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  1. bascule' date=' There was a taker, but you chose not to follow up on it. Here is a site with some visuals (fig.3&4) of hydro pulses, that may prove helpful. http://www.physics.nmt.edu/~dynamo/PJRX/Results.html My contention is that the visible universe is acting as if it is an ideal liquid [b']pulse[/b] that has transited from a laminar (even) flow to the presently observed turbulent condition. aguy2
  2. As in, "investing everything all it had into its creation"? I would rather hope not. It would be highly problematic if there would be a equitable return on the investment. aguy2
  3. If there was pulse/jet it was me. aguy2 [edit] Also "Could the Universe be Collapsing" 11/15/04 Martin told me that until my musing showed themselves to be predictive to kick back on my island and muse. I took his advice till I had a prediction with possible new empirical support.
  4. FWIW = For What Its Worth FWIW, I did a treatment called "Collapsing Universe?" in Oct. 2003, and by means outside my control (it got picked up as a blog) it has gotten a number of unaccountably high search engines ratings.FWIW http://physics.about.com/b/a/034824.htm Its non-professional presentation not withstanding, the 'model' presented made a serious prediction. To whit: "In our matter cone this secondary center of gravity might be seen in the conjectured "Great Attractor" in the area of Virgo Cluster." There is a reasonable possibility that CMB data may support the above prediction. The 2003 treatment is in need of a serious restatement, and I would like to do it here, in what I consider to be a user friendly, accustomed environment. The cosmological 'model' I am attempting to present makes a number of presumptions, among which are: 1) The pre-inflationary era Universe displayed a high degree of Angular Momentum. 2) The inflationary era was the result of a pulse/jet erupting from both poles of the event/body of the pre-inflationary Universe. 3) It would be expected that one of the polar pulse/jets would be largely anti-matter and the other largely matter. 4) The matter pulse/jet has developed into what can be called the visible or observed universe (small u). My contention is that the observed universe is acting very akin to an ideal liquid that has lost, or is losing momentum. Am I making sense so far? aguy2
  5. The 'bomb' didn't come into the world till the century was almost 1/2 over, and a couple of years after the destiny of the 20th century world had been determined at Kursk or there about. aguy2
  6. Would you believe in 1967 I got hired by a then blue chip mid-western corp to train as a computer operator. I was told to start work at 4pm. I showed up and someone showed me where the mens room was, and how to egress/regress the quite secure facility within a home office setting. I walked into the computer room for the 1st time at 4:55 pm and was told, "Well, there it is, here is list of things we would like done, here are some numbers if you run into problems, if you don't get it all done, don't worry Bruce will be in at 11." and they all trooped out at 5 sharp. And there I was with a brand new IBM1401 and I had never seen a computer in my life. aguy2
  7. What is there about the isotope k40 that remains unanswered? aguy2
  8. Do you think it is too early to say that, "Human destiny in the 20th century was largely pre-determined by 3 things, give or take a little. These 3 things being 75mm guns, 105mm guns, and 155mm guns."? aguy2
  9. rats rats rats rats all the way down! to bureauc-rats! aguy2
  10. 1) It appears to be very bad on dental health. False teeth seems to be an almost universal consequence of long term Meth abuse. 2) A long term abuser would seem to be at high risk for developing 'atypical psychosis' or 'voices in the head'. aguy2
  11. If this poll is a true indication of the attitude of 'people on the ground' I think it would be very significant. Striking hard and striking deep at your adversaries precieved center of gravity has a lot of validity as military doctrine, but the Bush administations extrapolation of this into the geo-political realm was at best a high risk operation. I felt as long as the people on the ground felt it was a 'doable' task to help turn Iraq into a stable, free market, democratic/republic it might be seen to be worth the risk, but if they are saying it can't be done, we should probably get them out. aguy2
  12. I liked the 'waterfall' analogy. aguy2
  13. "Terminator 4: The Peace" aguy2
  14. , because the liar that wrote it is telling the truth? aguy2
  15. Almost like there are 'Platonic' ideal forms, and our structure the result of reverse engineering? aguy2
  16. Slime sliding, dinosaur egg sucking, rats evolving into AzurePhoenix - I knew it! aguy2
  17. If the prodigy of a system where 1/2 the species is almost 'expendable', eats all the rest of the possible systems for breakfast, lunch, and dinner it certrainly passes any test of pragmatism. aguy2
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