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  1. Hook line, and sinker. your all a bunch of Hippocrates, My ploy to ethical discussions, I mean to find out how many are capable. Some know how to understand philosophy, most are in delusion of quantum, world deifying particles. Thinking math is the doctrine of modern day world? Please you could never understand, obviously I have determined this in a scientific manner. Using the critical method. All have attacked me. all fail to understand. Mooy poo you also, I have made the conclusion all your education is meaningless. you need to get your money back. suspending me for answering questions? I did not highjack anything. Intelligence is the ability to learn. You don't delete south park videos on a science forum? Grow up. You need everything explained to you? your socialist group , and your antics leads to these determinations. Just if it suites your own twisted needs. You caused the break down in trust, you are to blame. Most of you cannot even grasp reality. I will find a place to talk with intelligent men and women. You will always be the same. I would like to teach you all about your narcissistic tendency's, but I don't have the time to explain. you will figure it out eventually. I wont be posting here any longer. I hope you may learn to look in the mirror for a change. FOOLISH FROGS. Learn how to delete what needs to be deleted, and not the scientific content. Ignorant Peevs. Not one post was deleted from the ethics thread, because you have no idea what it is. Learn more in the link i provided! meanwhile learn how to properly moderate, all of you. Look at the gravity thread as example. Some day you will need to follow along if you want to even be in the race. Its called evolution. This is the place to talk about religion, not argue about it.. To answer your stupid ignorant questions mooiepoo ill do it again by your own word. Here is my solution. simply put (you are the one who has been (ignoring some more complicated etymology Get your money back!), my nickname means 'bullshit'. therefore that is all you are, ignoring scientific facts.! You said it your self, Ignoring complicated matters, you have no business policing, and a complete understanding in determining the facts i have provide.. Quack :P:P:P:P:P wiki how to tell you simply are
  2. Ok you win. cheers... Mooipoo (self evident), In terms of reletivity. (relitive to observer) I hope this is much clearer. Here is a link i had made clear. This is describing something that is certain. Dipole is a poynting, energy. we must act like intelligent human beings. << that much is clear. wikihttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poynting_vector
  3. Greetings, I am glad you stopped by to check on my progress. I hope you understand I am only speaking in scientific manner, and the change to religion caused for disputing of god.

    I aslo am pleased to say no one has disputed the scientific data for GR.

    I also have advanced many complicated observations in the process. Expressing philosophy, earth science and global changes relat...

