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  1. You are in an empty room apart from an Xbox 360 controller on the floor and a note under it.... The note reads: You have one attempt of getting out. If you press the wrong button then you will fall into a pit of fire. However, if you press the right button, you will be released to freedom. Good luck! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What do you do? Spoiler answers only please. If you don't know how, please ask SFN staff or myself. Thanks
  2. I understand the math, I just don't understand all the math symbols.
  3. So, what do the symbols mean so I can actually understand the whole equation. I know what the particles are. Anyway, I'm just doing something new really.
  4. Yeah, I actually don't remember making that post. :S if it were possible to see, I wonder what light would look like in a singularity. So what makes you think photons distort the fabric of space easier than matter?
  5. Thanks to you both, can anyone explain it?
  6. Hi, I had been looking all over the internet for this equation that describes everything except gravity. I finally found it but it is on a shirt! :S Anyway, please could I know: The name of the equation What it means And it put in layman terms Any other information you have on it would be great. I'm new to it and it interests me so i would really like to know more about it. Thank you. Edit: Forgot the bloody link! Stupid me. XD http://www.zazzle.co...614641326468730 Edit 2: I think it is called the Higgs Field. But I'm not sure.
  7. It was totally irrelevant to what I was asking. Anyway, I see you up voted it so it doesn't matter.
  8. And what exactly are you on about? Okay, thank you for your help.
  9. Hi, I was wondering how I can add a hit counter to my blog. Also, to SFN staff, is it okay to have advertisements on the blog?
  10. Thank you. I will bear that in mind but London is a bit too far away for me. I live in Poole, Dorset.
  11. We know that mass slows down time as mass warps the space-time around it.
  12. When one's expectations are reduced to zero, one really appreciates everything one does have. - Stephen Hawking

  13. Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows or has any links to upcoming lectures in the field of physics around the south of England. I am very interested in advanced science although I am only 14. Also, if anyone knows anything about upcoming public appearances from Professor Stephen Hawking then please let me know! He is my idol and it would be so amazing if I could meet him. That bit applies to anywhere around the country. Thank you.
  14. I'm talking about the sub-atomic particles and how when the negative and positive meet, they will cancel each other out.
  15. Because it is a value that doesn't exist.
  16. But you wouldn't calculate the triangle using 0. It is a bit of a weird one. I think it must be [math]i[/math]
  17. Simply, a number divided by zero is 0. This would be because x/2 = y and y*2 = x. So if x has y fractions, then any number put into zero fractions would cancel out the number. Bit hard to understand I think but I think it works. Edit: I've just realised my error because that would mean that x*0 = y which is wrong. It must be either "i" (imaginary number) or infinity. Edit 2: This shows how it must be infinity. 10 divided by 2 is 5. 10 divided by 1 is 10. 10 divided by 1/2 is 20. 10 divided by 1/5 is 50. 10 divided by 1/10 is 100. 10 divided by 1/100 is 1000. 10 divided by 1/1000 is 10000. So the smaller the number it is divided by, the larger the number. If you divide by 0 then the answer is infinity.
  18. No, as I said in the post 'Came across this on Facebook'. I was only wondering what peoples views of it were.
  19. But how would they have them if it is where they are cut from the umbilical cord?
  20. I know that but why would they be drawn with them?
  21. Came across this on Facebook. Any thoughts?
  22. I completed the survey. Honestly, it had no point or meaning. And yes..... why??
  23. I said to my wife "That's amazing, I've never seen you put the phone down after only ten minutes", "How come?" She said, "It was a wrong number". You can always tell when a terrorist is shopping for clothes when they say: Does my Bomb look big in this?"
  24. Agreed, thanks for correcting me. But even with that, the dimension still exists.
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