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  1. If all hotsexyscience is going to do is abuse me verbally then kindly fuck off my profile and cabinintheforest I don't happen to care what you think about atheism, it my choice what I believe. TWATS!!

  2. 71% that's pretty good I think
  3. The Phlebotomist Awaits with needle in hand Now she wants your blood!!
  4. Well what diffuses in and out of red blood cells mainly? We need it to live, you can do a google search on diffusion into blood cells and there is lots of info there on how it occurs etc.
  5. Merry Christmas to you all, drink and eat like there's no tomorrow
  6. Hi ajb thanks for your answer concerning the caterpillar, it was awhile ago now, unfortunately I never got to see it as a moth, but googled it instead! Cheers again :)

  7. Hi, I've just completed a biochem degree and I found Stryer to be my favourite textbook. I suggest getting to the library early in the term - like day 2 or 3 - and hiring a copy of each biochem textbook to find the one you like best, then if you decide to buy it you won't be disappointed. Hope this helps:-)
  8. I love many different styles of music from Elvis to Ska, but if I had to recommend an excellent album to listen too that I love it would be the Walking Wounded album by Everything but the Girl, I think it was released 96/97:-)
  9. Hi everyone, I took these pics in my back garden the other day and wondered what type of caterpillar they are and what they may look like as butterflies or moths? Not sure if this is the right place to post this question, so m please move if its not, thanks in advance to any answers:D
  10. Well each to his own, personally I've been sitting here, alone, laughing out loud reading that and remembering the episode, thanks
  11. I love the episode with Patrick Stewart lol:D hilarious
  12. I want to live until I'm the oldest person alive, once I've achieved that goal I'm happy to die anytime. I figure I may have to keep going until I'm about 130
  13. I am thinking about food, any suggestions for tea tonight?
  14. Speak clearly, not too fast and face the audience as much as possible......Good luck:D
  15. I think you should buy a dog or just chill the hell out, truth is if you've got a freshly dug piece of ground then there are probably many cats shitting in your garden, unfortunately that's what cats do. I've got 2 cats, one only goes on the cat tray whereas the other does it in the tray and outside, there isn't alot I can do about it. I also enjoy growing veg and generally check the patch for crap every other day and then remove it. I would also like to add, I've never seen my cat shit in my garden, but I've seen her do it in the neighbours, and I've seen the neighbours cat shit in my garden. Oh well that's life, I try not to let it get to me or it could become some kind of vendetta and I could fall out with people that I live next too, in my opinion life's too short for all that shit!
  16. Accidently burnt some parsley, mmm, sounds suspicious to me
  17. Seeing Robert Webb win Let's dance for comic relief - doing the flashdance dance and Keith Lemon and Paddy McGuiness were classic too! Enjoy
  18. Late on Sunday night mrsemmapeel was lost or just lost the game:doh:
  19. usually it would be water molecules passing through the dialysis tubing as they are smaller than glucose molecules. It's a similar principle for cell membranes, only very small molecules (e.g. O2) can passively diffuse through the membrane, larger molecules will require ATP or some channels are specific to size or charge of the molecule (e.g. Na and K channels). Glucose would not diffuse through the membrane unassisted. Hope it helps a bit
  20. There are at least two other boys that apparently could be the father, as reported today in the press, she was obviously a very busy girl about 9 months ago!
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