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  1. re: unexceptable verbalizations of an idiotic presumption of a "White/Black racist dichotomy I am as serious as a heart attack. In an economic situation, if you would insist on using such objectional terminology, you would find your butt in the office explaining yourself. In a situation where the office would not be an option, you would find my face in yours, and if that didn't work, you could very well find my fist there. Are you willing to fight for your 'right' to call me what I am not? You don't, and that is the point I am willing to fight for. You can not make any accurate judgements concerning my cultural background based on myelin concentrations. Such determinations can only be accurately ascertained by actually knowing what my individual cultural situation is. Your instantaneuos 'street' decisions based on a white/black dichotomy are pragmatically inaccurate and socially unexceptable. I am not "White", and if you insist that I am, I can and will accurately label you as someone who is making 'racist street decisions' and should be treated as such. They would most likely be European/African/Americans, unless they were North African/Americans. We exist in a complicated world, and if our world thrives, it will most likely became more complex, and not let the forces of entropy degrade it to increasingly simplistic rest states. aguy2(amen)
  2. I, for one, am sick and tired of being refered to as "white". I am a "European/American" and have been making loud and persistent objections whenever I hear this objectionable and inaccurate cognomen. aguy2
  3. 400k+ troops would only have been more effective if coupled with effective policies like ridding their national army's professional ranks of Saddam's family, clan, and other 'political hacks'. aguy2
  4. Both of these seem to be good points. A Nato sanctioned air campaign could very well led to the Sunni/Baathists doing a regime change. aguy2
  5. 1) The 'surgical assainations' fail and/or get caught, bringing those that authorized them into the World Court and their nation condemned to political and economic isolation. 2) The 'surgical assainations' are wildly successful and become a wildly popular new 'norm' for political expression. Everybody starts exterminating everybody elses political leadership and get so good at it that governments everywhere find themselves disfunctionally leaderless. aguy2 ps. 'Cashiering' their military science practitioners, after these professionals obviously offered up the very rare gift of the 'token resistance' of a National Army to an invading armed force. This rare gift was not a thing to be so disrespectfully treated.
  6. You may be seeing no problem with this type of violation of the C limit and of course presuming, as you seem to, in a isometric, spherical expansion this phenomenon would likely be the case, but a more limited pulse/jet model could very well avoid what I would see as a violation of C. aguy2
  7. I would contend that the all matter, visible universe seems to be acting as if it were a pulse of ideal liquid that began to lose momentum 3.5 billion years ago, and thus transitioned into an increasingly turbulent state, which we quite correctly have been interpreting as an accelerating expansion of the all matter, visible universe we are embedded in. I am contending that the visible, all matter universe is not the result of an isometric, spherical expansion, but is the result of a pulse of matter being ejected from a much reduced but still exant BB event/body and the high likelyhood that a similarly massive ejection of anti-matter occured at the other pole of the still exant BB event/body. This proposed model is a version of the oscillating universe model. The only fundamental change from the standard model is that it presumes that the pre-inflationary epoch BB event/body displayed a high degree of angular momentum. aguy2(amen)
  8. If one makes a detailed examination of reality, from the pov of matter/energy, time/space can legitimately seen to only exist as dimensions of matter/energy interactions, but it has been becoming more and more possible to express matter/energy in terms of temporal/spatial processes to the point where matter/energy can be seen as having no real existence other than the dimensions of temporal/spatial interactions. Many string theories postulate the very real possibility of up to 11 dimensions. These 'extra' dimensions would be very small and tightly convoluted in on themselves. To cut to the chase, there is a real possibility that there is no such thing as matter 'point' particles, but only these highly convoluted eddies of temporal/spatial movement, and what we called energy can be explained in terms of how these convoluted temporal/spatial eddies interact with one another. aguy2
  9. This is highly speculatively on my part, but I would think that what we are calling 'our' soul would be more akin to a shiver of 'time/space glass' and not electrical at all. I would further speculate that this 'shiver' comes directly from our Creator and when we are in a dream state goes back to whense it came and does a 'core dump' of what would otherwise be a sensory data overload of our last waking period. Thus not only would we be carrying a miniture reflection of our Creator during our waking hours, our Creator could be keeping track of our individual and collective activity without direct observation, because, as our physicists are finding out, direct observations of interactions effect their outcome. aguy2(amen)
