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  1. i have a few questions about nuclear fusion.... by the way please keep your answers simple as, much as i would love to, i'm afraid i do not study physics and please refer to the question you are answering in your reply Q.1. 'The fusion of two nuclei with lower masses than iron generally releases energy while the fusion of nuclei heavier than iron absorbs energy' - does this mean that the lighter you get, the more energy is released? (and visa versa when heavier than iron) Q.2. in the case of iron does it release or absorb energy? Q.3. in hydrogen fusion, does it work if you use H-1? Q.4. if 'yes' to question 3, does it release more, less or the same amount of energy? and does it release radiation? Q.5. if 'yes' to question 3, what are the products? Q.6. if 'no' to question 2, why not? Q.7. does helium fusion work with He-4 and if so does this release radiation? and what are the products?
  2. so there are essentially two types of nitrous oxide molecule is that what you're saying? are they both as common as each other and do they have the same chemical properties?
  3. does it not redissolve in the water when you condense the water? and i don't actually need it for anything i was just reading and was curious
  4. really? oh dear, that doesn't bode well
  5. does anyone know how research is getting on with fusion reactors? how much progress they're making?
  6. is the formation of diamond from graphite (under extreme heat and pressure) exothermic, endothermic or neither? also, while we're at it, is there a way of telling whether a reaction will be exothermic or endothermic? hang on, i think this is in the wrong place, how do you move it?
  7. can someone please explain to me the stucture and bonds of a nitrous oxide molecule, because some images i've seen show three bonds between the nitrogen atoms and one bond between the nitrogen and oxygen, whilst others show 2 bonds between both infact more than that it doesnt seem to make sense with the amount of electrons on their outer shells, i know nitrogen can be confusing because it has 5 but this is more confusing than i thought :S
  8. how thick is the human scalp?
  9. which silver halide (or other such as nitrate) is used in normal disposable camera film?
  10. 'Ammonia in an aqueous solution can be expelled by boiling' - how exactly is this done, how would one do it in a lab?
  11. also, it says on wikipedia that 'In Europe, SF6 falls under the F-Gas directive which ban or control its usage for several applications. Since 1 January 2006, SF6 is banned as a tracer gas and in all applications except high voltage switchgear'. 1. does this mean just that all the other applications have been banned or that it is actually not allowed to be used for anything except switchgear, even if a new application came up? 2. does it mean that you can't buy it in canisters or use it for demonstrations? oh and one more thing, why is it so expensive? i looked at how it is made and it is not a very complicated method, and as far as i'm aware sulfur and fluorine aren't that expensive either...
  12. ah right ok thanks for your answers
  13. ah i thought that might be the case, it's just that thawed meat doesn't appear to be falling apart or draining fluid or anything....
  14. thinking about forensic pathology, what, if any, would be the signs that a body or part of a body had been frozen and then thawed at some point?
  15. i know i am bringing this up after a very long time but going back to my question about the glitter, would very fine powder sink slowly in it as if it were water, like flour or something?
  16. so following on from this 'wick effect' once the body has caught fire it will carry on burning?
  17. i was thinking about 'spontaneous human combustion' today and i was just wondering, though i'm not trying to prove it or anything, if a human body was to reach a high enough starting temperature, would it burn unaided, even if the source of heat stopped?
  18. oh ok thankyou, i was referring to the physical dependance
  19. do addictive drugs such as heroine and cocaine etc make you addicted after the first use? or does it take more than once? by the way this is purely out of interest, i plan on steering well clear of such things
  20. where should i go if i want to buy a chunk of graphite? (roughly tennis ball sized give or take a bit)
  21. does hydrogen have the same effect on voice as helium?
  22. ah right i see so it's not really that simple then. oh well thanks for your replies anyway
  23. yeah i was just wondering if you took an average of the value by weight what it might be
  24. hi i was just wondering if anyone could tell me what is the average value, by weight, of rough diamonds?
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