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  1. Hey Theophrastus, Thanks for the advice. I will not be purchasing the 'Dummies' book. Thanks for the suggestions on finding a book too. I will keep looking. The biochem course that I will be taking is a university requirement. Well, if you find a good 'overall' book, let me know, will ya? Thanks again! -Mandy
  2. Hi everyone, I am looking for a book that will be a good second resource (other than the textbook) for me while I make my way through my first Biochemistry college course. I'm thinking something along the lines of "Biochemistry for Dummies". I see that there is actually a book called "Biochemistry for Dummies", but I am wondering if that is my best bet, or if there is something even better out there. Something that is a good overview of Biochemistry that will give me an extra advantage for scoring high on the course exams. I would appreciate ANY insight you can give me. Thank you very much! -Mandy
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