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  1. The speed of a wind turbine is controlled by the offset tail at tail angle reductions the blade turning the blade into the wind.
  2. 1. The essence of a "Big Bang" is at the fringes between Religion and Physics. It produces everything out of nothing. The creator, created the Big Bang one per Universe. Since multiverses have Big Bang in the past and others in the future; the future "Big Bangs" is yet to happen and its "nothing" remains static until set off by the Creator. 2. The Universes are filled with something. Even the most simplistic makeup of the quarks and all the rules has to emerge from somewhere. That somewhere is the Creator and He uses the the "Big Bang".
  3. False. The precession of the earth is produced by the moon and sun acting on the earth's bulge in the equatorial zone. This bulge moves the center of mass away from the center of the earth thus causing a torque. http://www.math.nus....ONOFTHEMOON.htm Incidentally this precession is why the zodiac moves and we are at the "Dawning of the Age of Aquarius". http://en.wikipedia....Age_of_Aquarius No. The precession model is shown in the reference. ...http://www.math.nus.edu.sg/aslaksen/gem-projects/hm/0102-1-phase/ORIENTATIONOFTHEMOON.htm
  4. notan God is not finite, therefor God has always been and will always be. From beyond minus infinity to beyond plus infinity. God is beyond infinite and thus is every even beyond the Universes. http://www.leaderu.com/offices/billcraig/docs/eternity.html
  5. zorro

    Define time

    My font is to help you distinguish your stuff from mine. It is very close to black. What is the problem. I speak to the kinda-eliptical Orbit of the earth. This simple Astrodynamics 101. ??? ??? Maybe so. I trust yuo to clarify mistake, I can't see it here anyway. The calendars were off much of the centuries and had to be adjusted at the end of the year. No No. the Harrison chronometer Grandfather clock, telephone, Computer GPS ... and all have to be adjusted as I present above. Sundials are off as the gnomon goes thru it's figure 8. except at beginning of the year. Yes, and the must all be adjusted to the earth and not the earth to the time piece. Yes because Harrison's chronometer's time had to be corrected because the earth goes at different speeds in its kinda- elliptic orbit. I don't see it to be closed. but if it is, it is dead as is this conversation. Is this thread closed ????? zorro
  6. I would suggest you start with an NACA airfoil configuration http://www.allstar.f...aero/wing31.htm . Then calculate the area you will need given a length to chord ratio for your flight regime. Then develop an aluminum box to take all the loads and the torsion, Then check for flutter, then see if it will fit into 9inch limitation. Then design the Ailerons that will take control of the aircraft with the fuel moving outward to inward in knowing where the center of gravity of your aircraft is fully loaded. Make sure that it will takr the landing wheel loading and cycles you need if you have wheels Your wing is very important to your very life so I recommend that you have an aircraft company in Germany or Switzerland that has built 100s of them do the design and build you one and maybe the entire aircraft.
  7. In my view, no one knows to date knows how the Pyramids were built. The sand ramps and pulling them with ropes and humann Power seems the most logical to me.
  8. zorro

    Define time

    Time is the measure of the rotation of the earth so that it casts its shadow precisely North at noon when the earth makes exactly one revolution around the Sun. It is thus corrected by the orbit adding one rotation and the kind-of Kepler elliptical orbit of the earth. This becomes one year of 365.25 days which is divided to a day, then a minute, then a second and so on. The notion that this time stretches, and bends is a theoretical relativity notion.
  9. hello tyler1 Correct PaulS1950: .....The Light specks we see today have to be different now than when the got under to here. The red shift, bending as they pass: black holes, massive stars and Galaxies ..... are surely different now than 3 billion years ago. By now they can be dead, turned to "Dark Matter" or the materials making the light has changed. To your question of Space Time ripples, I am no expert; but t seems to me that some light could be moving away or that others could be moving away so fast that its relative lightspeed is now traveling faster than its "shock wave" thus it will no longer arrive here.
  10. Hello. ....... I am new here and my spell checker is erratic sometime. I am interested in your conversations and wish to apologies in advance for the mistakes I make. I invite you all to check-out my profile and give me appropriate comments, zorro .................................
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