  4. mooeypoo said keep this scientific keep this scientific please. the relation is self evident. sincerely super ball. ok i will link you to wiki. wiki My link follow cassimir effect. it has been determined that was so This only describing a dipole, we know what that is? a north and south bar magnet. the animation is the energy describes as represented. The poynting energy have been comprised, and also compared. relative. The scientific principles, are self verified, factors are also included. Don't assume this to be true, but scientific data claims this is so? He said "deifying" scientific factor, Clues, in the realm of particles. self evident. irrelevant, You need logic defines intelligence.
  5. Scientist gives, predictable out comes. There is nothing wrong here with that? Still waiting on predicted out come for a 6.7 earthquake. In a 9 day period. to verify science. It is highly unlikely when you compare data, over time.
  6. Modern day dipole. deifying scientific factor similarity leads to discovery..
  7. My linkhttp://earthquake.usgs. MAP 5.0 2011/11/24 23:18:46 -2.428 140.036 37.5 NEAR THE NORTH COAST OF PAPUA, INDONESIA MAP 5.1 2011/11/24 21:13:19 13.353 -87.898 73.6 EL SALVADOR MAP 6.2 2011/11/24 10:25:35 41.877 142.710 42.3 HOKKAIDO, JAPAN REGION MAP 5.1 2011/11/24 10:23:50 -21.802 -178.981 622.8 FIJI REGION MAP 5.0 2011/11/24 03:55:36 -8.789 109.774 95.3 JAVA, INDONESIA MAP 6.1 2011/11/23 19:24:32 37.373 141.387 33.3 NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN MAP 5.0 2011/11/23 12:42:34 -41.260 -84.077 10.0 WEST CHILE RISE MAP 5.3 2011/11/23 12:17:52 34.321 25.056 9.7 CRETE, GREECE MAP 5.4 2011/11/23 01:43:47 -22.829 -68.011 141.2 ANTOFAGASTA, CHILE MAP 5.0 2011/11/22 23:09:48 -42.594 -83.410 10.3 WEST CHILE RISE MAP 6.6 2011/11/22 18:48:17 -15.359 -65.125 556.7 BENI, BOLIVIA MAP 5.2 2011/11/22 16:54:05 -2.320 99.382 23.0 KEPULAUAN MENTAWAI REGION, INDONESIA MAP 5.2 2011/11/22 16:45:18 -2.275 99.400 17.1 KEPULAUAN MENTAWAI REGION, INDONESIA MAP 5.4 2011/11/22 07:41:32 -34.866 -71.614 38.3 LIBERTADOR O'HIGGINS, CHILE MAP 5.1 2011/11/21 19:38:29 -37.584 179.113 2.5 OFF EAST COAST OF THE NORTH ISLAND, N.Z. MAP 5.2 2011/11/21 03:48:41 -3.591 150.371 37.2 NEW IRELAND REGION, PAPUA NEW GUINEA MAP 5.9 2011/11/21 03:15:43 24.947 95.226 121.0 MYANMAR MAP 5.0 2011/11/21 01:39:07 -22.982 -178.388 404.8 SOUTH OF THE FIJI ISLANDS 6.3 2011/11/14 04:05:12 -0.954 126.864 19.4 MOLUCCA SEA 6.9 2011/11/08 02:59:07  27.291 125.868 209.5 NORTHEAST OF TAIWAN Fact Jan 8 and Nov 2 2010 Huge Montserrat Volcano Eruption on January 8, 2010 . Time frame, recurring in January 2011 volcanic eruption predicted in the Atlantic, mid ,Baja California Al factors, are determined factors. With a binary system, like the binary system we all see. 2011 will mirror once again 2010, 2011, 2012. Here is your average, of earthquakes, start here. 1<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
  8. going to show you one more time poo how you are wrong for deleting the 2 links, in your own word. title of thread can we define simple intelligence. Ok great I linked were the information was obtained from a search relating to intelligence. Sighted from internet. I used the key board, and said this is the link. ok fine, here is how i did it: Perhaps we may find the definition of Intelligence if we search for intelligence tests.. The test in my link was from the net. I said that clearly. by searching for the tests that have been used to determine ((((((One stroke of the key,))))) search >>>>>>genius test >>>>>>> top results brings the {meaning in plain view}.<<<<<<<<<<<< are you blind? LINK was supplied, forum link was also supplied. Now for the simple answer of the op question. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>internet link was supplyed. and also a forum link. In each case related to the question ( define simply) not one intelligent person could answer. If you looked at my puzzle the answer was in plain view.... I say, survey says >>>>> IT IS A analyzing system , IT IS A function of learning. your at fault, and you should apologize. I followed the rules in your own word!!!!! Net search>> I used with >>>the link I posted>>>> and linked in relation to>>>> intelligence>>>>> the failure>>>> is on your part.>>>>>>>>. to read, or even understand,>>> and again you jumped the gun. >>>why?
  9. I have made my determination of this forum, a list for you to ponder. I will not be posting amongst the frogs any longer. First the men and women here are out to control human life, population, brain waves, weather, you name it. It takes evil in order to think the way some of the people think around here. Asking stupid questions, like they have no idea. like hiding information that they study for a living. like plotting murder for control over the population, programing all human minds, poisoning the food, the drink, and all life that remains on earth today. Is immoral issues of life, and they have ego so big that they feel it is ok to play god. Virus, radiation releases, biological warfare on the population, weather control, mind altering drugs. Money laundering, down right scam artists etc. I exposed them for what they are. Snakes in underground bunkers pushing buttons. altering data given to the public, and in some cases ignoring the data completely in some cases. The new world will be a better place, but it just wont be for any of them. start rating my content, and you know what I cant help these people. they are the satanic creatures god speaks about. The reason for this it is by there nature to kill destroy, or just come up with new ways to do that. Blow it out your ears, and move on. Take care people, and have faith. These men, and women will be destroyed for all there inequity that they had caused on this planet. No pudding for them. For the good soul, we shall take up our inheritance of the paradise. The paradise that was called the garden of Eden was this Earth. left in utter ruins because of demonic beings. They slip in among you, and plot disharmony from nature. They can not control all human life, or our thinking. they have no right to do so. We are all warned. I will gladly pass for the new stone promised to me. Take care people. I will stop back, and see what evil is plotting in the future. by reading through threads. Be ready for the attack of human population they planned wile we were asleep.. By nature, there own hateful doings will kill them in the end. leavening nothing but a heart of stone in its place. The vulture will eventually kill each other. It was the inherent nature of the beast, and so it has been described, the devil is among you. The poisoning, and destruction left in there wake. It was never for them, it was for all of us who could comply with our creator.. End of transmission, conduit out.
  10. sounds like radiation poisoning, mercury poisoning.
  11. Intelligence Test: Perhaps we may find the definition of Intelligence? by searching for the tests that have been used to determine? One stroke of the key, genius test brings the meaning in plain view. ((((((You have to work out what the letters mean)))))<<<<<<<<<< See No 0 as an example. It doesn't matter if you write the answers in uppercase or lowercase, but the answers must be exactly as expected (no additional intervals or dashes and the spelling must be correct). There is no time limit for this test. Answers will (((automatically verified))) as you type 'em. You see the top results show meaning. My link, My puzzle survey say >>>>> analyzing system , function of learning. So no you cant engineer a bunch of dead heads in order to serve your own purpose. cheers..
  12. Greetings all to a new thankful day.

