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  1. where do they get protein from? is there protein in grass?
  2. is it true that if you swallow a 5p coin it will dissolve in your stomach?
  3. how is it that bulls get so hugely muscley when they just stand around in the field all day?
  4. in the classic school experiment where students rub a ruler with cloth and bits of tissue paper are attracted to it, why are the bits of tissue attracted to it when they havn't been charged?
  5. if you put it in the freezer the water will freeze leaving the ethanol at the top
  6. wow, i wonder why the wings, since the chemicals ae suppost to be poisons and the wings are the bit that most predators would discard
  7. i thought it was just to fizz when heated like when you bake a cake - hence 'baking' powder
  8. i tried both baking soda and baking powder, i dont know if they are the same thing but thats what it said on the label and neither worked
  9. was it the ants venom that did it or something else in them?
  10. i just read somewhere that multiple wasp stings can cause mild hallucinogenic effects, but it didn't go into detail, can anyone confirm this?
  11. i know there are plenty of plants and fungi containing psychoactive compounds, and even a species of toad (i think), but are there any known insects which have psychoactive chemicals?
  12. does the mesoglea in jellyfish contain gelatin? Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedor collagen?
  13. why does it fizz when with baking soda? Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedand how much is 'an appropriate amount' in comparison with the citric acid?
  14. i just tried baking powder, it didn't fizz, does citric acid on its own fizz?
  15. i need an easy to get hold of preferably household chemical which is safe on contact with skin and fizzes on contact with water, solid or liquid. any suggestions?
  16. how many watts is deadly to a human?
  17. i read that there are some bacteria somewhere which use sulfur instead of oxygen for respiration. could this be an example of what you are talking about?
  18. you could use the capacitor from a disposable camera, it is the small black cylinder with the two prongs at the top, it should be under the flash, you can charge it with a 9 volt battery and it will produce and much, much larger spark than the battery.
  19. surely this would not be very affective though... light is reflected all the time and it doesnt cause the mirrors to move at all
  20. have you tried experimenting and measuring the energy used?
  21. the cathode should produce hydrogen gas, leaving hydroxide ions, and sodium, which reacts with the hydroxide ions to give sodium hyrdoxide solution, this then reacts with the chlorine to give sodium hypochlorite. if you want to get chlorine and sodium hydroxide you need to keep them separate by using permeable diaphragm (unglazed pottery would do like a plant pot) so they do not react. you could then use the hydrogen and the chlorine given off to produce hydrogen chloride, perhaps using a tubes with a flashback arrestor installed for safety (a cigarette filter would do) and bringing them together and lighting them, they would burn together and you could collect the hydrogen chloride produced (i don't know how affective this would be i've never tried it) To get sodium you have to do electrolysis of molten sodium chloride (which melts at about 800 degrees celcius) or molten sodium hydroxide (which melts at a lower temperature but its a dangerous chemical itself) and then you have to make sure the sodium doesn't come into contact with air or water because it is so reactive, so you'd be better off not attempting this. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedthe colouration could be the chemicals reacting with the cathode, what material did you use?
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