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  1. Well from what I heard, it seems pretty clear that the word 'hack' or 'hacking' is a very numb term for either stealing or looking for information.
  2. I have been asking myself all day, why do some hack? To hack is in my opinion, to be mean or cruel. It is stealing private information. But I wanted to ask, why hack the CIA or NSA or FBI to steal information. The hacker already knows he is gonna be tracked and get captured by them. So whats to point of hacking? If I was a hacker I would hack a bank or something really expensive... What would you hack or why do you think about hacking the government? IAstroVIz
  3. I tend to use JavaScript, it's simple, it's easy and not to complicated...
  4. Judging someone in a negative way is very unethical. is just a metaphor for judging other people and not even knowing them at all... The metaphor literally says "Read the book, before trying to say it's bad"
  5. I have made a theory about Relativity. It goes like this: m1 * c ÷ m2 = A time space Paradox! (I lazily did this, so don't judge me...) So if for example, you throw a clock into a strong gravitational point, time will get slower. That is what Relativity states. But what if you throw an m1 at the speed of light through a gravitational point in space. Would time either go in the past or future? I don't know, but the clock that was thrown in at the speed of light will end up in the past or the future. m1 falls in at c | | \/ "Time-net" (That's how I nicknamed it) 'now' __________________________________________ __________________________________________ x <= Gravitational point __________________________________________ __________________________________________ Either past or future "Time-net" | \/ __________________________________________ ___________________________________________ x __________________________________________ ___________________________________________ etc... Now this is a complete theory and I don't know if this is possible at all... But we as humans are curious and like to 'adventure' out of our boundaries, am I right? P.S.
  6. We Humans were always creative. As Neandertalers we created tools to survive and artwork to show heritage. But why? Why do we do this? Why aren't we like the other living beings on earth, that 'do what they have to do'? Why do we sometimes want to know more than we have to? Our human nature is very interesting. It reacts to differently to other situations. That's why humans are called intelligent beings. What are your thoughts? IAstroViz
  7. Thinking about stuff to post...

  8. General relativity states that, time ticks slower when you get closer to a gravitational point in space. But can time actually reverse? I mean it's not impossible.
  9. To correct you, the earth need to be as big as a peanut... So density affects gravity! Or is it more complicated?
  10. So to simplify it, if you would condense the earth to an apple, it would have the same gravitational force like it did before?
  11. Gravity is higher on a object with a bigger mass and attracts smaller objects to it. But I have a theory. I will use this picture as an asset. What if m2 has a bigger density but is much smaller than m1, which is larger and is not extremely dense as m2. Would the gravitational pull be higher on m2 or would m1 still have more gravitational pull than m2? IAstroVIz
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