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  1. Oops, a typo. I was talking to a few people about this. Some say it won't happen because it will cost jobs. I say we should continue down this route.
  2. If you haven't heard, Nevada is beginning to use self-driving cards. Not fully self-driving, but enough to stir some discussion. http://www.extremetech.com/extreme/205160-sign-of-the-apocalypse-as-daimler-unleashes-self-driving-trucks-in-nevada-hardly Anyways, I think this should begin a discussion about the future of strategy and how self-driving(running) vehicles or units will enter us into a new age of strategy, mainly real-time strategy. As technology gets perfected and the reliance of human uncertainty will grow nill, real-time strategy simulations will become more realistic due to the certainty of this technology. This means that real-time strategy games will become more useful in the future in regards to growing the next generation into this new mindset of strategy. Do you think this will be the case?
  3. So, I began working on assignment recently, and it came to me how much information is on Wikipedia. Vast amounts of it are there and viewable by any user. However, the problem I find is there is information, but too much information. I want to find out something about a particular topic and want to see the information that relates to the question I have or simply want to satisfy curiosity. Another problem is Wikipedia is not always up-to-date. It relies on people being willing to go to the article and edit with proper information. Therefore, I propose a new type of Wikipedia software that solves those two major problems, in my opinion. The one idea involves using the Tumblr structures, where there are no official blogs, but blogs are are simply home for each blog post. While wikipedia does do this on some level, it does it in a way where it can get messy in what relates to what, so-to-speak. To solve the second problem, I think we can go to social media to solve this problem. Social media is a fast-moving highway of information, where people display information about current events. If there were a way to get this information to be on the page it relates to, it can provide the user with a more up-to-date understanding of events. What do you think of the idea? Would it become too complex?
  4. Oops, thank you for catching that. I didn't see that. Nevermind, it is O(n).
  5. There is a difference between the exact run time and worst case scenarios in terms of Big-O notation. If we remove all constants and replace them with c, we could get the following: int sum = 0; for(int i=0; i<10; i++) for(int j=0; j<N; j++) for(int k=N-2; k<N+2; k++) sum = sum + k; c+c*N((-N+2)+N+2) + c And since we are only concerned with N: c+c*N(4) + c O(N) So, this is O(n). EDIT: Error caught by John, should be O(n).
  6. I know it is a no solution problem, but I was taking a look at it through the use of a limit and wanted to see whether this approach was valid. Given that [math]\lim_{n\rightarrow \infty }\frac{x+1}{x}[/math]. We can apply this to 1^x = 2, which can be turned into [math]log_{1}(2) = x[/math]. [math]x = \frac{log(2)}{log(1)}[/math] Now, this is undefined. Therefore, we can take the limit by applying the above together. [math]x = \lim_{n\rightarrow \infty }\frac{log(2)}{log(\frac{n+1}{n})}[/math] [math]x = \infty[/math] Is this math wrong? I am assuming some of it is, though checked wolfram: http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=limit+of+x+approaching+infinity+of+log%282%29%2Flog%28%28x%2B1%29%2Fx%29 The reason this would be inconsistent is because you could choose any value for the top logarithm and still get the same answer. Just interested in the meaning of it.
  7. You are taking the derivative in regards to which variable? If so, is r the constant or simply another variable? We need more information.
  8. I am wondering, was the failure of the Space X landing due to the design of the rocket or just a malfunction/non-working part?

  9. I am wondering, was the failure of the Space X landing due to the design of the rocket or just a malfunction/non-working part?

  10. I am wondering, was the failure of the Space X landing due to the design of the rocket or just a malfunction/non-working part?

  11. That is mostly, though I don't know if it would apply fully. Probably does.
  12. The idea would be that because each planet(assuming that the aliens that are intelligent think this way) should have a common government, there would need to be a way to merge or develop a new world government in order to join this hypothetical galactic/universal government. Here lies the problem. If we try to found a new government, there could be two ways we would go: war or peace. War because if there is the development of a common government, there would be conflict with how to develop it, along with other conflicts such as racism and such. Will this happen, if intelligent life does find us and add us to this hypothetical galactic government? Or would we simply kill ourselves off?
  13. Ladies and gents, warp drive has just been invented.

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    2. Unity+


      http://www.wired.co.uk/news/archive/2014-08/07/10-qs-about-nasa-impossible-drive I would think this article gave some explanation as to the controversey though. Wired might just be sensationalist, though.
    3. too-open-minded


      The Alcubierre drive? Or is this different?

    4. ajb


      That is different to EM drives.


  14. That moment when you thought the exam was today, but then check to realize it is next week. Luckily I didn't study at all before today. :))

  15. So, I wrote a paper on my idea on the Panopticon and its relation to society, questioning the existence of democracy. Got a 97% on it.

  16. I managed to develop a hashcode equation that decrease the amount of collisions of a large book from 79192 collisions to 28 collisions. I'm proud.

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    2. MonDie


      Tell me, how are hash functions like SHA1 used to secure webpages in SSL? I'm looking at hashes on HTTPS certificates, but they're meaningless to me.

    3. Unity+


      Well, my hash function isn't meant for security purposes, but is meant for putting entries into a list without having to search through the whole list of items. Hashcodes assign an index of an entry into a particular index of an array. Since a hashcode % arraysize can have similarities, there are collisions.

    4. Unity+


      http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cryptographic_hash_function I think the way it works is the hashcode function is one-way, therefore the hash values are not decryptable. That is just my interpretation of it, though.
  17. Well, the mechanic of breaking into pseudo-websites(which will consist of a community of people) and having people control these websites when they take control of it through the ways I have mentioned will be the MMO aspect. It will pretty much a Command and Conquer type deal.
  18. 1) So does the GTA series, yet it still is a popular series. However, this game is not supposed to promote illegal activity. It educates people about how it is done and the battle between those who fight for a secure Internet access and those who are the black hats. 2) "People committed to circumvention of computer security. This primarily concerns unauthorized remote computer break-ins via communication networks such as the Internet (Black hats), but also includes those who debug or fix security problems (White hats), and the morally ambiguous Grey hats. See Hacker (computer security)." This game's intention implements this ideal as a game mechanic.
  19. So, the idea comes down to developing an MMORPG that educates people about how hacking really works. It isn't like a regular MMORPG, but it copy's elements in some ways. In this case, the way this "game" works is the world you are navigating in, the webpages, is only explored through by finding bugs within the webpages to get to the next webpage. This could mean breaking into a password-protected admin page or finding ways to exploit the system to get passwords that allow you to access other parts of the website. The more websites you are able to access, the more "points" you get for doing so. There would also be a ranking system based on how long it takes you to enter an area of "solve a puzzle." So, what do you people think of the idea?
  20. Hmm, I might do research on this then. Just exploring the idea.
  21. I don't know if this method has ever been thought of or if it would be efficient, but from what I hear there is a lot of space debri that is in space(not man-made) that may be valuable resources. I was thinking maybe there could be a way to gather this space dust and use it as a valuable resource. Is this an idea to investigate?
  22. Data structures are so useful, especially Hashtables.

  23. So, I want to implement some encryption into my webpage in relation to some data pertaining to IP Addresses. I want to use XOR encryption since it seems to be more efficient for smaller strings. However, after researching for a bit, there are apparently ways to crack XOR encryption through pattern recognition. So, is it an encryption method I should use for smaller data?
  24. These flowers change color when they aren't even growing, you are talking about flowers absorbing the coloring from their food. It seems that is what they are going for.
  25. The only seemingly relevant concept that was on Google was super matrices. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supermatrix
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