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  1. _______________ This sentance(sp) you are now reading is false... Am I to assume that this sentence is false? aguy2
  2. It would seem that 'biological life' has rejected random, accidental mutation as an agent of 'change', in favor of a sexual reproduction that emphasizes 'purposeful volition' over 'accidental randomness'. aguy2
  3. How should we be responding militarily to the 'insurgents' using 'suicide bombers' like 'artillary shells'? aguy2
  4. Gabriel supposedly tells Mohammad that there are [other] devils out there, but that they are a long way away and not to worry about them. aguy2
  5. Any thoughts on appropriate responses to an 'asymmetric warfare' situation? aguy2
  6. 'Biological evolution' may represent the 'core values' of an Intelligent Designer. aguy2
  7. I would see a 'preferred direction' as an indicator that the 'visible, matter universe' may be the result of a 'pulse/jet' that has lost 'momentum', and may be 'expanding' while 'regressing'. aguy2
  8. I've come to this thread rather late in its 'evolution', but I think you have 'hit the nail on the head' here. I think 'silkworm' et al are wrong if they see 'culture' as a 'side issue'. I tend to see differing 'cultural' prospectives as a very real replacement of 'speciation' and 'biological evolution' as the central 'driving force' behind adaptive change, and our common tendency to 'dehumanize' or 'despeciate' cultural 'adversaries' as our greatest threat to intermediate range survival and continued 'dominance' of our environment. aguy2
  9. aguy2

    All Mighty?

    I think it may be appropriate at this stage of our intellectual development to begin to emphasize the 'conditional' nature of the process we and our Creator could be envolved in, coupled with reducing the emphasis we place on the all-powerfulness of our Creator. aguy2
  10. aguy2

    All Mighty?

    Might, 'might' means something other than 'power'. aguy2
  11. Do you think there would any substantitive differences between the phrases: "if it was consciously directed" and "if it was consciously encouraged"? aguy2
  12. Cap'n Refsmmat, Your rebuttal doesn't address the "Argument from Inevitability". aguy2
  13. I agree with you. I was speculating that the generalized 'lay' perspective is usually 'newer is better'. aguy2
  14. bascule, Bye-in-large this was a well written treatment. I especially liked the concept of 'sheltering', but nonetheless it contains what I think are some important misconceptions. If extropic precursors had not developed, the universe would not have supported biological life. On one hand sub-atomic particles had to readily form relatively stable, extropic H and HE atoms and early stars had to be able to manufacture heavier elements. On another hand the slight instabilities (valences, ect) in elements where necessary if elements where to develop into the precursors of biological life. There seems to be a pattern of extropy taking two steps forward and one back. Your treatment seems to ignore that biological life is itself a result of an 'ongoing, staged process' that generally leads to increased extropy, but an extropy whose slight entropic tendencies permit the development of the next stage of increased complexity. aguy2
  15. Rommel's 9th Div. which lead the breakout from the Ardennes to the Channel was equiped almost exclusively with Czech armor. aguy2
  16. I've heard that the 'angular momentum' of the system is conserved, with terra's loss in 'rotational' a.m. being translated into an increase in lunar 'orbital' a.m. If this is true I find it very strange that a.m. can switch between rotational and orbital forms. aguy2
  17. At 1st I thought I might go with a dry 'rapier' wit, but I've settled on a 'intellectual bludgeon'. Pick your weapon or pick your nose; either way your in a pickle. Take your best shot, but I must warn you that I'm willing to die laughing. aguy2
  18. Might I say that QM is small/fast and SR relates it to large/slow? aguy2
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