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  1. . No no. Moo is posting here see # 83 above. So let him speak instead of a lacky.
  2. Thanx for trying to let Moo wiggle out of his own thought. So let him reply. ..... BTW I do not debunk evolution here I skip over it entirely to keep it simple for Moo. So Moo;; what happened in the gap from zip to the first reproductive pair and how did they arrive and get a full set of genes??
  3. O You are the king of wrong so what is your answer to the gap .... Blank like Moo .... The ball remains in your courts. We await also your answer as to how we got to the original reproductive pair from you????
  4. Mine is obvious and you have eyes of your own to cross ceck. I await your explanation of the first reproductive pair and the first sympathetic environment. Does your Higher Order Deity appear anywhere.
  5. You must be the devil's advocate on the forum. ..... Hell bound to the pearly gates as the king with no clothes. You seemed to sidestep all my points with gibberish innuendoes. When was your first ancestor born.? Where is it'a Support Environment ?? Dismissivity on your part shows streams of ignorance's of the void arguments. The eye is one of the immaculate creations and you dismiss it because are blinded to this argument. It was in the Ammonites 450 M years ago and still works now. The eyes see color and distance, feed themselves from the body, cleanse themselves, attract a mate, sees motion and 3D on a flat plane, crank down to sunlight and open to the dark, focus to the infinity and bend and reverse light. If that isn't a miracle then Hummingbirds don't fly. Yes the Higher Order does miraculous things that none other can and even offers eternity. ...... does yours ???
  6. There is a time for livin and a time for dyin.

  7. I have worked with many scientists an as a engineer sad the struggles to bring their works to make them usable . Like the engineer. Scientists prefer to work alone thinking. When in a social setting they avoid the word God like Jews do but if outed, they preferrer Higher Being. Again you can't read me and barbel my thoughts. The void is a higher entity Diet from zero to your first ancestor . Your mother came first I wound guess down to the first reproductive pair. So thy void is to tell us hoe te pair got the with Genome and all emotions in place. Well it time for you to step up and plain this. The eye is just one of billions of Complexity that confirms a Higher Entity Diet and you need only to look in a mirror.
  8. I think that most Scientists who are "outed" per say from a belief I a higher deity would fear criticism by the vocal few Since I am a novice Scientist / Engineer My view floats the wind like a leaf. Your proposal is good as the sciences and philosophers reach beyond reality to the infinite all the time to find a beginning . To preserve that zeal and to run into a Higher Order must be possible. The philosopher is satisfied with close the Scientist must have the singularity in the Petri Dish. Society pays the sciences well to find Mother Natures secrets and hand these discoveries over to the Engineer to make useful products and warring. The Petroleum industry has civilization by the neck and time is running out in my view. Science must deliver the furnace options and investigating close to the higher order is necessary.
  9. Nothing we can view in the cosmos would prove a higher Deity. We will likely find a new life form before a dirty. We now have the complexity of the eye as well as order of the elements wherein light frequency lines and redshift the same thought the Cosmos . We have argue that energy and mass can neither be created or destroyed so that back before our ancestor or first God Particle something big and intelligent happens. If you have faith that something was void then you must argue that you, your mother and child are void. That is too much faith for me.
  10. You steal my thunder now chill to the end of this thread. Take your spear to the ref I provided before you sit on it We are talking the Granulations of the Photosphere and how are they attached. In there attachment a process of insutation we need in a working reactor???? I plan to keep this thread on the Granular structures and delve into how energy passes. We have many waco's members and Mods on this forum, that you won't castigate, who just want a battle. I am not interested in their witt, so close it now before I waste a bit of my time. I have this subject in other places that are considerate forums as well. So why don't you just ban me now, and make my good & interesting posts go elsewhere.
  11. Now consider the fact that the surface of the Sun is that wispy gas, crushed down thousands of times more densely than the deepest core of the Earth. The Sun’s surface is so crushed that the Hydrogen is now denser than Iron on Earth. It’s so dense that the electrons in the atoms cannot hold their shape, and matter starts to collapse in upon itself. The electrons and nuclei of the gas break apart, and as a result, the gravitational pressure forces the material to elevate its energy to the forth state of matter and become super-heated plasma. But that’s literally just the surface. http://sargosis.com/articles/science/what-solar-power-fusion-and-manned-space-exploration-have-to-do-with-each-other/
  12. Question: Is surface tension holding the photosphere together more than the Gravitational fields ??? Judging by the way Solar storms rip thru the Photosphere then contracting back to reform, it seems that the Photosphere is more in surface tension not gravitational compression. http://solarscience..../feature1.shtml Storm watching: http://www.youtube.c...h?v=91H4qgFCauQ zorro
  13. Mod Ok close it . Fusion / Fusion containment is a separate subject particularly in the Photosphere. I use this thread as trash to try the clumsy Multi Quote and iPhone commands. Zorro Test photo insertion on iPhone.
  14. It seems to me that science folks are frightened by Religion as well as by a loud Atheistic minority banter that is organized with a political agenda. I think it started around Copernicus’s time when he was reluctant to publish until his deathbed. …..Then in the Inquisition time, Science Leaders were chastised, punished and either banned from their work or killed. …. Then it was the affair of Religion vs. Galileo wherein he was punished, not for his Science, but for his audacity to reveal that he can and does interpret the Bible. This all for the struggle to place religion as the only contact with God and sidetrack sciences. ….Then to Darwinism and it’s effect / controversies surrounding biological evolution. ……. Now this fear is carried by Guru Priest as Richard Dawkins against God and to eliminate God altogether and thrash Religion. Scientists want to do their work in isolation and see who gets the Nobel. But most Scientists find the Universe and Species to be complex and elegantly arranged. They are afraid to confront the Atheists and so Sciences, God and Religion are splitting. They have a notion of origination and have formed: evolutionary thought, the God Particle and Big Bang and notions to pull sense into their works. Now because all seem comfortable with Higher Order Deities, we have Religion Sciences, God Sciences and Higher Order Deities that could be separated to various forums more comfortably as stated above.
  15. Test of multiquote zz Test of multiquote wxx Test of inter aranging reply Testing multiquote thanx zorro note very clumsy system in member quote arranging. .............................................................. Testing double insert swipe and dangles My thought is that we need a Fusion reactor with processes similar to the Photosphere of the Sun where temps are only 7,000 dK.
  16. thanx, You may have taught me something here. ...... zorro
  17. Time is not my friend

