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  1. would there be a way of making them strongly charged? or by using a different material or something?
  2. if one had two glass bottles filled in with, say aluminium, with a metal rod sticking out of the top, and connected the metal rods to a battery, would the bottles build up charge/ become charged?
  3. well basically i want to make an air ionizer but with a dc power supply
  4. ok, whats the best way to greatly increase dc voltage?
  5. if the input in a voltage multiplier was DC, would you need the diodes?
  6. am i right in thinking that transformers can step up voltage to much higher levels? if so then what is the point in voltage multipliers? they are pretty complicated in comparison so surely it is alot simpler to use transformers?
  7. oh ok thanks, can a capacitor hold its charge forever? or will it slowly lose it?
  8. what happens if you keep on charging a capacior? will it just keep on building up charge? or reach a point where it can't charge any longer or explode or what?
  9. can someone tell me in detail what is going on inside a voltaic pile with the ions and chemical reactions taking place?
  10. in places where the sea freezes over, does the ice contain salt?
  11. purely hypothetically, could a human live on nothing but animal blood?
  12. the guy

    cathode ray

    if one where to (hypothetically) take a cathode ray tube from a television set, remove the front, put it in the necessary vacuum etc etc and put a piece of metal in front of it, would this kind of cathode ray have the power to melt the metal, in the same way the electron beam welders do?
  13. the guy

    making rust

    ill ask again, because noone has answered and i am still wondering, would this work with pure water?
  14. i have a feeling i have already asked this before but it wont show up on search so i am asking again... are blowfly puparia made form chitin? if not then what are they made from
  15. does sulfur dioxide dissolve in hydrogen peroxide to make sulfuric acid?
  16. Syn-propanethial-S-oxide is the gas given off when onions are cut which makes ones eyes sting, now it says on various places on the internet that the reason why it stings is because it dissolves in the water in your eyes to give sulfuric acid, but that doesn't seem right to me since Syn-propanethial-S-oxide is C3H6OS water is H2O and sulfuric acid is H2SO4 if it is right and it does produce sulfuric acid could you give me an equation and if it is wrong could you give an equation with the correct products?
  17. flowers such as snowdrops contain galantamine in their bulbs, could anyone suggest a way of extracting and isolating it?
  18. so it remains as sulfuric acid then? Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedwhy does it do that?
  19. when you do the classic experiment adding sufuric acid to sugar and you get a black mass of carbon and water, what happens to the sulfur in the acid?
  20. im told magnesium burns more vigorously in water because it takes the oxygen. according to wikipedia flame temperature of magnesium is around 1300 degrees celcius. does anyone know the temperature when it is burned with water?
  21. oh, so i was possibly right? cool, but im afraid i dont have a van de graaf generator so if anyone can do this experiment then i would be interested to hear about the results
  22. yeah, you killed me, im dead! im possessing my computer, and i shall travel through the internet and haunt you forever!
  23. could a van de graaf generator dry your hair after a shower?
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