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  1. Okay, but why does it equal 12? [math] (12*x)/x [/math] ?
  2. My school isn't the best for people of my ability. I do, however, like to question things.
  3. Sorry, that's getting a bit much for me. I'm only 15, haha! But I understand some of it.
  4. Apologies, forgot to change the limit, haha!
  5. I deleted a line too many. And I see where you are coming from but algebraically I put it a number of different ways which should work. Since I showed where your one went wrong, please show where mine has gone wrong.
  6. What if: [math]\lim_{x \to 0} \frac{0}{x} = Anything[/math]
  7. Why isn't it defined? 0/0 can be anything and everything as my math proves. If you like, prove me wrong but use a quote on the way and explain yourself too.
  8. Please.... tell me why. If x = 0: x/x = 1 2x/x = 2 3x/ x = 3 x/0 = infinity x/-x = -1 2x/-x = -2 3x/-x = -3 x/-0 = -infinity
  9. Congratulations...... you're wrong on infinite levels!! Sorry, I forgot your medal.
  10. Okay, I'm only here to learn. Please point out where I went wrong in my mathematics.
  11. Yes, that is what's known as an infinitesimal.
  12. Haha, I've just realized I've been beaten to it..... again! Look at the computer arithmetic section. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Division_by_zero
  13. Read through it again. The question is not in the mathematics itself, but the relation to the universe. What did you think it was? Random symbols?
  14. Yes it is according to my simple calculation. infinity/ 1 = infinitesimal or 0.000recurring 1 So the inverse of that is infinity Proof of infinitesimals being rounded can be proved by this. x = 0.999recurring 10x = 9.999recurring 10x - x = 9x 9x = 9 9x/ 9 = 1 x = 1 It's something I have worked out myself but it has been confirmed. Apparently it was actually some of the early work of Sir Issac Newton! Source: http://www.sciencefo...036#entry679036
  15. If asked if -0 =0 one would say yes. But I don't think that is the case. It is quite simple. If you divide a number by 0 your answer would be infinity. So if you divided a number by -0 you must have an answer of -infinity. So somewhere in 0, it must have a value but how can it? There symbol represents that there is no value to it. Could it be that 0 doesn't exist? Well that is impossible for it not to exist because one could say, "What is the answer to 10 - 10"? Is 0 a paradox or is it infinity and an infinitesimal at the same time?
  16. The question of how the universe came into existence is a mystery. I was thinking that the answer to that is simply: 0/0. If we look at this mathematically then it kind of makes sense. Let "0" represent the universe before it came into existence. x=0 x/0 = infinity x/x = 1 nx/x = n Could nothingness be impossible and if so could the universe have been created 14 billion years ago or could it have just been there forever? What if there had always been a universe and all matter was compressed into a singularity which at one moment in time made a big bang? What do you think?
  17. Think about this: 1/0. I came up with the answer being infinity.... see how it relates?
  18. Because it only takes our brain a fraction of a second to process information. If it took 50 years to process information, we would be conscious 50 years ago (assuming one was still alive). If our brains had a 50 year delay life would be a living hell! If you're thinking about alternate timelines then I think I might know where you are coming from. If you are wondering why the mind and body are on the same timeline then it's because you're mind and body are one. The question is: How do you know that you're not conscious 50 years ago? You could be but you don't know because you are seeing what you see but you could have seen that 50 years ago but it's only just been processed. It's a bit of a mindbender.
  19. I agree with that. There must be some other dimension that allows it to happen but its beyond our comprehension. Imagine the universe is flat (like how we used to think the Earth was). Now if you flip that over then you have a section of the multi-verse on the other side. Now imagine making a dent in one side (general relativity), on the other side it would be the opposite of that (reversed general relativity). Although the universe isn't flat, it is still a good way of substituting one dimension for another to understand. Well, that's the way I think of it.
  20. Two men walk into a bar and sit down. The barman asks them what they would like to drink. The first man says, "I'll have some H20 please. The other man said, "I'll have some H20 too". The second man died.
  21. This topic was a while ago. I did a lot of reading up on it. And no, light isn't affected as it is the light which follows the space-time (which has been warped by gravity).
  22. Yeah, an easy one. Please can you make it a answer though.
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