  10. Aren't you saying that 1 = 0 ? aguy2(amen)
  11. Thank you for giving me another indication that the 'temporal causal loop' is volitively discontinuous. aguy2(amen)
  12. The model I am working with posits that the visible, all matter universe is not itself rotating, but is a result of a pre-inflationary BB event/body that was. All that would be necessary is that whatever the pre-inflationary BB event/body rotation or rotations would take, its angular momentum would of necessity be 'translatable' to the newly forming sub-atomic 'particles'. aguy2
  13. Logix asked, "Why did we evolve?" "Natural selection" might due for "How did we evolve?", but it would not seem to suffice as an answer to the question "Why did we evolve". aguy2
  14. Have you heard anything about a cosmological oscillation model that posits that the visible, all matter universe is the result of an angular momentum generated jet/pulse from a still extant BB event/body? aguy2
  15. Yup, I've seen the pattern. Of course one can take the position that the '33-'45 whammer jammer was 'Armagedon Won'. WWII can be seen as what should have been the final defeat of parochol/paganism expressed as flag/state worship in Deutschland, and worship of a man as God, as expressed in Japan. We would really have to work a lot harder than we are to come up with a bigger and more decisive defeat of the forces of fascism and idolatry, but of course we could flaunt the fact that collectively we are dumber than a bag of bricks, and look forward to the really 'big one' and not back at it? aguy2
  16. No one has even mentioned Sunni/Syria or Sunni/Turkey. The Persains must know that an actual invasion on their part would instigate all out war between Shi'a/Persains and Sunni/Arabs and possibly Sunni/Turks. Nonetheless I would think the best guess for the US to get out of this mess is to diplomatically encourage de facto Syrian and Iranian protectorates over their respective co-religionists. aguy2
  17. Britain has general elections before Us. If the British elected a man and a party that for the time being could assume leadership of the 'free world', I would think most Americans would go along with a 'lower profile' in world affairs. aguy2
  18. I was born and raised on the south edge of Erie. It has been quite awhile since I have been to Canada, but the words clean, sane, and boring come to mind. If anyone is interested my son keeps me awash in conspiracy theories stuff on the coming "CanAmMex Super State" or is it "MexCanAm"? The 'buffs' are all worked up about the political/military Naftacation of Norda Amercia, but I don't think it is bad idea at all. aguy2
  19. This is a pretty good historical analysis. It was something like this I was refering to when I asked ParanioA, "Didn't we learn anything from Socrates!" I probably should have made it clearer that I wasn't refering directly to Plato's 'take' on his thought. aguy2(amen)
  20. Currently we have 20 battle ready brigades; 17 of which are presently fully engaged. They are attempting to suppress approximately 100K combatants, or around 1/1000th of Muslim manpower potentials. Not 'getting' Ben Ladin may be the only positive military legacy this administration has accomplished. I would think it would be easier to negotiate with an aging man in poor health, than a 'mythologized historical figure'. aguy2(amen)
  21. Are the poilitians to be the only ones left with any freedoms. The Constitional freedoms we plebes once held have all but been completely rescinded. Have you heard the story of the Canadian engineer of Syrian origin being pulled from a plane in transit through JFK, wisked off to Syria to be tortured for ten months before they figurered out that, "Oops, wrong fella"? They wouldn't even give him plane fare home, and our courts say that according to the new laws, he is shit out of luck and doesn't even get an apology. Enpowered technology has led to the possibility of monitoring every telephone call and email in the country, but would you want to make any bets of the politicians having access to secure communications? I would think that freedom and power are exchangable commodities. If one wants to wield power, one should be willing to give up some of your freedoms (like psycholgical medical records) in exchange for the opportunity to wield power. I would agree that if "The Test" where legally manditory it would be wide open for eventual abuse. My contention is that only the creeps we want to keep out of public life would not volunteer. aguy2(amen)
  22. I in no way implied "The Test" should be required. Reasonably honest men who know they aren't sociopathic opportunists will want to do so voluntarily. Of course not volunteering might be seen the same way the law sees not 'volunteering' for a breath-o-lizer test, except for not presuming the non-tester to be 'guilty', but presuming the non-tester to be incapable of feeling guilt at all. aguy2(amen)
  23. Well, that is what I was proposing. A polygraph test could prove to be very effective in detecting a total lack of guilt, due to a total lack of a conscious. aguy2(amen)
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