmaUZGSd5 When is the system going to change? I don't know if there were racial implications or simply police officers being jealous of this guy's position, or them being impatient. It has got to stop. People talk about passing laws. Why can't we just enforce the laws that we already have?
  23. Sorry for the long wait. Yeah, I meant length. I used wireshark to detect this, and it turns out it takes 1742 Bytes for MS Access to send a request(at least with my query). Thanks for the help.
  24. How many bytes are required to send a query to a mysql server over the web? I know it is relative to the data being sent, but let's just say we are only sending 4 integers and 1 date/time type. What is the required bandwidth to do this? EDIT: Let's also assume that an ODBC is being used to make this connection.
  25. I said the samething, but the problem is getting the people educated enough to be able to fix such things, considering the education within the United States. A majority of the people in these jobs are not qualified for such mechanical work.
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