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    making rust

    i saw this video on how to make rust: i was just wondering what happens to the sodium in this reaction?
  2. i'm british and i love doing accents and i'm pretty good at them. theres only a few british accents i cannot do but if i hear them for about 5 or ten minutes i can pick it up. it is the same with all other accents. if you ever had a conversation with me you would find me imitating into lots of odd accents as i speak just out of habit because i find it fun, it actually offends some people but i dont mean it offensively. i am actually from yorkshire and have a slight yorkshire accent. i like hearing non-british peoples impressions of our accents and i would like to hear yours. i can also give you some advice and identify the different areas in yours. if you can follow insane_aliens advice and upload it i would be delighted to hear it. if not then i might be able to give you one of my spare email addresses (i don't know if that is allowed on this forum) Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedi have also always wanted to hear and impression of the englsih language. you know how when you are pretending to speak another language you speak gibberish but it kind of sounds like that language? well i would like to hear someone who does not speak english doing and impression of english. if anyone could point me towards a video or sound file i would be thankful
  3. please don't patronise me Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedi know full well that it is called a mercury vapour lamp but, since i posted this on a science forum i expected that its users would know what i meant by hg and, as far as i am aware, the elemental symbols were created so that they would be universally understood and quicker than saying it in full. i posted this question on this forum because it is very difficult to get relevant pages which have all the information that one is looking for and not just fragments that are not very detailed and i thought that it would be easier to understand and less time-consuming to simply ask someone who knows. if you are not willing to co-operate and offer a friendly answer then fine but then why bother saying anything, especially if its unpleasant, and why bother even having an account here?
  4. could someone please explain how low pressure hg lamps work and provide a link to a diagram showing the components etc. please be as detailed as possible. perhaps include how they are made?
  5. does silicon melt in an induction heater? i know its a semi metal and a semi conductor so i'm wondering what it does
  6. haha lol ok i see now that there is actually no such thing as ammonium hydroxide but thank you to justonium for answering, john cuthber for enlightening me and hermanntrude for putting it so well:-)
  7. Thanks for your help, i'm ever curious and sometimes i just can't find the answers to my questions and that can be very frustrating
  8. yes but sodium is a metal so i was wondering what would happen with sodium chloride. And, since graphite is a conductor of electricity, i was wondering whether an induction heater would work on it in the same way as it would with a metal, or in a different way, or not at all. just curious
  9. i was looking up the composition of urine on wikipedia and was scrolling down the wikipedia page (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Urine) when i saw that one of the pictures was of urine in a toilet, and it was labelled 'Urine in a toilet at the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art.' wtf? is this some wierdo work of art? if anyone can please explain wtf this is all about i would very much like to hear it because that is just odd. :confused:
  10. does it have to be non-toxic? because i can think of a lot which would fit if not.
  11. what do you get when you add sodium hydroxide to urea? what is the equation?
  12. uh, yes it does, i have some on me right now its also known as ammonia water, ammonical liquor, ammonia liquor, aqua ammonia or aqueous ammonia any of those ring a bell?
  13. does ammonium hydroxide react with aluminium? what are the products? what is the equation?
  14. ok, for example, would sodium chloride in an induction heater melt or do something else? Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedand, just out of curiosity, what does carbon do in an induction heater in, say, the form of graphite, because it conducts electricity.
  15. what happens when you put a metal compound in an induction heater? will it melt like it would if it was the metal? will it decompose? will it combust? or will it do something else? i'm just curious to know:D
  16. hey guys i saw this video on youtube: if you are having trouble loading it it basically says that you can unlock a car by making a hole in tennis ball, lining up the hole with the lock and pressing really hard. i've read comments and seen videos and some people say it doesn't work, some people say you have to do it right and some people say it only works with certain cars. does anyone know the answer to whetherit is completely fake or works on certain cars or whatever? because it seems a little unlikely to me but so many people say its true:confused:
  17. i can prove that randomness exists. just have a chat with me when im drunk. on a serious note though, i don't believe that randomness exists. take the filght of a dandelion seed, it would be controlled by all the insanely large number of things that happened around it at the time and a long time before. if you had powers of god and created a world which had happened exactly the same as the last up to the point were the dandelion seed was about to fly and then let it happen, it would happen the same. or so it seems in my mind. but now i think differently. because i just thought of something. see what you think of this: if you took a baby and put it in a room and then paused time. you then once again used your god powers to create a parralel universe in which everything was the same and had happened the same until now. the baby in this room has had exactly the same experiences and every little neuron and whatever in its brain was the same etc etc etc and then you started time once more, would the baby do the same thing as in the other world? one part of me says yes the other says no. i cant decide. what do you think? ahh i'm really confusing myself now :s btw i know this is not possible stopping time and all that but just for the sake of this imagine that you are god and you can. just like that. ZIP! the leaning tower of piza was never built and consequently the whole world is a different place! ZIP! time never existed. woops. nothing here. um. ZIP! a sheep has been elected president of the united states and has unknowingly declared war on russia! BING! bartholemew the frog has undergone laser eye surgery in his toe. oh got a bit carried away there. sorry
  18. why does splitting the atom produce so much energy? is all that energy stored within atoms?
  19. oh thanks alot a couldn't find it anywhere
  20. the guy


    but if you were to isolate a hormone would it be in solid, liquid or gas form. or any of these. or just two of these. if it's just two e.g solid and liquid please say which.
  21. does anyone know the name of the wasp which parasitizes the orchard spider (Leucauge venusta)?
  22. the guy


    so are they solids when not in sloution?
  23. the guy


    are hormones liquids or solutions?
  24. correct me if i'm wrong but i am under the impression that, put simply, in a van de graaf generator the belt gains electrons from the positive terminal and then the large dome gains electrons from the belt. if it has all these electrons (which have a negative charge), does this not mean that it would gain a negative charge? I'm just confused because on all the diagrams i have seen they put positive signs (+) around the large dome.
  25. the guy


    thanks alot that was really helpful. i meant horizontally when i said 5m btw.
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