    I would like some positive feed back.

    It may have been determined I was a religious nut. from 0 to -3 in just one day.. Oh my this is unacceptable..

    Cheers everybody, drinks are on me.

  13. HE HE HE I do like everything i have been reading here. With all the energy being released from this thread, I am sometimes surprised. It may not be so obvious. First your seeking in terms of locality to find a given answer. The explanation for planetary orbits is my concern. Grasping concepts like gravitation, can bring new discovery. I understand you want answers, I understand the possibility. You are doing a good job at trying to make determinations, and they also seem like they don't hold up. When dealing with gravitation, my questions for you are as follows. 1.what is gravitation? 2. what does gravitation do? 3. why is orbital force used in place of centrifugal? 4. The very non intuitive questions are, how can you compare gravity, and orbital force? 5. Is suggestive: this is an ___________blank.. of course I would ask before determination. of course predictions are possible. Most importantly what is obvious.. Cheers, sinisterly<<< super- ball
  14. The term is nickle titanium wire, Nitinol Wire...
  15. You have simply assumed reflection as the determining factor. I understand this is what was given, overlooking information is no excuse. I simply state by the information provided. In relation to the experimental research on optics, is by no means what i want to account for. I have advanced these concepts indefinitely. Right down to the smallest space of refraction. I am speaking of the study's I have preformed. What is reflection, what is refraction. Can reflectors demonstrate increased reflection greater then 100 %, The answer a given no. In seeking in terms of energy. Can concepts of optics be applied. The answer is a definitive yes. The study of refraction. It is a progression of technology, I have taken this into account. what is it that may have been excluded? The smaller the mirror the greater possibility of refraction. I have discovered importance. The energy of a single photon is greater. It is greater than the reflection of photon, based on surface area alone.. I simply give this technology to be understood, and advanced. Lets do it forum engineers. You now can understand concept. Provided by the philosophical views of your peers, and all that have came before us. It is the operation of refraction. A given photon train. Each photon energy is equal, now we may understand what has been implied. Optict refraction Sincerely super ball.
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