    1. imatfaal


      men speak of killing time whilst time is slowly killing them

    2. zorro


      I measure time not in age but what is left to give to our children.

    3. Unity+


      One imagines time as a river of memory, where one soon is dragged by its strong current to their deaths.

  18. Sorry Unity+ Time is not my friend.

    1. zorro


      Sorry Unity+ Time is not my friend. or, I am feeling older today.

    2. Unity+


      That doesn't give an excuse for spamming.

  19. No NO. this supportive fact assertions on Religion in keeping with forum rules, Not an A then .... c.
  20. I am Zorro -333 Bad so please be cautious of me.

  21. I am Zorro -54 Bad so please be cautious of me.

    1. Unity+


      Is their a rule against spamming the status update?

  22. Much of this contraversy would go away if Folks particularily the Scientific community realized the vast differences between God and Religion. Religion has done more damage to the belief in GOD than the damage it has done to Modern Sciences. : examples.... More Christians have been killed by other Christians than anything else. The war on Terrosim forments the Civil World against God. The Crusaded were mostly a Barbarian massacre attack on other Christians of Byzantium. Inquisition Jim Jones "Jonestown" poisoned his own flock. Orthodox split from the Catholic and the infighting of the Council of Nicaea has yet to end. Europeans consume Jews. Jews Massacre Islam and viceversa. Evangelic preachers convicted of Graft, sex crimes and others Priests convicted of sex crimes with children. .......... on and on and on. This is not anyones God, .... this is pure evil. God Folks should be judged on breakage (Madness) based on whats is left of them after a "Religious" experiences. God is: one, loving and ...... created everything from nothing. The Ancient of Days by William Blake
  23. JC: Have you actually got anything right yet?
 Zorro in red: My Shih Tzu Doggie, want a pic?? JC: Almost all of the stuff you have posted has been at odds with accepted science and not backed up by any sort of evidence.
 Z: I pattern my Science skills after Richard Feynman. Everything I do is backed by what I investigate especially here at the Spec. Forum. JC: You have, from time to time, cited stuff and called it evidence, but it never actually supported your point.
 Z: I have impeccable and interesting evidence and stuff but many do not enjoy my levity. JC: You seem to think that posting nonsense is, in some way, helpful. It isn't. 
For example you say that you first post is "stunning"
 Well, here it is 
 "My thought is that we need a Fusion reactor with processes similar to the Photosphere of the Sun where temps are only 7,000 dK."
 Z: That is a misquote but it is still beyond stunning. If we had a fusion reactor in place today the world would be beyond a petro crisis, Nuke Weapons, Economy zinging with low gas prices, clean energy, no climate CO2 crisis. …… I could go on and on. So what JC: So, what you want is a fusion reactor with processes that simply don't work.
 Why is that "stunning" to " the general reader who buys Forum Advertisers stuff"
It's not stunning, it's silly. Z: All I want a Clean cheap furnace and only Fusion will deliver it before petro runs out..
  24. . You seem to spend your tome on my great posts Thanx Read and learn bro. . I am up on Speculation what can you contribute to this OP ?? (From my iPhone on the head)
  25. Yes and no. I feel that both sides are interested in the Big Bang so should sit across the same table. Here in Speculations both are more comfortable and Creation or the first 20 **-64sec is opened up. There is a need to have a separate forum for God, and a Higher Being. ...... Completely separate from Religion.'!!!!!!!!!!! Religion has been detrimental to both God (Higher Being) and Science.
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